Blade Runner 2 starts filming July,2016

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NoobMember10 XPJan-25-2016 2:16 PM

This article states Blade Runner 2 will have international distribution and filming begins July of this year (Yaaay). The film will star Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

 Just wondering if the rumors of Mr.Gosling playing a younger Deckard are true. Then we get a cool present to past story line...or is he just a Blade Runner Padawan under the guidance of Obi-Wan Deckard? ;)

Link to the article: Blade Runner 2 distribution article

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NoobMember4 XPJan-28-2016 1:52 PM
AotZEz10.gifU6jahF1x.gifPRIS: The One & Only
Original art by Josh McKible

I wouldn't pay much attention to the rumors, Dale. So far, I've read the film will be named 'Androids Dream' (problem being Replicants aren't exactly 'androids'). And even one that Roger will be shooting with RED Weapon Dragons (he made no such announcement, then).

Hopefully, not too many actual details are given away, in advance. I'd like to be surprised, as much as possible upon seeing it. I have a tendency to avoid trailers for certain films; as they don't need to sell it to me, and so I don't need to see anything much before hand.

Plus of course, it's somewhat fitting (or symbolic in several ways) that SONY distribute the picture, internationally. As one does get a sense (or once did), it's really the Japanese (or even Chinese) that is the Big Kahuna of the BR-World; more so, in a 'The Man in the High Castle' kind-of-way. I also thought Tom's statement, regarding the announcement was nicely worded.

I'm certainly wondering if they will continue with that subliminally oppressive theme, or even expand on it further. Plus, something that could work to make the sequel far more attractive to audiences in Asia. BR's influence (including 'A L I E N') has been quite significant; particularly in Japan (big-business adult-rated Anime/Hentai).

It's interesting that the word 'dream' keeps coming-up. Whether it be from those directly involved with the sequel, or simply the fans themselves; everyone's dreaming away. Although, BR does have a very dream-like quality to it's visuals. Also, obviously a word from the title of Dick's novel (BR screenplay is loosely based-on). The 'Dream Sequel', eh.

And thanks,
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NoobMember10 XPJan-28-2016 7:40 PM

One can only hope some rumors are true. They're supposed to be filming in Vancouver. I'll be there in a heartbeat trying to pose as an extra.


Set security: Are you supposed to be here?

Me: Yeah..I was hired as an extra (nervous cough,cough)

According to the Ridley Bible (a.k.a ALIEN revised script owned by yours truly) he doesn't make up his mind about a story until the last minute. :)

Take a look: Sci Fi Prop Guy revised ALIEN script,dated March 1978


MartianMember10416 XPJan-29-2016 3:50 PM

Exciting News

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NoobMember4 XPFeb-15-2016 10:04 AM
x6YyRDs.gif q2bxNeP.gif I Can Feel It
from THX 1138
Directed by George Lucas

A dark n' dreamy film, that had an influence on BR itself; including Luke Scott's 'L O O M' (2012). I hadn't seen the 2004 Director's Cut, until recently. In this case, George's CG upgrades expand the vision, complimenting what was previously done. Steven Spielberg also stated, he could see THX had a real-effect on: 'Ridley's Vision of the Future'. Not long ago, Ridley elaborated more on this, plus cited the period of Sci-Fi film from '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968) to 'STAR WARS' (1977); as being the most personally influential (from the genre).

I was amused to find that George wanted to shoot in Japan, originally. Plus, the overall concept was inspired from observing the unusualness of an alien culture (in Japanese films). I felt the forbidden LUV scene was the standout. LUH gives an extremely distraught look to her lover (during their dialogue). And in meaning, it's going to be her life ...there's no going back. I like the idea she can simply sense them, as well. George cast brilliantly.

Katherine Watson's character Shasta, gives her ex-boyfriend a similar expression; in the opening of 'Inherent Vice' (2014). A frightened (out-of-her-mind) young woman, with no-one left to turn to; except a man she once left, in the dust. Another dreamy film; however, depending on your perception of what is really happening. LUH/Shasta's fate can be seen as being one of the same: in being consumed (a duality with lust).

Someone extremely special gave me this look once, too. And when informing me she was going to die, soon. I never felt more sorry or badly for anyone, since. I've found the saying: 'Only the good die young' rings true; unfortunately, more often than not. There wasn't a mean bone in her body. I still wish I could've given her a spoon-full of the right stuff. I decided to thread this together, in a way meaningful to me; opposed to attempting to detail BR's similarities to THX. Maybe something for fans/those interested, to discover for themselves.

