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Special Fight : Astrapestoraptor Atrox vs Spinonychivenator Horridus

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Elite Raptor 007

Oct-29-2015 4:25 AM

Spinonychivenator Horridus

 20151002 002

Meaning : Terrifiying spined-claw Hunter

Length : 41 ft long

Weight : 8 ton

Weapon : Deadly teeth and a 3 ft long claw

Weakness : Big and vunreable sail

Chance : 50 %

A beast in on a move, nonetheless it was a big predator. This one is called Hunter, a big male Spinonychivenator, as he moves down the river he seek opportunities to grab a fish, so he put his snout into a water and swung his 3 foot claw onto the group of fish. He snag one and tear apart the unlucky animal. He moves again, as he moves down he spots an Allotitan is on a hunt, and Hunter slowly walked away, he has a good respect among the Predator here, he knows one false move and he’s dead. Hunter than makes his way onto the big hunting ground where the abundance of prey like Anatotitan and Saurolophus makes it the heaven for predator. As Hunter going he once again had an opportunity to kill something before he moves on. A lone Anatotitan, he sneaks closer…and closer, before he pounced off, the duck-billed dinosaur was shocked. Hunter grabs on and pierce his claw right into the prey’s heart, killing it instantly. Hunter than sit down and eat his prey, he don’t eat it all, just the fat. Because he knows, that this time of the year there’s a lot of prey item on the hunting ground, so he can waist the kill. As he moves on halfway there, he noticed something peculiar. A smell of a predator, Hunter slowly walks away, but…

Astrapestoraptor Atrox

 20151002 001

Meaning : Frightening Lightning Thief

Length : 50 ft

Weight : 4 ton

Weapon : Lightning speed and powerful jaw

Weakness : Lightweight body

Chance : 50 %

Two Astrapestoraptor are on a walk, a couple. The male is going to be called Lightning. And his mate, which is 8 months pregnant, almost giving birth, the two walked along a sandy beach, as they go, Lightning heard a screeching sound, probably a Spinophoraptor. Than as longer they got closer the screeching turn into a growl and a broken neck sound, something has been killed. Lightning ordered his mate to stay put, as lightning moves closer to inspect. As he goes, he peeks through a bush and see a gigantic Animal that even himself never sees, the animal grabs a Spinophoraptor right in it’s jaw, with a broken neck, Lightning moves silently and signaling his mate to move away, after their escape, the get a hunting opportunities. A Saurolophus herd, because her mate was pregnant, Lightning signals her mate to flush them out before he kill the Dinosaur. Once in position. his mate flushes them out into Lightning position. He than chases the biggest, jump’s to the back, tumble the animal around and then crush it’s head with 20,000 pound of pure bite force. Crushing the head, the prey is instantly dead. about 7 tonnes, they eat as much as they can. After it, the walked again, than his mate felt a contraction, she fall’s. Lightning is worried, his mate was almost gives birth, Lightning than accompanied his mate while guarding the female. 15 minutes after he smells something, a threat.


F_I_G_H_T :

Lightning watches over the bush, while his mate are struggling with the contraction. Hunter came out, and tried to get away, but Lightning bellowed. Hunter is shocked, but he is taken with defensive situation, he roar’s back and lift’s his big claw, Lightning makes himself look bigger big standing, but Hunter doesn’t reply. The two sized up each other in a head-to-head match to the dead.

Hunter is the one who strike first, the Spino tries to pierce the internal organ, but lightning dodged and bite Hunters back spine, the creature bellowed in pain than scratches Lightning body, lightning let’s go than Hunter bites his skull, Lightning tries to push him off but Hunter grab’s on. Hunter tried to pierce the beast’s neck but Lightning dodged every single swing of Hunter’s deadly claw. He than manages to shook off and pushed his body from Hunter’s deadly grip, Lightning strikes again and bites down into hunter’s back skull, Hunter tried to swing his claw, but Lightning grab’s his Arm, but he manages to move his claw, just enough to damaged Lightning so he let go of his grip.

They are locked away in an epic fight, Lightning and Hunter bites down each other right in the back of the neck. They both tried to push each other in a deadly game of push, Hunter is in an upper edge, his big claw forces Lightning to let go of the grip, Lightning roared in pain, but Hunter act fast, he swing his big claw right in to Lightning face and create a big scar.

Lightning strikes again, this time on to Hunter’s arm, he had learn to neutralized Hunter’s greatest weapon, his big awful claw. He bit the arm and snap it with 17,000 pounds of force. Hunter Bellowed, he knows that his greatest asset is gone, he tries to protect his greatest weakness, his Sail. He retract the sail, leaving a clean back, big mistake.

Lightning sees the opportunities and jump towards Hunter’s back and bite his neck, Hunter, with one functional claw tries to shook off Lightning from his back, but he can’t, Lightning have sink his 2 inch claw deep inside Hunter’s soft back, sending him into unbareable pain. Hunter spin around tried to shook Lightning off, and the tactic works. Lightning fell off into the ground.

