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Be the Dinosaur-Get Away

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Nov-26-2015 6:26 PM

Installment #5 here viewers.  

I will get to dinosaur stories in the first 2 films right after this, I couldn't resist this last one.


Get Away


Delta did a great job in chasing the Two-Leggeds, including Former Alpha, right to me.  This is our new kill zone.  Each one of us would distract our prey to confuse and terrify them.

Delta came out of the big human cave, hissing and snarling impressively.  This made the other Two-Leggeds turn around, but Former Alpha stared right at me.  Even when we turn on him, he still stands his ground.  I learned from the best, but White Alpha is better.

Then Echo jumped out from the side, screaming.  They’re surrounded.

Former Alpha started talking to me, betraying his fear while Echo snarled eagerly.  We’re no longer loyal to him.

Attack on my command ladies!” I growled to my sisters and Former Alpha.  I wanted him to know that he can’t be in charge of us any longer, even though he couldn’t understand our tongue.

But then, Former Alpha put down his fire-stick.  I never expected him to do that.  He should have used that thing on us already, we were about to attack him and his clan!  Why wasn’t he fighting to the death?!

Former Alpha had this look on his face, the same look he got whenever he wanted to comfort us when we were little.  I hadn’t seen that look in a long time.  This was not according to plan.

Why Former Alpha?  We’re about to kill you.”  I was getting confused and worried.

Slowly, Former Alpha raised his right hand.  He did that when we were calm and when he wanted to comfort us.

Watch that hand!” I snapped.

Oh my, he’s so close.  He shouldn’t have to comfort us now, we turned on him!  We betrayed him!  We don’t deserve comfort from Former Alpha!

He spoke softly as he gently ran his hand across my face to just behind my ears, where that black thing was put just before we went searching for White Alpha.  His touch was the first thing I remember of Former Alpha, and that was how I first came to trust him.

He managed to twist the black thing off my neck, and it fell to the ground.  I can’t believe this just happened.  Even when we were about to kill him, he still reached out to us.  Did he forgive how my sisters and I behaved?  Even because it’s our fault Charlie got killed?

I am so sorry Alpha, we don’t deserve this, and still you forgive us?  We did horrible things and you still love us?!

A loud roar interrupted the moment.  I turned around, and there she was.  White One stomped slowly in front of us.  She was staring me in the eye, and I stared right back.

Good, you caught them.  Now, finish them off!” she bellowed.

I didn’t respond.  Before, attacking the Two-Leggeds seemed like a good idea, but I was a fool for thinking it was.  Hunting is one thing, but I won’t ever attempt to kill Alpha again.

Well?  What are you waiting for?!”  White One snarled impatiently.

I turned back, and looked at the one who cared for my sisters and me all the time.  He loved us, and we loved him.  How can this beast ever compare to someone who truly looked after the pack like Alpha can.

I so sorry Alpha.  We are with you, forever and always!”  I chittered, before turning back to White One.

Get the @$#& outta here!!”  I screamed.  Now this was a battle to White One’s death.  She caused all the trouble here, and she will pay for it.

How dare you?!” she yelled.  Her left arm swung hard.

I felt the swipe, then the cave, and then…black.


White One roaring…my sisters screaming…Alpha’s fire-stick…fire…deep roaring I never heard before…



Ow, I’m going to feel that in morning.

I didn’t know how long I was out for, but it was still night time, so maybe it wasn’t that long.

I heard the commotion around the corner.  I looked, and I was scared.

Alpha, his red female, and the two younglings were hiding behind rocks, while White One had this massive beast down on the ground.  The massive beast growled deeply, trying to get back up to fight White One, but she was exhausted.  Without her, Alpha and his Two-Leggeds won’t survive; White One would kill them all.

Where was Delta and Echo?  They should be attacking her.  Did White One kill them?

I had to do something.  Alpha needed my help, and so did Brown One.

Just as White One was about to kill off Brown One, I got her attention.

Hey ugly!  Remember me?

Just like I wanted, White One’s attention was on me, and away from the others.

I charged full tilt into the fight, wanting to tear White One to shreds for making us threaten Alpha’s life.


5 Responses to Be the Dinosaur-Get Away

Sci-Fi King25

Nov-27-2015 7:28 AM

This one was really good!


“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Nov-27-2015 2:28 PM

Is this your favourite one Sci-Fi King 25?


Nov-29-2015 1:16 PM

Ohhh I love this one! That was great! I love at the end she said "Get away from my Allpphhaa!" It was kinda like "Get away from my senpai!". She's kinda like a yandere in some ways xD. I can't wait for the next one!

Note: A senpai is someone who is of a higher social standard, in a higher grade or has lots of experience in something. Yandere is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality.


Nov-29-2015 5:21 PM

@VirtualVel, if you can interpret it that way, cool.

I was just basing it off her drawn-out screech as she charged the I.rex, and wanted her current state of guilt and gratitude to draw out in an attack.


Nov-30-2015 7:15 AM

@Alphadino65 You did a great job of doing that too ^-^!

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