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Hey Brother

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Sep-29-2015 11:53 PM

My first story in a while.

I'll let everyone who reads this figure out what I was referring to, but if I see any disrespect towards this story or any of the species involved in this story, then don't let anyone else see it.  Remember, this is exculsive to the Jurassic Park timeline, so they are not accurate to real life.

Here it goes:


Hey Brother


Father had been right, the crested prey were hard to catch.  But fortunately, it had run into the forest, where my kind is more capable of moving.

It’s my first kill in a while.  Certainly the largest prey I took down alone.  It is hard adjusting to life alone.  Limping Brother and I had hunted together until a few weeks ago, when we felt like we couldn’t support both of us.  There simply wasn’t enough food in one kill for two young males who are growing quickly.  We fought over prey too often lately as well, biting each other on the face whenever the kill was made, like those brutal Pack Hunters did on the other side of the land. 

It was sad that we fought.  We were closer when we were younger, when we practised hunting together and when Mother and Father brought home the larger kills for us to eat.  But then we got so much bigger, and felt the urge to go out into the world to obtain our own territories.  We ate, and ate, and ate so much that Mother and Father got worried.  Not for us though; for the younger brothers and sisters.  They needed to eat as well. 

So one day, Mother and Father told us to leave and find our own territories.  Mother was sad that the decision had to be made, but it was for the good of the other brothers and sisters.  Father was proud that we had grown into powerful beings, and knew we’d be alright as long as we stood strong and smart.  And both knew that this day would come, when their eldest hatchlings could go out into the world without the need to be protected by parents.  We weren’t as large as Mother, not even Father; both could still look down on us, but we were big enough to leave without much fear.

But they did warn us AGAIN to avoid Angry One, who stalked the other side of the island.  She was around the same size as Mother, but with a long snout, a large back, and was as vicious as Father when he got angry.  Father had encountered her once before, on a long hunt several moon cycles ago, although we knew of her presence for a while now.  Even though she stayed on the other side of the land, we could hear her roar at night sometimes, accompanied with the thuds of trees falling to the ground.  She confronted Father over a kill, and they had a brief fight.  Father said how he was lucky that the fight was only roaring at each other, and both walked away without actually hurting each other.

I shrugged off the warning, but Limping Brother took it very seriously.  He and Father had experienced fear in a strange, new land far away from the forest, where a huge pack of Two-Leggeds lived.  They broke Limping Brother’s leg when he was just a baby, shot Father several times to sleep, and took them away from Mother.  But I knew I wouldn’t do anything to get myself into those situations, so why worry?  I wasn’t there when it happened, and knew the story off by heart.

After we left and found a nice territory, we felt content.  We hunted as often as we were hungry, and that was often enough.  Just us two brothers, knocking about in the wild.

Then we started fighting.  It was minor shoving and head-butting at first, but later became face biting and loud roaring.  Part of the cause was food.  We wanted more for ourselves, because we kept growing larger and larger.  But we also grew tired of each other, and grew apart.  We felt this urge to see each other as rivals, like how Father saw the other male when he and Mother were young.  We didn’t want to end up trying to kill each other like Father had done, so we stopped.  But soon we realized that we couldn’t be around each other.  It was ripping the brotherly bond apart, and I hated it.  So even though we wanted to live alone for the time being, we made an agreement.  If we ever truly needed each other’s help in defending ourselves against Pack Hunters or Angry One, we would call for each other to come and help.

Sadly, Limping Brother hadn’t held up his end of the agreement.  The few times we communicated over long distance, he said that he fought off some very aggressive Pack Hunters and killed half the pack at a Horned One kill.  If there was one thing that annoyed me about my closest friend, it was that he always felt the need to talk about his fights to prove how tough he was.  I’m plenty tough myself, but there’s no need to brag about it.  That night I became so mad that I told him to go away, and that we weren’t brothers anymore.

