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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 14

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Lord Vader

Oct-28-2015 5:59 PM

Miss the previous chapter? You know the drill. If you don't, you'll pick it up quick enough.

Control Building

I was still looking at the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Shadow Rex, whatever the hell it is, the black T-Rex, when the guys woke up. Bryce was the first to say something.

"Shagster, what are you looking at?"

"The thing that attacked us last night."

"What is it and why aren't you shooting it?"

"It's a genetically modified T-Rex."

"English please."

"It's like a T-Rex, but a bit larger, a tad smarter, and different colours."

"Yeah? How do you think it would do against one of those Rexes you called TNT?"

"Those two are different, they're exceptions. This bastard would probably be a match for them, and against anything else, it's a one sided fight every time."

"Oh. You never answered my other question. Why aren't you shooting?"

"It's a T-Rex. I'm not sure if this rifle could deal the damage we need to take it out."

"What should we do?"

"He's half a mile away, let's go."

We grabbed our stuff and climbed down the tree. I unfolded the stock on the SPAS 12 and we started walking towards our destination. I was in front, as usual. I had both hands on the gun, safety off, fully loaded and chambered, butt rested on my shoulder. All I had to do was lift the gun and take aim, which is maybe a second faster than having to shoulder it. Not much, but one second can be the difference between life and death in a place like this.

"Shaggy, are we heading the right way?"


"How do you know?"

"Because I looked before we climbed out of the tree. I've always had a good sense of direction."

"Whatever you say."

We hit the top of a hill and stopped. The guys sat down and caught their breath. I looked around and climbed a tree. I looked around for a minute. I had one leg straight with my foot on the branch, my knee on another branch, and I was leaning on a third one. I had a fairly steady hold, but it could be better. I scoped out the area, and I saw the building. It was about two hundred yards away. I climbed back down.

"Guys, the building is about two hundred yards out. Ready to go?"

"Just a minute."

"Sure thing."

I sat down and pulled out the map. If we're going to a building, I guess we should know what it is. I looked at the map and found Lab 06. North of it, about eight miles, the building I was looking at, was a building labeled Control. I flipped to the page with the information about it. There were rooms labeled Security, Warden's Office, Main Control, and Indominus. I didn't like the look of the last room, but I didn't say anything.

"Guys, let's go."


We got to the main entrance of the building after a short walk. The door was open. I didn't like the look of that. We stepped in, but I told the guys to be careful. We walked in one at a time, and ten feet apart. I was the first one in, and there was light getting in through the occasional window. I walked past the first hallway and looked. Nothing. I still had the SPAS 12 shouldered, and I had my cheek on the stock. I wasn't taking any chances. I continued walking, and Bobby was the next one in line. He looked down the hallway and then continued walking. We heard a clicking sound all of a sudden. We didn't know where it was coming from, and we were all on high alert.

"Holy shit!" Bobby screamed as the clicking picked up in speed.

Without even thinking, I whipped around and pulled the trigger. The dragon's breath lit up the hallway. When the light died, we looked around. I had dropped the Velociraptor dead in its tracks.

"Shaggy, what the hell was that?"

"A Velociraptor."

"Not that, what you shot."

"That's 12 gauge dragon's breath ammunition. It's a tracer round. It can also light shit on fire."

"That's awesome."

"Yeah, now let's keep going. Keep your eyes peeled. Those bastards are rarely alone, and when they are, there are more nearby."

We continued slowly down the hallway. I looked down each hallway as I walked past. There wasn't much to be seen, a few potted plants and the odd picture. Most hallways led to a door. We'd check those later. We got to the end of the hallway without problem, and started checking the rooms.

The first room we checked said 'Warden's Office' on the door. I kicked the door down and took aim. The room seemed empty. We stepped in, and there was no sign of life. We lowered our weapons and looked around. There wasn't much to be seen. There was a desk, a closet, some expired shells laying on the ground, and an old shotgun. It was a double barrel. I picked the old gun up and checked it out. I cracked open the breech, and one shell popped out. I picked up the hull. It had been fired off before the shotgun was dropped. The other shell didn't pop out. I pulled the shell out, and to my surprise, it was unused. There must be more in this room than what meets the eye.

"Shaggy, there's nothing in here."

"Bobby, don't be so quick to come to that conclusion. Shit went down in here and I want to know what."

"How do you know?"

I threw the unused shell at Bobby. When he caught it, he looked at it.

"You know what that is Bobby? It's an unused shotgun shell that was in this double barrel shotgun. See that shell on the floor? It's empty. Whoever had that gun took one shot, then dropped his gun for some reason. I think we'll find a body somewhere, probably in here."

Bobby didn't answer, but Zach had a question.

"What makes you think we'll find a body in here?"

"The door was locked. Whoever was in here must have known he was screwed and locked that door to contain his killer."

"How do you know it was a he?"

I rolled my eyes and looked around. I looked in the closet, I looked under some stuff, and I looked on top of a dresser. Nothing. Then I thought of one spot I hadn't looked. I went to the desk and flipped it over. Under the desk was a skeleton. A Velociraptor skeleton.

"Good one Shaggy, you found a Velociraptor skeleton. What about the dude who was in here?"

"One of two things happened. One, he dropped the shotgun and managed to lock the Velociraptor in here, or two, he was killed and the Velociraptor ate everything, including the skeleton. Also, look over there. There's a pile of shit with a bone in it."

No one spoke. I walked out of the room and the guys followed me. We walked to the room labeled 'Main Control'. I shouldered the SPAS 12 and kicked the door down. I stepped inside, and the first thing I noticed was that it was surprisingly bright inside. I walked around the corner, and I freaked out when saw what was around the corner.

"Guys, go back, now, as fast as you can."

The guys quickly turned and ran back into the main hallway. I looked at the creature that stood before me. It was two stories tall, almost fifty five feet long, and probably weighed nine or ten tons.

"Alright Shadow Rex, it ends here."




Alright, chapter 16 has an epic fight co-written by Primal King, and chapter 15 builds up to it, so stay tuned for that.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

3 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 14

Something Real

Oct-28-2015 6:03 PM

LORD VADER - Hahaha! That was stupendous! The addition of the Dragon's Fire rounds was very neat; I have always found that particular cartridge to be incredibly impressive! Thank you ever so much for continuing to present this series to us! :)

Lord Vader

Oct-30-2015 3:58 PM

Thanks SR. I too find the Dragon's Breath round impressive. That's why I use it in this story over birdshot or buckshot or even slugs.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Oct-30-2015 9:06 PM

Cool chapter, looking really forward to how it will all go down with the fight.

Again I find myself not knowing anything about guns except a SPAS 12 also what is a Dragon's Breath?


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