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The Bigger Picture with answers. Well at least some.

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Dec-18-2015 7:15 PM

When it comes to leading ladies Ridley Scott probably made one of the best choices ever with Sigourney Weaver for Alien. Noomi Rapace has played her part for Prometheus, but is there yet more to come from her ? Now we have Katherine Waterston as a potential leading lady in Alien Covenant. Does this give us some idea of the direction Covenant will take? Katherine Waterston has already played across Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs, so Ridley knows the capabilities for an on screen performance. Ridley has gone for someone who is very adaptable and no stranger to unusual roles. From this I think we given something of a clue as to the nature of Covenant. Imo it is going to be a very different kind of film.

Back when George Lucas produce the prequels to Star Wars, there was a some disappointment from fans on a lot of levels. But it would now seem that JJ Abrams has gone down the route of Ridley and ditched CGI to a certain extent and used it only when really needed. But lets’ not forget that Ridley set this approach in motion.

But the bottom line is this, Lucas rushed through the Star Wars Prequels and to some fans dismay. Ridley on the other hand has produced a prequel that has gone a long way to setting a standard. And maybe most importantly, a prequel that will now act as a reference point for the storyline that is progressing into Covenant.

Alien is really an end point, and Prometheus is the background to reaching that end point. What needs to be realised is that a scenario has been set up for Covenant, and the back reference will always be Prometheus. This is where I think the genius of Ridley will shine through. He did not want Xeno’s . He just wanted a point of entry into the Alien universe. The Xeno’s come afterwards, and this is where I feel Covenant fits in. I think we will have David standing like a robotic Statue of Liberty before the crew of the Covenant, like Charlton Heston screaming “You maniacs” at the ruins of a civilisation.

Prometheus had to be the conduit to present a backstory with lots of hidden reference points for the future. As has been discussed previously, Prometheus does contain lots of answers, but I think Covenant will reveal quite a few. At present it looks quite a mess the potential avenues in which Prometheus leads. I do think however that Covenant will be like exploring the mad scientists laboratory, with all manner of creatures on display. I feel a lot of questions about the Xeno life cycle and its purpose for being will be answered along with the goo and the Engineers background. I also think this will be done very efficiently. 

The bigger picture is this. Covenant is going to deliver something big. Lots of monsters. A strong leading lady. Re-inforcement for the Prometheus background. Of course there also has to be action and suspense. I think we could be in for one hell of a ride. Bring it on.

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Dec-19-2015 3:56 PM

brilliant post batchpool. 100% with you on this. get ready for 4 films that will tak cinema to previously unimagined heights and may God bless Ridley Scott.


Dec-21-2015 5:31 PM

seems a different direction to what he hinted at after Prometheus... it went quiet... i had leaks from a source in March.... Ridley from May started drop hints that added up to this.... then Wham Alien Covenant and U-Turn... in  a way... also Alien 5 is sidelined and its Plot has Changed...

I dont want to tred over covered ground too much as i have covered a lot over the last few weeks on the subject... but i think the next movie comming in from the Back End.. and Covenant is set after the events of "David and Shaw leave to find Paradise, and Engineers and their Agenda and Purpose" a whole lot of stuff goes down and the Aftermath is David...ALONE on what was maybe Paradise but is now.. Disaster and dark....

This is where Covenant us going.... it will give us clues to the Xenomorph but do not be fooled, the event of what ever is awaiting the Covenant lead to the Xeno or LV-426.... it would be a event that would create something NEW... that we can see Xeno DNA.... like Prometheus with the Hammerpedes, Trilobite, Deacon and Fifield..... only more Xeno-y in its connection...

But i think we are going to see flash backs... one will show us parts of "Shaw and David post leaving LV-223 and Prior to the Covenant landing on Paradise" but another movie could cover these events in detail.

Another would be a event set thousands of years ago.. again slightly... i.e Engineers History and Agenda and Hierarchy and connections to Xeno Biology... again this would be covered more in other movies...

This is what seems to be the case, as far as i am concerned.... here is my Argument of the case...

*So we see David on his own as a SYTHETIC.... Ridley said he has Big Plans for David after he is put together by Shaw, that he wont go into detail with..... we kind of Guess Shaw will have to re-attach him... Ridley has hinted this over and over the years.... something Special is not just sticking his head on is it?

*Shaw is not there when the Covenant arrives, she will have a small role.. the start of  the movie Focus on the crew of the Covenant and its mission to find a Paradise to Collonise... they find  just David..... so is Shaw locked away some place? are they going to show us the Covenent Crew arrive and find David, without explaining how David got there or how long? or what happened to Shaw or Answers... maybe she awakens and the end and wants answers from the Engineers.... Who....

