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Epic Dinosaur Brawl

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I Meme Everything

Apr-01-2016 12:24 PM

Man it's been a while since I last did a fight.  For the return, I decided to do a giant battle between 15 fighters.  So here we go...


  • JW Lvl 40 Argentinosaurus

Length: 100 ft

Weapons: tail, can crush opponents with powerful feet

  • JW Lvl 40 Giganotosaurus (Pack of six)

Length: 43 ft

Weapons: jaws, claws, size, speed, strength

  • JW Lvl 40 Tyrannotitan (Pack of six)

Length: 40 ft

Weapons: Same as Giga

  • Planet Dinosaur Mapusaurus (Pack of six)

Length: 37 ft

Weapons: Same as T. titan and Giga

  • Planet Dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus (Mated pair)

Length: 43 ft

Weapons: Same as Giga, T. titan, and Mapusaurus

  • JW Lvl 40 Sarcosuchus

Length: Same as T. titan

Weapons: jaws, can swim

  • JW Lvl 40 Suchomimus

Length: 35 ft

Weapons: claws, can swim, speed

  • JP3 Spinosaurus

Length: 50 ft

Weapons: Same as Sucho

  • Rexy (Prime)

Length: 45 ft

Weapons: jaws, binocular vision, speed, size, strength

  • Bull and Doe Tyrannosaurus rexes (Mated pair)

Length: 40 ft

Weapons: Same as Rexy

  • Indominus rex

Length: 50 ft

Weapons: Same as the T. rexes, plus claws, intellegence and camouflage

  • Spinosaurus rex

Length: 50 ft

Weapons: Those of the T. rexes and Spinosaurus

  • Carnotaurus (Genetically modified, Mated pair)

Length: 40 ft

Weapons: jaws, horns, speed

  • JW Ceratosaurus (Trio)

Length: 25 ft

Weapons: jaws, claws, horns, speed

  • Therizinosaurus

Length: 35 ft

Weapons: claws

Arena: Isla Sorna River


The Spinosaurus stood with his snout in the water.  He was hunting fish, waiting for the right moment.  The piscivore grabbed one in his jaws, carrying it back to shore.  He began to happily devour it as an Argentinosaurus and a Therizinosaurus came to the river to drink.  

An Indominus rex arrived on the scene, alerting the herbivores.  She was bloodthirsty and stomped over to the cheerful Spino, biting his sail.  He roared and shook her off, facing his attacker.  They growled at each other, when a pack of six Giganotosauruses arrived.  

The pack’s leader told them to attack the Argentinosaurus.  Four flanked the sauropod, as another bit her leg.  The herbivore reared up, standing on her hind legs, and causing her attackers to fall off.  One of the Gigas charged, aiming for her underbelly, but her massive foot came down, breaking his back and shattering his ribs.  The force of the blow also killed him as more predators arrived.  A Suchomimus and Sarcosuchus swam out of the water to the Spino, who was losing against the Indominus.  Realizing she was outnumbered, the hybrid attacked the Therizinosaurus, who slashed her shoulder.  She bit his long neck, killing him.

A trio of Ceratosauruses attacked her.  Two of them flanked the Indominus while one bit her leg.  She shook one of the Ceratos off, then unhinged her jaws.  They chomped down on the Ceratosaurus’s back, as she slashed him with her long arms.  Lifting him up, she sent him flying, and he was killed when he was slammed into a tree.  The other two Ceratos’ confidence faded.  They thought they could take out the hybrid, but no.  However, they weren’t going down without a fight.  The trio’s leader rammed the I. rex’s chest, penetrating her skin with his horns.  She stumbled back, her claws piercing her foe’s hide.  The other clamped down on her arm, making her roar in pain.  She shook them off, and they fled, taking bites from their opponent’s kill in the process.  They approached a bigger meal, the dead Giga.  The pair began to eat, filling their empty stomachs.

The Spino held his own against his two foes.  He took out the Sucho’s eye with his claws, then rammed him with his long snout.  The Sucho stumbled back into the river, swimming for his life.  Unfortunately for him, the Sarco grabbed his neck and did the death roll, killing him.  He crawled back to the bank to finish off the Spino, but his target smashed his skull with his massive foot.  

The five remaining Gigas took down the Titanosaur, feasting on the corpse.  But another pack arrived, full of six Mapusauruses.  They clashed, and the Gigas subdued their enemies in 20 minutes.  But one of them had also died, and they were all injured.  

