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Be the Dinosaur-Let's Play a Game

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Dec-06-2015 12:19 AM

Here's my new volume, this time from Jurassic Park!  Enjoy fellow readers.

Be the Dinosaur:  Let's Play a Game

I walked along the jungle path towards the big Two-Legged decorative cave.  There should be some more Two-Leggeds to kill in there.  Snacking on my nemesis was not enough for my sister and me.  I craved more killing.  They were so much fun to kill.  And Two-Legged flesh was sooo…good.

The cave was unfamiliar, so I took the lead while my sister stayed a bit behind in case our other sister came back.  Slowly we walked through.  Light shone from the ceiling, and the walls were white.  The Two-Leggeds must be really smart to make a cave bright inside.  Too bad I want to eat them, they’re cool.

Suddenly, the very thing I was tracking was found.  No, TWO things!  A pair of younglings was in the nearby room.  The flesh of younglings was extremely tender and juicy, so this was going to be a good meal.

But the younglings gasped and fled.  They must have seen my shadow.  Oh well, my sister and I could amuse ourselves with more stalking.  We’ll catch them eventually.  What can POSSIBLY go wrong?!

I followed the young Two-Leggeds into another little cave, making sure that I didn’t reveal myself to them.  I came to a blockage along the path, I overheard the Two-Leggeds call a “window”.  I breathed on it by accident, and then, I couldn’t see anything through it.  But it cleared, and inside there were tall grey logs, which the female youngling was hiding behind.

She peeked out from behind the log.  Silly girl.

BOO!” I screeched.

She yelped, and went back behind the far end of the log.  It’s good to be scary, hehe.

Now, how do I do this again?  Put my claws over the little cold twisted bar and push down…got it.

Foolish Two-Leggeds.  They aren’t the only ones who can open these things they call “doors”.

This one though is unusually heavy.  My hand won’t be enough to get this “door” out of my way, so I’ll push it with my snout.

Whoa!  It’s cold.  And heavy.  One more…another try…


They’re talking to each other…and they sound scared.  Excellent.

I love it when my prey gets scared.

This is a very weird looking room.  Lots of things on the grey logs.  Humans are strange.

Hey sis!  Get your tail in here!  Hunting time!  This will be FUN!

My sister walked in eagerly, but she got into my personal bubble.  Doesn’t she know anything about boundaries?  I snapped my jaws at her to remind her.


Sorray!” she replied sarcastically.  She’ll get a good bite to the face later for her insolence, but right now we got “business” to “take care of”.

We slowly moved to the right of the chamber.  The younglings snuck across from behind one log to the next, hoping not to be seen.  We saw them anyway, but it wasn’t time yet to attack.

Then I walked cautiously along between two logs, with the younglings hiding along one going in the opposite direction as us.  Purring and hissing in pleasure, I tapped my claws on the floor to frighten them some more.

Hello kiddies.  Let’s play a game,” I growled.

Good one sis,” squawked my sister.  “Come out, come out, sweeties.

SHUT UP!”  I cawed, I was getting so tired of her being annoying.  As I turned to tell her off, my tail hit the cold things on top of the log, sending them clattering onto the hard ground.  I could faintly here scrambling footsteps, so I stuck my head through one of the holes near the log’s base to see where the younglings went.

Huh…they are better hiders than I thought.

Then something clattered onto the floor a bit farther away, and I lifted my head out from the weird hole.  I didn’t do it.  My sister didn’t do it.  It must the prey.

Gotcha,” I growled.  The end was near.

Yahoo!” my sister howled as she jumped onto the log.  I hissed in agreement as we walked towards the clattering thing at the far end.

What IS this?” I growled as I bent over to investigate the thing that fell.  It was long, and had a broad deep part at one end.  I licked it.  It was cold, but there was a hint of flesh that lingered on it.  Maybe it was from the younglings?  Unlikely, since this flesh tasted like it was burnt by fire and covered in some spicy sap.

As I sniffed the air to get a better location of the prey, something kept clattering on the ground repeatedly.  I turned my head towards the sound, and growled sinisterly.  It was the female, and she was getting our attention.  My sister called out in response and jumped down to get a better look, and the youngling crawled into a little hole, trying to close some flap to prevent us from getting to her, and failing miserably at it.

Why would she want to get our attention?  This isn’t how the game is supposed to be played.

The youngling crawled into a little hole, trying to close some flap to prevent us from getting to her, and failing miserably at it. 

Game over,” I growled at her.

She started to panic, and (sooner than I thought), I saw that the game was over for her. 

You’re MINE!”  I screamed as I sprinted forward, ready to tear her apart.



Ow…hot steers…

My head hurts.  How many stars am I seeing? 

Whatever, I’ll see enough of them tonight.

I must have been knocked out, but by what?  The last thing I remember was the little female trying to hide from me, and I ran straight towards her…

I looked around me while I rested on the floor.  I was still dazed from whatever hit my head.

I saw the hole that the female was hiding in, but it was behind me.

How was it that the hole was there, if my prey was hiding right in front of me?

I looked ahead of me, and saw a big dent in a shiny log.  That was where she was when I attacked.

How did she do it?

I was so angry at being outsmarted by a little Two-Legged, but also kind of impressed.  She must be a very clever girl to devise a plan to trick me like that.  I fell for it completely.

Nonetheless, she’ll pay for what she did to me.  And the little male too.

I got up slowly, and in my line of vision, the younglings ran by out of the cave.

My sister will catch up to me eventually, wherever she is.  I got a score to settle with that girl.

I growled and bared my teeth as they passed.

The hunt just got a LITTLE more interesting…for me.

6 Responses to Be the Dinosaur-Let's Play a Game

Something Real

Dec-06-2015 1:03 AM

ALPHADINO65 - Hahaha! That was a very engaging volume! I very much enjoyed the by-play between the brother and sister characters you have presented in your work! Very excellent! Thank you ever so much for continuing to share these fantastic stories with us! :)


Dec-06-2015 7:54 AM

Pretty phenomenal chapter.

Good grief.

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-06-2015 8:45 AM

Great chapter, but it took me a while to figue out what scene it was. :P

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Dec-06-2015 9:06 AM

Who caught all the easter eggs in this story??


Dec-07-2015 8:11 PM

Awesome! I totally get the "personal bubble" thing too. Also what easter eggs :o?


Dec-08-2015 11:53 AM

Very well @VirtualVel, I will spoil the easter egg/reference list.

1.  Personal bubble/"Boundaries!"-Ramsey the T.rex from The Good Dinosaur when her brother starts bothering her.

2.  "Let's play a game..."-from the movie Saw.

3.  "Huh...they are better hiders than I thought."-from the scene where you think the raptors see Lex and Tim and you either believe the raptors are messing with them, or are just really stupid at finding their prey that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!

4.  " steers..."-reference to an episode of SpongeBob when Patrick gets hit on the head after being sent flying across Sandy's treedome, and says "hot wings" before he blacks out.  But since Big One mostly ate steers, she'd more likely think that instead of a juicy human treat from chickens, if she thought at all.

5.  "She must be a very clever girl..."-ironic how Big One now thinks that humans must more intelligent than she previously thought when Muldoon said something very similar before she killed him.

6.  "The hunt just got a LITTLE more interesting...for me."-paraphrase of Shere Kahn's quote in The Jungle Book (1967) when he gives Mowgli a chance to run away so he can enjoy the chase, just like Big One, in her twisted mindset, now thinks when Lex and Tim run off after besting her and her freezing sister.

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