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Fancy listening to some new Alien Inspired Original Soundtracks?

Fancy listening to some new Alien Inspired Original Soundtracks?

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Matt Baker

May-13-2016 11:43 AM

Hi Everyone, 

I'm really pleased to have discovered this wonderful forum for all things Alien. I am a lif long fan of the Alien movies which have played a huge part in the creative hobbies I enjoy. Recently I have been working on a series of soundtrack music inspired by these wonderful films. I am an amateur composer/producer and hope one day to work on a real movie. So if you are an amateur film maker, looking for a soundtrack please contact me..........I hope you enjoy my creations and look forward to any feedback. All the best for now, cheers Matt :)

3 Responses to Fancy listening to some new Alien Inspired Original Soundtracks?


May-13-2016 12:16 PM

Hi Matt welcome aboard!  

Those are awesome!  I'm listening to LV-426 Combat Drop as I type this :) 

Are you planning anymore Alien themes soundtracks?  Combat Drop makes me think of Alien VS Predator 1999 for the PC.


Matt Baker

May-13-2016 1:03 PM

Hi there Xeno Alpha, 

Thanks for the feedback, and yes I working on a track called, 'Kane' about his fate trip onboard that ship and the terrible price he payed for his curiosity.

I forgot to mention, there is one other track I released last week, 'Xenomorph' which I think will be right up,you street, cheers Matt



May-14-2016 5:46 PM

Hey Matt, welcome to the forums! Happy to see you made it safe and sound! Haha 

I thoroughly enjoyed these. I got the same vibe Xebo_Alpha did with the Combat Drop piece. Definitely made me wanna play AvP again, haha. Can't wait to see what else you create. Definitely keep us posted as new soundtracks become available! I'll also be sure to give this topic a shout out soon on our Facebook page. More fans need to listen to these.

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