Celebrating 23 Years of Jurassic Park+Fight+Announcement

Celebrating 23 Years of Jurassic Park+Fight+Announcement

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPJun-11-2016 12:16 PM

23 years.


Wow.  Just wow.


To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Jurassic Park, I'm going to write a fight that's rather large.  Here we go...



Length: 45 ft
Height: 18 ft
Strengths: size, speed, strength, endurance, jaws, binocular vision, experience
"We need more teeth!"-Gray Mitchell

T-Rex Family

Length: 40 ft
Height: 16 ft
Strengths: same as Rexy
"Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived"-Roland Tembo


Length: 50 ft
Height: 18 ft (head), 25 ft (sail)
Strengths: size, speed, strength, endurance, claws, can swim
"It's a superpredator"-Billy Brennan

Indominus Rex

Length: 50 ft
Height: 18 ft
Strengths: size, speed, strength, endurance, jaws, claws, camouflage, intelligence
"She is a highly intelligent animal...she will kill anything that moves"-Owen Grady

(All of JP's Raptor packs are practically identical except for appearance, so I'll only put their names and pictures. I also couldn't find any quotes for them.)

JP Raptor Pair

TLW Raptor Pack

JP3 Raptor Pack

JW Raptor Squad

Arena: Isla Nublar Volcano

Rexy stomped through the forest, finding a river. She was at the foot of a volcano, and she began to drink from the water.

Meanwhile, Buck and Doe prowled through the forest, looking for a meal. Their son, Junior, followed, playfully exploring the area. They spotted another one of their kind drinking from a river. The mated pair approached Rexy, and they circled each other, growling lowly as Junior hid in the bushes, unseen.

The Spinosaurus swam through the water, her eyes on the lookout for food. Above the river was a ledge, where the JP3 Raptors watched her. One of the females jumped on the piscivore, and her packmates followed. The Spino roared in pain, but was stuck in a bad situation. If she fought back, she would drown, and if she kept swimming, the Raptors would eventually kill her. She sped up, crawling onto the shoreline. The Spino grabbed one of the females and threw her across the forest. The dromaeosaur landed at the T-Rexes' feet, and they turned to see the Spinosaurus fighting the Raptors. The Spino then shook the others off, bellowing at them.

The Indominus Rex was on the hunt, camouflaged. She spotted the Raptor Squad, and uncloaked, revealing herself. The Raptors turned, spotting the hybrid. Blue and the I-Rex communicated, with the larger theropod trying to get the Raptors to join her. The JP3 Raptors saw this, and ran over. The I-Rex became their new alpha, too. Now she commanded an army of eight Raptors.

As this happened, the three T-Rexes had joined forces, and more Raptors entered the area. The Big One and her sister came in, and the TLW Raptors also came. The I-Rex saw them, and persuaded them to join her.

The Spinosaurus realized she had no allies, unlike the other theropods. But she stood her ground, for she was desperate. All the carnivores roared at each other as the volcano exploded, and chunks of flaming rock started a forest fire.

The Indominus commanded each pack to take down a different theropod. The Big One, her sister, the TLW Raptors, and the Raptor Squad attacked the T-Rexes as the JP3 Raptors assaulted the Spinosaurus.

The alpha female attacked the Spino first, slashing her shoulder. Her mate jumped on the Spinosaurid's tail, dangling comically as she tried to shake him off. The other two attacked her legs, nipping at them. The Spino bellowed in pain, then grabbed the alpha female in her jaws and pressed down, crushing her. The alpha male, vowing to avenge his mate, jumped on the Spino's neck, trying to severe a major artery. But she reached up with her massive arm, slapping him off as his two companions lept on her side. Watching, the I-Rex saw her chance and charged, grabbing the Spino by the neck.

Rexy grabbed the Big One's sister in her jaws, crushing her. She then grabbed one of the males from the TLW pack, killing him, too. The others charged at the Tyrannosaur, but she threw the male's corpse at Echo. The female Raptor jumped over the body as it hit the ground, running alongside the other Raptors. Suddenly, Buck stepped in, grabbing the Big One by the tail. She growled in both pain and anger as Doe grabbed the front half of her body. The Raptor was now caught between two sets of jaws, which pulled, ripping her in half. Rexy grabbed the alpha female of the TLW pack, crushing her instantly. She then stepped on another female from the TLW pack, grabbing a male in her jaws. The alpha male jumped on her, but Doe grabbed him and killed him.

The I-Rex then saw another chance, and shoved the Spino out of her way. She bit Echo, throwing her across the forest. The Raptor Squad realized the hybrid had betrayed them, and they jumped on her, attacking viciously, but she threw them all off.

The Spino, who had finished off the Raptors attacking her, charged at the I-Rex, biting her tail. The hybrid roared, kicking her in the shoulder. The Spino fell, but she still had the I-Rex's tail in her mouth, and the Indominus went down. The I-Rex got up first, stomping on the Spinosaurus. She winced as she felt her ribs crack, but she roared. The I-Rex hit her in the face, silencing her.

