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Unused designs by H.R.Giger for Alien recreated/photo manipulated by me

Unused designs by H.R.Giger for Alien recreated/photo manipulated by me

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Dark Nebula

Jun-29-2016 5:37 AM

While working on Alien H.R.Giger did alot of concept designs that didn't made its way for Alien because of the budget,some of wich included some different larger types of facehuggers and white bald humanoids with biomechanical skin being facehugged.

Sir Ridley Scott saved them for later and revised for Prometheus.

I don't have photoshop so I managed to somehow recreate it and I added some effects to make it look like a drawing.



3) (still wip)

4) (still wip)

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Necronom 4

Jun-30-2016 3:07 PM

I think, the fact that the original artwork is by the great master himself - H R Giger. And the fact that you've put your own DNA into it (changing it slightly) suggests to me that you are basically shaking the hand of one of your heroes while acknowledging that he was the original creator. 

I won't lie, originally, when I first saw this i thought, blatant ripoff lol. However, I've since come to the conclusion that this is very commendable!

The poster was good though!


Dark Nebula

Jun-30-2016 3:37 PM

Thank you very much!I originally made all that for a short animation wich was about an outbreak on LV-223 and how the derelict crashed on LV-426.I sadly gave up on it because it was complicated to make.But since I made all that I decided to make something else out of it.


Jun-30-2016 5:46 PM

Indeed i have covered this before, and felt it was a bit funny Gigers unused Face Hugers we saw Bald Humanoids and they feature in the Prometheus Mural.

I think its a bit more than coincidence that we get these Bald Humanoid beings and their suits look similar to the Prometheus LV-223 Engineer Under Pressure Suits, and they are also Bald.

tried to upload and insert but cant...

Link to them instead.

HR Giger Face Huger D2 1977

HR Giger Face Huger D3 1977

HR Giger Face Huger 1978

Then we look at HR Gigers Alien Mural and we see similar suits to the Face Huger Scenes above, but now with a Helmet and Back Back with a Hose... the Helmet looks different to the Space Jockey, but same principle but the back pack is the same as in Prometheus.

And so yes it would seem they used Gigers designs to be the basis for the Engineers... here is the thing, do these beings HR Giger showed, represent the Space Jockey?

If so then the idea was Bald Humanoids from the Start... i really hope they keep using Gigers ideas for the next movie.



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Dark Nebula

Jul-01-2016 3:29 AM

 If im not mistaken there is also another mural Giger did but the suits those humanoids wear in that mural look more simmilar to the one in the pilot chair inside the derelict.(If you ask me)

Link to it

Ive heard from some people who say that there was a scene where Kane,Lambert and Dallas discover the mural inside the derelict but it was cut,simmilar how the egg morphing scene was cut for pacing.




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