If one takes an informed peek into George's life, you might think THX was almost a self-fulling prophecy. Especially, concerning his relationship with ex-wife Marcia. He could have almost anything he wanted in the entire world, except her. He could give her almost anything, except what she wanted the most. She broke his heart, completely. There's a real story there. I'm pleased to have revisited the film; as I haven't seen it in a millennium, and was far too young to know or appreciate, what it could offer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Katherine, take the lead in 'A L I E N: Covenant'. Maybe it's for the best that Noomi dream another dream. There are nightmares, and then there are the shadows, Miss Shaw. Undoubtedly, Ridley is going with what is interesting. I'm confident that it will be something hard and authentic. The definitive story of the beast? The one orginially inspired, from the dark dimension of the 'Necronomicon'? Possibly.

iwllsurvive_b.gif SRS_on_the_set_of_The_Martian.jpg Space Pirate Captain 2****beard
on-set of 'The Martian' (2015)
Interview by Catherine Shoard
(from The Guardian)

A warm n' cozy picture, just as Ridley somewhat described it himself (even quite idealistic). Overall, a story of survival; through n' through. And with enough disco bells, even a Fonzie 'A' to gleefully appease any way-too-serious engagement. Plus, not a boogie-woogie number I wasn't familiar with, either. They all got nothing but biggy smiles from my booty-shake department. I heard from the grapevine, the temp. score was made-up completely of ABBA jingles. I feel like I win when I looooooose.

'I'm not going to die here.' The first-time I said something like that to myself, I was only five-years old (seriously). Mark's defiance of the incredible odds against him, is a fine example of: how to go out in an honorable fashion. And to die fighting, not in flames. It also goes to show, it makes things easier for others to help Mark achieve (along with his Hermes House Band, what some might think is), the impossible. We can add 'inspiring' to the list of what makes this big red one tingle, ever so.

I'm sure more than a few noticed, Mark's interplanetary Fonzerelli-cool magnetized chicks, in China. I almost hope there is a deleted scene, where he invites the Deputy Chief to Arnold's. Perhaps, a little milkshake party, plus privately thanking her (in the office). And for getting the boss to pony-up (woah-kemosabe), their top-secret Golden Booster Dragon. She gives very best rocket. Certainly, we can put both 'cool' and 'magnetic' on the list; among many other positive things.

Do I want to go to space? Not really, but I used to fantasize it. More so, as a space-fighter pilot; like in the original 'Battlestar Galactica' (1978-79). There was an episode where I kinda saw myself in it; including a character similar to my own Father. The lost Battlestar Peagsus turns-up, with a legendary Commander. His daughter, the best 'Viper' pilot on the ship. I quite liked the character of Sheba. Ah yes, little Sawa single-handedly defeating the enemy armada. Daddy proudly n' lovingly admiring my abilities, from his bridge....

However seriously, when 'Challenger' exploded, I realized that I wouldn't be going to space, ever. It wasn't going to be like hopping-on an airliner, not in my lifetime. Although, I'm quite satisfied with the fact, women have been afforded the opportunity, to pilot spacecraft (1st. USA, 1995 >), also military jet fighters (1st. CAN, 1989 >) on actual missions: 'Do you want the job'? I once got taken for ride in the latter, never again.

I think the real 'off-world' adventure would come into full-play, if technologies existed; as depicted in the film 'Event Horizon' (1997). Some-type of gravity-drive/space-folding way of traveling incredible distances, instantly. Nevertheless, we're probably a little short on time. In the meanwhile, space travel will likely still be limited to a small number of people; dottling along. Regardless, I'll remain mildly interested in the subject.

In the times I've visited Vancouver, the studios have been closed to the public, Dale. I'm guessing that's where it'll be done, too. The reality of it all, it's being worked-on worldwide, and thanks to the Internet. For instance, Roger has been planning BR2 with Denis off in Montreal, using Skype. I know if it's shot within Canada, a percentage of boots must be Canadian, maybe apply. It's not like they don't know who you are already. Hardcore fans can sense each other, like the Force, eh.

Launch when ready.... and thanks,
Blue Squadron Leader
Captain Dale!
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