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Tyrants Chapter 13: A Frozen Path

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2KStaff3811 XPApr-13-2016 6:52 PM

Sorry for taking so long, been really busy.


Tyrants Chapter 13: A Passionate Trail


Tyrance and his two other siblings were in pure shock at the events that had just transpired, separated from their family, and now forced to follow a frozen river and hope that it leads them back to their family. Tyrance pressed forward, as the dominant of his siblings, they followed his orders, but Tyrantic opposed his rule, as he always did.

Tyrance chirped to Tyrantic, informing him that they will not survive passed this location unless he listens to him. Tyrantic bellowed at Tyrance, and Tyrance returned the favor. The two began a tussle of pure power, when they were children these were frivolous, now as adolescents they can be deadly. Ferocious bellows and flying spit came from all directions, much to Tyrana’s dismay.

Tyrance used his claw and imbedded it into the ankle of Tyrantic before clamping onto his brother’s neck, and forcing him to the ground in submission. Tyrance made Tyrantic submit, and clamped harder until he did. Fortunately Tyrantic un-willingly gave up, and Tyrance let him free. The three continued their journey, passing over a collapsed tree, around a small icy cove, and finally towards the frozen stream.

Tyrance immediately stopped in his tracks, he felt a presence he hadn’t before, and feared that a predator was nearby. Tyrance didn’t alert the others, as he wanted to keep their senses keen on the situation at hand, he could just be smelling new scents as they have never been to this location before.

The trio continued down the path until at-last they come towards the stream. Tyrance eyed the ice toe if it was thick enough to hold their weight; Tyrana looked around, as she did, like lightning, a gloom black feather passed across a dead fern bush. Tyrana immediately alerted Tyrance to this, he looked around, and finally chirped to them the scent he had.

It was that of a raptor, this knowledge scared Tyrantic and Tyrana, but they knew they had to press on. Passing through the frozen stream the trio finally came upon a dead end. Two trees marked an X, and there seemed to be no passing through. Tyrance looked around for a moment, and decided the only way to get through, was to break their way in.

Tyrance bellowed to Tyrantic and Tyrana to help him push through the two trees. In unison the trio rammed into the trees and heavy snow-fall plummeted onto their scales and remaining feathers. Finally the trees began to crack, Tyrantic took this opportunity, pushed Tyrance out of the way, and smashed head-first through the trees opening up the passage way.

Tyrance looked stunned, but did mind it as Tyrantic successfully opened up the path. The trio then pressed forward with haste, striding through the snow, atop the rocks, and finally across a frozen tree that was positioned like a bridge. When the trio came to the end of the path, they were pleased to a small cave that shed light at the end. As they passed through it however, a predator’s presence churned their stomachs. Tyrance halted their progression, and made them listen. The sounds of raptor’s feet echoed the roof of the cave. Tyrance warned them of what was to come, and for them to be prepared for an inevitable fight.

As the tyrants exited out of the cave, they moved forward worried. Tyrance’s tail swayed back-in-forth, in preparation, but alas, nothing came. However, a branch began to break, altering the trio. Tyrana turned her back in shock to see not one, but ten Dakotaraptors atop of the cave opening. Tyrance bellowed with anger and surprise as the raptors leaped from atop the cave down to the frozen floor.

The ten raptors encircled the trio as Tyrance and Tyrantic bellowed attempting to scare them. The raptors didn’t run away immediately as these rex were not fully grown. Tyrance began to look around, and lucky for him he saw a half broken tree branch hovering over on of the raptors. The leader of the Dakotaraptor pack began to snarl at Tyrance, and the whole pack prepared for a pounce which surely would result in the Rexes being decimated or horribly injured.

But like lightning, Tyrance smashed through three of the raptors knocking them on their backs, tore off the tree branch and swung it at the leader of the raptors. The trio from there instantly began running at their fastest speeds. The raptors bellowed with anger and charged at the rex. Tyrana looked as one of the raptors followed them on their high speed chase, it was atop a of a small hill that rises above their position; Tyrana rammed into the cliffside knocking the raptor right into their pathway, killing it.

The trio dashed and dashed until they came upon a dead-end. Tyrance looked back and the Dakotaraptor were already behind them, the future looks bleak. Tyrance took the lead and bellowed with prowess at the Dakotaraptors, this duel would not be easy.


Part 13 end.

Good grief.

6 Responses to Tyrants Chapter 13: A Frozen Path

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPApr-13-2016 7:48 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - What a very compelling chapter! I am very pleased that you have chosen to continue presenting this fun series to us! I greatly enjoyed the thrilling cliffhanger with which you ended the confrontation! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)


2KStaff3811 XPApr-14-2016 4:31 PM

Thank you SR!

Good grief.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPApr-15-2016 3:29 AM

GORILLAGODZILLA - You are most welcome! :)

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPApr-16-2016 8:26 AM

Dakotaraptors!  My favorite dromaeosaurs!  

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPApr-19-2016 1:45 PM

Next chapter will be coming soon.

Good grief.


NoobMember56 XPApr-19-2016 8:03 PM

*Will the trio of T-rexs wil the fight against the raptors? Will they ever see their family again? You'll have to watch the following chapters to find out!* - I can see this being an advertisement for this series if it were a book or TV show xD.


This was really good. I really want to know what happens next.

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