This morning, I regretted what I roared, but he never answered back to my own bellows of sorrow.  I still wanted to prove myself though, to show him I am as tough as he was.  I thought the thrilling hunt from the plains into the forest was pretty good, because I had given a long chase.  But then I heard Angry One bellow in fury, followed by loud bangs.

That was the defining moment to me.  Defeating Angry One.  That would certainly prove to Limping Brother how strong I was.  Even my parents would be proud.  But she sounded really close, and sounded much scarier than I remembered.  I was worried that she might attack, and that I might need Limping Brother’s help. 

A little voice inside me told me go it alone.  Another one told me to call out for Limping Brother so that he could help.  It was so confusing that I put my head down to think long and hard, eating my meat as I pondered

Apparently I was thinking TOO hard.  I sensed movement near me, and a sharp scent came on the wind.  It was Angry One, full of fury and strength.  I looked up from my kill, and saw six Two-Leggeds.  I couldn’t believe it!  They were as puny as Father and Limping Brother had told me.  They carried the scent of Angry One, and that got me mad.  Angry One wasn’t far away, and it was best to scare off these puny creatures before fighting Angry One.  Maybe they could even lead me to Angry One out of protection? 

With the territorial instinct pounding through my body, I bellowed loudly, long and deep.  All but one of the Two-Leggeds ran away from my powerful roar.  I started walking towards the clearing that the Two-Leggeds were returning to, with the last Two-Legged finally running away. 

They led me right to Angry One.  She truly was massive!  She even looked larger than Mother, and more threatening with the bright orange and grey on her back.  She growled at me, showing me her large teeth as her large arms flexed, showing off her powerful claws.  But I kept coming.  She took one step towards me and roared, and I matched her with my own powerful bellow. 

It was too late to call for Limping Brother.  This was a fight between her and me.  I could finally prove myself to my brother.

My defining moment has arrived.


10 Responses to Hey Brother

Something Real

Sep-30-2015 10:18 AM

ALPHADINO65 - That was an extremely engaging presentation! I greatly enjoyed the family dynamic you placed within your work - especially when you detailed the burgeoning sibling rivalry! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! I am looking forward to what you have in store for us next! :)


Sep-30-2015 3:27 PM

Something Real-I really happy you liked it, and write so well when you respond.  I'm glad whenever anyone enjoys reading things they like, and I hoped this piece would be well received by many readers.  Who knows what's in store?  I haven't given it much thought, but this could turn into a series of JP 1st-dinosaur accounts?

Something Real

Sep-30-2015 7:10 PM

ALPHADINO65 - Oh, I certainly hope you choose to make this a series! The site needs more ongoing activities to keep everyone engaged - and your work is very fun to read! :)


Oct-02-2015 9:16 AM

Pretty fantastic first chapter.

Good grief.


Oct-02-2015 11:19 AM

@GorillaGodzilla, this is not meant to be a chapter.  If this is to become a series, it would just be a collection of stories spanning the entire JP movie universe, which could include the time between JP3 and JW.  But it's by no means a chronological tale.


Oct-02-2015 11:32 AM

@GorillaGodzilla, this is not meant to be a chapter.  If this is to become a series, it would just be a collection of stories spanning the entire JP movie universe, which could include the time between JP3 and JW.  But it's by no means a chronological tale.


Oct-02-2015 11:45 AM

Oh, well thanks for the clarification!

Good grief.


Oct-03-2015 10:55 AM

This was cool to read, and very good for your first chapter!



Oct-11-2015 7:23 PM

This was good! I enjoyed it. One question, what dinosaur or what part in the movie is this?


Dec-16-2015 5:53 PM

@VirtualVel, since this story has been out for 2 months, I feel I can let it be known for those who couldn't figure it out.  The last part took place when the sub-adult T.rex took on the Spinosaurus (Angry One) in JP3.  Limping Brother is this T.rex's brother, who we saw as the baby in TLW.  Mother and Father are the mated pair of T.rexes in TLW.

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