The Spinosaurus knew it was over, closing her eyes. She could only wait for the hybrid to finish her off...but the blow never came. She heard several roaring sounds and looked.

She saw the I-Rex fighting three T-Rexes and a pack of Raptors, and she was winning. The hybrid had Rexy in her jaws, and was shoving her toward the edge of a cliff. Rexy looked at the Spino, growling lowly. The piscivore realized the T-Rex had saved her.

She stood up and charged the I-Rex. The impact of the blow made her lose her grip. The Spino sunk her claws into the Indominus's eye and kicked her thigh. She slammed the Spinosaurid into a burning tree (but luckily, she was untouched by the flames). The Raptor Squad stood up, jumping on the I-Rex and slashing her flanks. Rexy then ran, biting down on the Indominus's throat. Buck chomped down on the hybrid's arm as his mate bit her leg. The Indominus roared in pain; who wouldn't when you're being attacked by Raptors and three T-Rexes?

A fuse in her mind went off, and her rage took over. She kicked Doe away, stabbed the roof of Buck's mouth with her claws, and grabbed Rexy by the neck, throwing her down. The I-Rex finished off the Raptors as smoke clouded the area. She couldn't see anything around her, and it wasn't like her missing eye helped anything. The smoke burned her remaining eye, but she continued to look. Buck ambushed her from the left, and she turned to see him. She raised both her arms, and just as he was about to bite her, SMASH! She hit in in the face with both hands, and he collapsed. Doe came in from the right with the Spinosaurus. The I-Rex grabbed the Spinosaurus by the snout, and slammed her into Doe, who hit a rock and fell. She then repeatedly slashed the Spino with her claws, knocking her out.

Rexy, who was knocked unconscious for a short amount of time, opened her eyes. Despite the smoke hurting her eyes, she made out the bodies of the other two T-Rexes and the Spinosaurus laying still in puddles of their own blood.

No! she thought. It can't be! Then, she saw a shape approaching. It was the Indominus Rex, snarling evilly. Rexy struggled to stand up, her legs shaking. Fire and smoke surrounded the two Rexes, as Rexy charged. She aimed for the hybrid's neck, but went low, biting her leg. Her foe roared, unhinging her jaws. She grabbed the older predator's back, pressing hard. The I-Rex used her immense strength to make her let go and slam her into a rock, smashing her ribs. She then grabbed Rexy and threw her into the ground.

The T-Rex knew it was over, and she would die. But then, she thought about her allies, and what else she had to live for. This gave her motivation, which gave her strength. Rexy stood up, panting. But she was tired and injured, limping. The Indominus saw her chance, and charged. But Rexy looked up, seeing a flaming tree that would surely kill the I-Rex. Using her remaining ounces of strength, she smashed into it, knocking it over. The hybrid saw a giant shadow above her, and looked to see the tree collapsing on her, but it was too late. It crashed, breaking her back. Branches tore her stomach open, her internal organs leeking out onto the floor. And the fire was spreading. It lit the Indominus Rex on fire, and she screamed in agony, flailing helplessly. The flames consumed her, and her body went limp. The hybrid was finally dead.

She turned around and saw Buck, Doe, and the Spinosaurus. They had won. The four predators roared triumphantly, as rain crashed down from the sky and the sun appeared, shining on them and bathing them in the glory of victory. They heard a small sound, and saw Junior running toward his forty-foot parents. He then looked at Rexy as the three adult T-Rexes left together, with the baby following.

The Spinosaurus, now alone, walked over to the river. She roared one last time before entering the water, disappearing below the turbid depths.


T-Rex Family



I just want to thank you all for making this fight happen.  And for the announcement, I'm leaving the forums for good!  starting a story about my first custom dinosaur character.  It centers around Spinax, the Spinosaurus from my 100 and 200 post fight and my Spinosaurus Vs. Oxalaia fight.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

5 Responses to Celebrating 23 Years of Jurassic Park+Fight+Announcement


NoobMember3 XPJun-11-2016 1:53 PM

That was one dramatic battle! But once again, the Rexes come out undefeated! :D


NoobMember3 XPJun-11-2016 2:30 PM

Sorry, but the size information between Rexy and the I-Rex is incorrect. I'm 98% sure that Rexy was 15 feet tall and 40 feet long, and that the I-Rex was 18 feet tall and 40 feet long (not fully grown). I don't know the actual scaled size for the Buck and Doe T-Rex's.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPJun-11-2016 3:35 PM

^Fully grown Indominus is 50 feet.  And Rexy is rather large for a T-Rex.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KModerator3811 XPJun-12-2016 8:30 AM

This fight reminds me of the classic awesome fights that use to be here, it's really well done!

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPJun-12-2016 8:33 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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