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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 13

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Lord Vader

Oct-20-2015 4:29 PM

Miss the previous chapter? The link provided. Follow it.

Shadow Rex

I stood on one side of the Jeep, slowly backing up. I was aiming at the Tyrannosaurus. I was ready to fire, but hoping I wouldn't need to. With each step and breath I feared it would be my last. The Tyrannosaurus was focused on the Jeep though, and I made it to the tree. I threw the SPAS 12 over my shoulder and climbed the tree. I climbed faster than I had ever expected to climb anything in my life, and I met the guys about forty feet up.

"Guys, you all here?"

I heard three voices respond.

"Good. You all alright?"

"Yeah Shag, we're good. Are you?"

"A bit shaken, but good otherwise."

"It takes real guts to do what you did there."

"Thanks. It's what I do I guess."

"It's something we couldn't do."

"Yeah. I hope that thing doesn't completely destroy the Jeep."

"Why? Not like we're using the thing anymore."

"Yeah, but the stuff in the Jeep is useful."

"Like what?"

"Firearms, ammunition and...... oh god."


"If that son of a bitch bites a rocket and blows itself up and destroys our stuff, I personally will bring that thing back to life and kill it again."

"Dude, it's just a few guns."

"Yeah, just a few guns, and my knife, and the rifle that's served two tours with me, the same rifle that's saved my life time and time again, and a picture of my fiancée. I could care less about most of those guns and the knife. That picture though. That picture is the reason I'm still fighting. When I need a reason to keep fighting, I look at that picture. When I need a reason to come up with a plan to get us out of here, I look at that picture."

"Woah, sorry man."

"No, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to get mad there. I just annoyed and can't control myself sometimes."

"Well, that's the first time you blew up since this started."

We watched the Tyrannosaur, and it bit the Jeep. It picked it up and dropped it. The Tyrannosaurus looked at the Jeep. He didn't seem to like the taste of metal and plastic. It turned and left after looking at the remains for a minute.

"He's leaving."

"Good. Now give it a minute and we can go grab our weapons."

"How long should we wait?"

"Hear that booming?"


"When it stops."

We sat in the tree for several minutes, waiting for the booming and vibrations to stop. When it finally did, we climbed down and I searched the remains. I grabbed all the rifles and bags and we took the ones that were ours. I slung all my weapons over my back and then put on my backpack.

"What should we do now?"

"I say we go back to that tree and spend the night. There are all kinds of things that hunt at night. It'll be safer in the tree."

No one argued as we walked back and climbed into the tree. I volunteered to take the first watch, and I took the AX50. I unfolded the bipod, adjusted the butt spike and took aim. With the thermal scope on, I could see everything with a heat signature. I looked around on a low zoom, and I found the Tyrannosaurus. I zoomed in a bit more and shut off the thermal scope. The eyes seemed to be glowing red. This wasn't a normal Tyrannosaurus. It was laying down. It must be going to sleep too.

I don't remember much after that. I yawned, I was dozing off. I was starting to drool a little, and before I knew it, it was morning. I shut the thermal scope off and took aim. The Tyrannosaurus was still there. It was sound asleep. I looked at him for a minute. He was black and he had a red stripe running down his side. He reminded me of a similar creature I had seen on my family trip to Jurassic World. It was called a Shadow Rex if I'm not mistaken. That's about all I remember. Now I wish I had read that file.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

8 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 13


Oct-20-2015 4:50 PM

Cool chapter, and as me and others always say, it's nice to see you post a topic every couple of weeks.


Lord Vader

Oct-20-2015 5:22 PM



Yeah, figured it'd be nice to post every now and then. Lets you guys know I'm alive. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Something Real

Oct-21-2015 10:38 AM

LORD VADER - That was a truly engaging chapter! I very much lliked the slight comedy surrounding the moment in which the T-rex was investigating the jeep! Thank you ever so much for sharing this excellent work with us! :)


Oct-23-2015 10:15 AM

Nice chatper. I like the sound and the looks of this Shadow Rex. Would you mind if I try to make a graphic of it?

Lord Vader

Oct-23-2015 4:46 PM

Thanks guys.


Vel, Shadow's been drawn before, but go for it. Fan art is always fun. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Sci-Fi King25

Oct-25-2015 4:45 PM

Nice chapter! :) I'm interested by the inclusion of Shadow Rex.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Lord Vader

Oct-25-2015 5:13 PM

Thanks SFK. 


As for the inclusion of a Shadow Rex (not THE Shadow Rex), as well as Terrance and Thorn, in the same story, on the same island, let's just say there was a fight that I had requested to me, and Primal King and I co-wrote the fight. The chapter is titled "A Battle of Kings" if that says anything.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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