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Does Nanotyrannus exist?

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Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Member3 XPMar-08-2016 11:49 PM

 Well it has long been known that Tyrannosaurus rex was the apex predator of its time and place with very little challengers to the title, but some paleontoligsts believe that another, smaller, faster tyrannosaur inhabited the area: Nanotyrannus,  the evidence is scarce, but its there so today we'll take a look at one of the most enigmatic dinosaurs ever to exist (or not).


 Evidence that it's a Tyrannosaurus sub-adult:

    If you really start to think about it there isn't that much evidence to support it being a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus other than the fact that the fossils aren't fully grown. We never actually found a tyrannosaurus juvenile for sure, the reason we think these bones come from a Tyrannosaurus is because we never actually found any bones that certainly come from a small Tyrannosaurus.

Evidence that it's a new species:

   Now, this is the more believable because there is a lot of evidence to support it. First is the different jaw count, Nanotyrannus had 17 teeth while T. rex only had 12-13, something we don't see any species do while maturing, is losing teeth. Nanotyrannus also had different brain shape than that of Tyrannosaurus, which means that while T. rex would look straight ahead, Nanotyrannus would probably have its head at a tilted angle. Then the most convincing piece of evidence i think is: Bloody Mary, the specimen known from the dueling dinosaurs fossil is the final nail in the coffin (I think). I mean there are so many things wrong with this if it was just a sub-adult T. rex, the fact that its taking on a Ceratopsian that size is shocking, considering the size difference, then the discovery of 30 steak-knife like teeth around the animals. Now we almost know for sure that Tyrannosaurus wasn't a solitary animal (weather it lived in complex packs like lions or family groups we don't know) as evidenced by trackways showing a T. rex group of different sizes walking together. If Bloody Mary was just a Tyrannosaurus sub-adult that died duringa hunt then don't you think we would find teeth matching those of Tyrannosaurus (or at least puncture wounds that would be adminstered by Tyrannosaurus). This means Bloody Mary hunted in a pack, with no adult Tyrannosaurs. 


   My conclusion is that Nanotyrannus was probably a different genus of Tyrannosaur, taking on a role comparable to that of a modern day Cheetah, while Dakotaraptor was probably the niche of a Leopard being more of an ambush predator rather than a sprinter. Anyway this is all just MY theory if you have any different Opinions please comment Below!



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I Meme Everything

Member4115 XPMar-09-2016 3:14 AM

Just a question who would win in a fight: Dakotaraptor or Nanotyrannus?

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Member3 XPMar-09-2016 9:37 AM

JPSpinoRex65:*CLAP* this is something i thought about a lot, but here is the problem we don't really know the maximum size a Nanotyrannus can get but if we suppose that its maximum size was that of Bloody Mary's (7 meters or 23 feet) and a dakotaraptor at 20 feet i would say usually the Dakotaraptor due to its large leg muscles probably allowing for some wicked jumps, (and that claw helps too) so basically if the Dakotaraptor was able to plan an ambush then it would win. On the other hand Nanotyrannus was, in fact faster than Dakotaraptor ( its legs were stupidly long ) and had a much stronger bite. so it went 6 times out of 10 n Dakotaraptor's favor.

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