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Be the Dinosaur-MY EYES

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Dec-21-2015 9:58 PM

Exams are over, so now I can get back to writing.  This is the seventh installment of Be the Dinosaur, but it's shorter because this character is in a certain...altered physiological state.  See if you can guess who it is, when this takes place, and what is referenced!  Enjoy everyone.

Be the Dinosaur-MY EYES


Where is it?

My face itches.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

There it is.

I’ll just go through this barrier.

Haha, I found it! 

What…what are you…doing up this, this late…young one?  Go to sleep.

Fine, you go get Mother and Father, and I’ll have a uh…uh…cool drink.

I love you water!

Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp…

This water is SO GOOD!!  Hehe.

Oh, ow!  I have a booming headache, and that sound is making it worse!  What’s making that noise?

Stupid…barking…furry thing!  The nerve of this creature…he’s too close!


Good, he returned to his nest.

OW!  Stop barking, my head hurts!  Stop it!

Stop…stop it! Stop it!


Hungry now.  This thing looks edible. 

I’d better eat Barker, maybe that will stop the racket.

Om nom nom…

Oh, glorious food!  I’ve missed you!

You won’t miss your nest anymore, it fell.



Why are you screaming?!  I'm the one who can’t see!

8 Responses to Be the Dinosaur-MY EYES


Dec-22-2015 10:45 AM

Oh I know! It's the mother T-Rex in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This is the sence where she looks for water. She's in a neighborhood and finds a pool in someone's backyard. She sees the kid, the kid goes to get his parents, while she drinks the pool water.

At the same time, the dog in the backyard is barking at the T-Rex. Later she eats the dog, the parents see the T-Rex, the kid takes a picture, blinding the T-Rex for a few minutes.

I really enjoyed this one ^-^.


Dec-22-2015 11:19 AM

You got the event right VirtualVel, but the wrong T.rex :P


Dec-22-2015 11:21 AM

Very cool chapter Alpha. Btw, what did you think about chapter 8 of Tyrants?

Good grief.


Dec-22-2015 1:47 PM

Check out the response GG on the chapter's page.


Dec-22-2015 3:31 PM

The wrong T-Rex O.o? Looks like I'll be watching the film again xD.


Dec-22-2015 3:59 PM

Yeah, it's the father T.rex.  That's the only adult that was brought to San Diego.

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-22-2015 5:28 PM

I really liked this one. :)

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Something Real

Dec-22-2015 11:25 PM

ALPHADINO65 - Oh, how very fun! I was not certain of the scenario you had presented until I got to the very last few segments! Excellently done! Looking upon this entry, I can undoubtedly make the correlation! Thank you so much for continuing to present these extremely fun entries! :)

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