Hunter, with one functioning arm, clawed contineously in to Lightning body, than just at the finishing end, Lightning dodge the stab, regain balance, and strike back into Hunter. Hunter wasn’t expecting this, and than Lightning with full speed rammed Hunter with his hard head and send him into an agonizing pain. Hunter profusely swung his massive Therizinosaurus like claw, but he couldn’t. the ram had caused a major internal bleeding inside Hunter thick body, the beast is in such a massive pain. But he wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Lightning approached Hunter in a sense of victory and pride. But just as he did. His mate bellowed profusely, she is ready to give birth. But she is blocked by a group of Compy bothering her around, she tried to scare them away. Lightning help her and succeded, but as he came back, to the dying spino, Hunter pounced and clawed his skull. Lightning now is in a bloody state, and he had to think fast, before Hunter killed his mate.

Lightning charged once again, biting the lower jaw, Hunter screams, as he tried once again to clawed his opponent, but Lightning knows that trick, and get himself closer so that Hunter’s massive claw can’t get to him. As Lightning bite down, his claws profusely battered Hunter’s unprotected belly. Hunter in desperate move tried to kicked him away, Lightning pushed away, and get bitten right in the throat.

The tooth design of Hunter allows him to control the kill, the more Lightning shook it the deeper the teeth sink’s. Lightning is now on a live or dead situation, with Hunter bit him and his mate threatened to be killed by this monster Lightning clawed Hunter’s eye, it works. Lightning than pounced off Hunter, continuously clawed and bit almost every part of Hunter, he had enough !

Hunter dodged the attack and pierced Lightning’s hip. After that he than bite down again at Lightning’s skull, throw him away. Lightning is almost dead. His life are on the edge, when… his mate stands up, she has birthed 2 little cub. And now she is ready for battle. As Lightning tried to regain energy. His mate attack Hunter profusely. Sinking her 3 inch serrated Great white like Tooth deep inside Hunter’s neck. Hunter bellowed in pain, he cannot take another second. And thought he is beaten and battered. Lightning had regain energy, he told his mate to stand back, what a Male.

As Hunter tried to regain Energy, Lightning Pounced off and bite him down again. he has no mercy in his eyes and more than determined to kill him.

Hunter is now in the mercy of Lightning, his 2 cub are hiding, while their father are confronting the enemy. Lightning relentlessly bite down again and again, but Hunter doesn’t give up. He raises his arm one last time, tried in desperately to scare off his Opponent. Lightning just watches, like in his eyes there are only the will to irradicate this competitor.

Hunter can do nothing as Lightning charged at him, the massive Astrapestoraptor move with such a speed ramming and biting, as Hunter threatened, he tries to lift back it’s sail, hoping to scare him away, but Lightning was just too smart. He sees the opportunities and bite’s the sail, Hunter bellowed, and quickly ripped apart his sail with almost 20,000 pound of force. Lightning moves with demonic speed, he bite down and create small cuts of wound to drained the energy.

Lightning Charged one last time towards Hunter, sending they both tumbling into the ground, the two Bellowed, like nobody was gonna give up this fight. Lightning bite’s off Hunter’s skull, the two are locked, Hunter tried to use his 3 ft long claw to rammed it into Lightning, but he dodged every single swing. Lightning twist the neck, sending Hunter to eat soil. Lightning had prevail, he is Victorious. He looked at Hunter with a sense of pride. He was just preparing to killed Hunter, when something moved through the bushes.

Lightning looked over, but as he did, Hunter snaps his Jaw right into Lightning face. He was Shocked, hunter tried the last time to kill Lightning. His eyes is full of revenge for the Animal, but as he did, Lightning twist his neck and escapes Hunter’s bite, Lightning once again rammed, and this time he shattered Hunter’s rib, the beast is dying. But just as he delivers the killing blow, a large Screech was heard. It’s his mate, she is almost birthing his 3rd cub. Lightning looked at Hunter’s eye and spare him from the dead, he Roars at Hunter warning him to not came back. Hunter just sit there Bloody, Beaten, and Drained, but alive.

Lightning than run into his Mate, and the third cub was born, a little female. Lightning just sit, tried to healed the wound that he just got, while watching Hunter left the battleground, he has done it he had become a Father, while he enjoys a rough day, with his family, looked at the sunset. It was the first, but it not going to be the last of their Encounter.

4 Responses to Special Fight : Astrapestoraptor Atrox vs Spinonychivenator Horridus

Something Real

Oct-29-2015 7:22 PM

ELITE RAPTOR 007 - Hahaha! This was a very neat battle - and I greatly enjoy the fact that you have included images of your own creation! Excellent work! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! :)

Elite Raptor 007

Oct-30-2015 2:08 AM

Thanks, they were Hybrids so i can't just search the picture, so... i be a little creative by drawing my creation


Nov-04-2015 6:06 PM

Nice fight! I was really hoping the mate and babies wouldn't be killed. I really loved your Hybrid fights. It's different and has twists :D.


Mar-06-2019 11:02 PM

Wait, how did a Dinosaur give live birth? Shouldn't she have laid eggs? And needed recovery time, especially since she was still in labor? Also, if Hunter should have had his back broken when Lightning ripped apart his sail, if he went through bone. 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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