*Seem to not be mentioned or present when the Covenant finds David, yet Ridley seemed to place a emphasis on the ENGINEERS... and Bigger picture, Prometheus was made to be about them the Space Jockeys, and in part the Xeno connection (Spaights).... this was tonned down to be about the Engineers for Prometheus (Lindeloff) Ridley hinted they did not want to met God in the first movie, they would meet beings who are not Benevolent... Paradise is Hell, Engineers Fallen Angels and Shaw may find the Devil.....

Then Paradise Lost hints.. which add to the above, then bigger things about the Engineers, i.e if they created us... then what made it so Worlds could exist to be able to be used to seed life... is it accidental.. coinsidence... or does some bigger force play its Role... where is the Big Guy  (GOD)

Is Ridley going to discount all of that to give us a Spoon Fed Xeno Orgins Space Jockey and Ripley connection movie?  i hope not and doubt.

*Micheal Biehn says Alien 5 is set 20+ years after Aliens, will feature Ripley, Hicks and Newt and would be set thousands of years after Alien Covenant....  Now the Original ideas showed no Newt and a Ripley and Hicks who looked younger than 20+ years after Aliens and Blomkamp said the movie takes place between Aliens and Alien 3 but would kind of disregard Alien 3.... thus no 20 years plus after... so a U-Turn has happened....

*Covent Crew hope to find uncharted Paradise... find a place of destruction and a dark world.... Ridley had confirmed 3 shooting locations.... Monumental Forests.... Monumental Rocky, and Formidable CGI.... 

Question.... Paradise a dark world, after destruction... sound like a expected Paradise? Nope..  sound like a place of Monumental Forests? Nope so where does this Forest Scene get played out?

I suspect its Paradise prior to some event by Davids arrival or a scene of Paradise prior to what ever happened with the Engineers thousands of years ago... Thus Covenant must arive latter.

How can this add up?  Prometheus set year 2093-2094, Alien 2122.... thats 28 years for David to either end up on a World with no Engineers, then see Covenant come in, and then a event that leads to Alien thus, after the Covenant finds David something goes down and we end up on LV-426 before 2122?    I dont think so.

so part of the movie must be set prior to 2093 and maybe prior 200 AD....  or BC....  and another part must be covered in events after 2094 and before 2122.... or at very latest 2179.

They are doing another 2-3 movies that will add to Alien... think about it.. 2-3 movies to cover events Post 2094 and Pre 2122  thats 28 years of events that include Davids Travel to Paradise followed by the Covenants and David being on his own... 3 movies to cover this to Alien?

Really?  Nope a lot more is going to be covered and expect a movie that switches back and forwards to at least 3 time lines...

1) 2094 - 2122

2) 2094 - 2100 Alien 5 event

3) 200 BC/AD or prior...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-08-2016 5:25 PM

I tried to post this as of 22nd December but the server gave internal error so here it goes again.

The source i had would not give everything away and was vague...

One thing they said was and this was as of the October Draft and Ideas 2014... which could change...

Here is a few things they said, provided its true which we may not be able to take as credible but i will just throw it out there... bare in mind they said this March and some in May...


The Xenomorph Origins and connection clues are already in Prometheus, they are vague and not much time was put towards them... they would be covered in more depth but Prometheus had the clues to the Xenomorph and Space Jockey... right in front of our Faces All along.

The movie and sequel would cover the links between LV-223/LV426 and Fall of the Engineers on those places and Fall of the Engineers in context to the Story and Plot.  Paradise etc.

That Mankind had been within that system before Prometheus.

That Mankind play a bigger role in the creation of the Xenomorph than the Engineers, however the DNA that leads to the Xeno is a mix of Engineers and SOMETHING  Else...

The Biology is a Bacteria  that is the key to all LIFE... and is a Forbiden Knowledge and Fruit reserved for a selected few, that when used without Permision or used in a way that is not intended would lead to Death and Destruction.

With the use of this Forbiden Fruit, its Knowledge, Transendence but at the cost of Death...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-08-2016 5:31 PM

The Xeno/Dragon is similar to the Punishment in the Paradise Lost, but it is something that provides Freedom from Bondage and the Serpents in Paradise Lost and the Xeno are connected to a degree.

Is this true or not, or as the movie now taken a U-Turn...

When they said clues was in Prometheus... i think they mean events Prior to Prometheus Landing as opposed to Post... thus... the Urns, the Mural, the Frescos the Outbreak.. the Chest Busted Cryo Pods and timeline of thousands of years ago..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Apr-14-2016 1:44 PM

I have only just come across your topic Batchpool, otherwise I would have replied long ago!

Great thoughts on the direction Covenant will take.

Yes, Ridley raised the bar once again, and now just about every Sci-fi director has used practical effects backed up with CGI!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


May-11-2017 12:44 PM

I think making the original "Alien" as the endpoint is a mistake. Basically, Alien is a movie about a monster on the loose with no real story substance. Why not go in the direction of introducing the gods of the gods, the creators of the Engineers? So much more interesting than a xenomorph running around killing people. 

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