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Top 5 Favorite JP Franchise Dinosaurs

Top 5 Favorite JP Franchise Dinosaurs

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I Meme Everything

Feb-29-2016 1:25 PM

These are specific dinosaurs (ex: Blue the Raptor).

5. Blue (JW)

4. Spinosaurus (JP3)

3. Indominus rex (JW)

2. Bull T. rex (TLW)

1. Rexy (JP, JW)

That's my list. Please leave yours in the comments.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

3 Responses to Top 5 Favorite JP Franchise Dinosaurs


Feb-29-2016 5:18 PM

5.  Indominus rex

4.  Blue

3.  Spinosaurus

1.  Buck, Rexy

I can't choose between Buck and Rexy who I like more, both are so...AWESOME!!

I Meme Everything

Feb-29-2016 5:49 PM

@AlphaDino65: I kinda prefer Rexy because of nostalgia. Also screw the doe, Rexy deserves to be his mate!

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Feb-29-2016 9:56 PM

5. Alpha Female Velociarptor (JPIII)

4. Buck (TLW)

3. Blue (JP)

2. Rexy (JP, JW)

1. Dilophosaurus (JP)

I wanted to include Junior, Alpha Female Velociraptor's Mate,  and the rest of the Raptor squad but I couldn't fit them in.

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