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Jurassic Battle Royale Tournament Round 1 Battle 4: Indominus rex Vs. Spinosaurus

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I Meme Everything

Mar-12-2016 3:37 AM

Hey guys and welcome to the last fight of round 1! This round has been a blast! So now let's get started!

Indominus rex

Length: 50 ft

Strengths: size, speed, intelligence, camouflage, jaws, claws, strength 

Weaknesses: none


Length: 50 ft

Strengths: size, speed, can swim, claws

Weaknesses: sail, weak bite,no very smart


The lightning flashed, illuminating the red eyes of the Indominus rex. There was a storm, but she didn't mind. The hybrid saw a sail in a nearby river. She went over to it, and the Spinosaurus bit her head. She shook him off, roaring. He roared back as they faced each other in the rain. 


The Spino slashed her face, and the I. rex bit the arm and pulled, ripping it off. The Spino bit her neck, and the I. rex slapped his face, taking his eye out. She bit his snout, slamming him down and cracking his lower jaw. The hybrid bit his sail, but he got back up, taking out her eye with his remaining arm. 


The Indominus roared, camouflaging. She bit the Spino's leg, making him roar in pain. He clawed at her neck, making her let go. The Spino slashed her side and then her face, stunning her. He took the time to retreat, but the I. rex pursued him,determined to kill her foe. She bit his neck, then used her weight to tackle him down. 


She stomped on his remaining arm,breaking it. Then the I. rex bit on his sail and pulled, ripping his vertebrae out. This killed him, but the enraged beast ripped his lower jaw off, then smashed his skull. She used this to warn other carnivores to stay away. The Indominus rex roared as the sun began to rise; the storm had ended. 

Winner: Indominus rex

That's the end of round 1, the next rounwill be up next week.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

2 Responses to Jurassic Battle Royale Tournament Round 1 Battle 4: Indominus rex Vs. Spinosaurus

Lord Vader

Mar-12-2016 3:56 AM

Nice fight, figured I-Rex would win. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Feb-04-2019 6:57 PM

Brutal killing of my favorite dinosaur, but I thought the Indominus would win anyway, it could take on a predator on par, if not stronger (especially when compared to what Spinosaurus was like in real life) than, with the Spinosaurus as a juvenile, so an adult would be a terrifying creature to behold, even to the Spinosaurus. 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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