The massive bloodletting attracted more carnivores.  The first to arrive was a large male Spinosaurus rex, who challenged the Indominus.  They jawlocked, smacking each other with their claws.  

As this played out, a mated pair of Carcharodontosauruses walked by, spotting the dead Therizinosaurus.  They began to eat it, but the two hybrids spotted them, killing the female as the male set his sights on the Spinosaurus, his mouth watering.  

He approached the other theropod, and the two growled at each other.  The Spino remembered this Carcharo; he had killed his mother, who gave him a scar that ran down his eye and jaw.  The beasts faced each other, and they charged, the Spino biting down on the Carcharo’s head.  He shook him off, biting his throat.  The Spino slashed his opponent, taking out the eye with the scar.  The Carcharo couldn’t see much, and his vision was blurry.  He was still able to bite his enemy’s sail, but the Spino stabbed his claws into his neck.  The fight went back and forth, with the Carcharo coming out on top.  But before he could finish his foe, the ground began to shake.  All the remaining dinosaurs watched as Rexy appeared.  She attacked the Carcharo as everyone resumed their fights.  The T. rex overpowered her victim and killed him with a bite to the neck.  The Spino watched this, and the two agreed to team up.  They attacked the Spinosaurus rex, who had just killed the two Ceratosaurs.  Rexy bit the hybrid’s spine as her allie slashed his neck.  The S. rex bit down on the Spino’s snout, standing up and making Rexy lose her grip.  She came again, this time biting her foe’s neck.  The T. rex shoved the enemy away.

More dinosaurs walked to the scene: six Tyrannotitans, a mated pair of Tyrannosaurus rexes, and a mated pair of Carnotauruses.  They were starving, and the T. rexes had a son, whose green skin helped him blend in with the bushes.  The Tyrannotitans successfully and easily killed the remaining Gigas, but the two hybrids attacked them.  They killed two of the pack, and the four survivors ate the remains of the dead Mapusauruses.  

As this happened, the T. rex pair fought the Carnotaurs.  The horned abelisaurs camouflaged, but the Tyrannosaurs sniffed them out and bit them, making them reveal themselves.  They escaped the grip and rammed their foes with their horns, breaking ribs.  The female Carno fought the female T. rex while the two males duked it out.  

Eventually, the T. rexes prevailed, moving on to battle the Indominus rex.  They were both injured, but fought the hybrid.  They landed several blows, overpowering the Indominus, who fought back.  The Bull T. rex ripped the I. rex’s arm off, making her scream in agony.  The Doe T. rex bit her neck as her mate ripped the hybrid’s lower jaw off.  

They then each took on two T. titans.  They were powerful adversaries, but nowhere near the power of an angry Tyrannosaurus rex.  The Doe T. rex, fueled by her rage and blood loss, bit the head of one of her foes as adrenaline rushed through her body.  She then grabbed his neck, throwing her down and crushing her skull.  The doe then attacked the other T. titan, biting his leg.  She roared and bit her back, but she pressed harder, breaking his leg.  The T. titan howled as the T. rex rammed him and crushed his throat.

She joined the Bull T. rex in fighting the two leaders of the T. titan pack.  The males fought each other, and so did the females.  The exhausted doe put up a good fight, but was killed by her two foes.  The bull, vowing to avenge her, crashed into the female T. titan, knocking her over.  He bit her throat and stepped on her head, killing her.  The Bull T. rex then faced the last T. titan.  The two tyrants jawlocked, as the T. rex released and bit his neck.  His foe bit back while slashing him with his claws.  Eventually, the bull won, and he and his son consumed the dead Argentinosaurus.

Meanwhile, Rexy and the Spino were fighting the S. rex.  The hybrid managed to subdue Rexy, who crawled behind a rock and watched the fight from a safe distance.  Her enemy overpowered the Spino, knocking him out, but not killing him.  She stood up, roaring, but her leg was bleeding.  The mutant charged, but the T. rex dodged and knocked over a tree, crushing her foe.  As he struggled to get free, the last thing he saw were Rexy’s jaws ripping his lower jaw off.  Exhausted, she limped over to the now awake Spino, who rested near the lake.  Rexy spotted the bull mourning the death of his mate, and she went over to comfort him.  The two adult T. rexes left together, with the baby following.



Bull T. rex

JP3 Spinosaurus

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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Feb-04-2019 7:16 PM

Would have thought this would be an April Fools prank, but no! You actually made an awesome battle of epicness!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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