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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 11

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Lord Vader

Sep-15-2015 4:14 PM

Miss chapter 10? Forget what happened? Follow the link provided.


We were walking down the hallway at a brisk pace. We wanted to know exactly what was in this building, and we wanted to know now. Before we searched any rooms, we opened all the doors. They stayed open after we left. Good, if the power goes out, we can still search each room.

After all the doors were open, we started searching. Most rooms were empty, but some had some old lab equipment. There wasn't anything we could use. Eventually, we got to the hallway with the room labeled Species #002. We walked down the hallway and went into the room. What we saw was impressive.

The room was massive, at least 40' by 60'. It was filled with desks and tables. On the opposite side of the room, was a plexiglass wall. We walked over to it and looked around. The wall was a barrier of sorts. It was higher than the floor on the opposite side. It looked like something big lived in there at one point.

"What the hell lived in here?"

"No idea, but if we look at the papers and shit around here we may find out."

We looked at the desks. There were newspapers, old cups, pens, pencils, various other crap you would find on an office desk. We opened the drawers. The contents were just as useful as what was on top. Mostly blank papers and empty files. We searched almost every desk with no luck. We were about to leave when Bryce pointed something out. I looked, and on a platform with a view of the entire room, was one more desk. It was different than the rest too. It was black as opposed to grey, and it looked larger. We found a way up, and searched it too.

Sitting on the desk for all to see was a file. It had a stamp on it. The stamp read 'Species #002'. I picked up the file and opened it. There were papers in it. The first paper read 'Regenerareraptor: The Regenerating Raptor'. I moved the first paper off and read the information.

'Based off of the infamous Velociraptor, Regenerareraptor has all the same traits as a normal Velociraptor; the speed and intelligence, but has the extra ability to regenerate lost body parts. They even create their own nutrition, so they require no food and produce no waste as a result. Regenerareraptor was designed to replace the regular Velociraptors because in battle, they recover quickly. Missing limbs grow back, cuts heal, bruises heal, and........'

I was about to continue when a clicking got my attention.

"Bryce, you here that?"

"Yeah, what the hell is it?"

"I don't know, but it might be the bastard that lived in there." I said pointing at the plexiglass wall.

I grabbed the SPAS 12 and shouldered it. A Velociraptor was walking up the stairs. I wasted no time sending a load of dragon's breath through its chest cavity. The Velociraptor dropped and the body rolled down the stairs. I handed the SPAS 12 to Bryce and told him to make sure there weren't anymore. Bryce stayed at the top of the stairs, shotgun shouldered, ready to shoot. I went back to the file. Where was I?

.......'bruises heal, and even being impaled won't kill them. When fighting carnivores, they are known to go unconscious, only to wake up after damaged organs heal.'

I had to read that last bit twice.

"Bryce, keep an eye on that dead one, it may wake up."

Bryce didn't question it, but he was confused.

I didn't bother reading the rest of the information. I skimmed through looking for how to kill the thing. Eventually, I found what I was looking for.

'The only way for one to die is if the head is separated from the body.'

I smiled. These things are easier to take out then I expected. All I've gotta do is put a round or two into the neck. If the dragon's breath does its job, it'll burn through and end the bastard. Something else that caught my eye was when the paper said 'Specimens created: 1'.

"Shaggy, the thing's moving! What do I do?"

"Shoot its neck, at the base of the skull!"

Bryce took the shot. I walked over and looked. The head was separate from the body. We walked down the stairs.

"That's f*cked up."

"I know."

I kicked the head as we walked past it. Even if the head stays alive, it'll need a body to be attached to to do any damage. We stepped out of the room and made a left.

"Where are we going? We've got four more rooms to search."

"If we encounter anything like that in any of the other rooms, we may need something more than just a shotgun. I'm getting the RPG."

About twenty minutes later, we got back to the room with the Raptor. I had the RPG loaded and ready. We stepped into the room and looked. The head and body were still disconnected. The body wasn't moving, and neither was the head. We left the room and continued. We walked into the next room. We were both aiming. The room looked identical to the previous room. We looked up, and there was an identical desk. We went up the stairs, and I looked at the file on the desk.

'Species #003'.

I picked the file up, opened it, and looked at the first sheet. 'Spinosaurus Rex: The Spine Lizard King'.

"What's the obsession of making hybrids and naming them something something Rex? There's only one Rex in the dinosaur kingdom, and that's T-Rex. The one on Nublar showed that I-Rex who's boss. Scientists, those morons. It takes genius to create these damn things, I'll give them that. Why the hell would they create these things?"

'A combination of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus, the Spinosaurus Rex has traits from both. From Spinosaurus it got a sail, large arms, and long, slender jaws filled with conical teeth. From Tyrannosaurus Rex, it got two fingered hands, true binocular vision, and an impressive bite force. When biting, Spinosaurus Rex is capable of snapping its own jaws from the force.'

"Morons. The best trait it got from the King and it can't even use it. Taking the best of two highly specialized hunters and combining them, turning it into something that is capable of f*cking itself over when it uses its most powerful weapon. Great idea, just great. One of those won't last in the wild if it faces other carnivores."

The paper stated that only one was created. We walked into the next room. Same deal, and I looked at the information. There was no species identification, just three letters. The information read as followed.

'TNT, AKA, Terrance and Thorn. These two Tyrannosaurs are two of the four that were cloned to replace Rexy on Isla Nublar. They are the only two that got along when they were released. A blood test was done and the DNA matches. They're siblings. Terrance is the larger of the two, and both have scars from battles. They were deemed too aggressive to brought to Nublar, and they were to be destroyed when it was discovered that they are an excellent way of disposing of failed experiments.'

We went to the next room. I took one look at the file.

'Species #005'

I flipped to the information page.

'Shadow Rex: The Shadow King'

"This is f*cking ridiculous. Bryce, we're going, now."

"Aren't you going to read the information?"

"If I read information on one more something Rex, I might have to burn this building to the ground. There's only one Rex in the dinosaur kingdom, and it's TYRANNOSAURUS Rex. We are going now."

"If you say so."

We left and went back to the roof. I had dropped the file, and the papers were all spread out. These are the papers I should have read.

'Shadow Rex: The Shadow King.'

'Shadow Rex started as a project on Isla Nublar to control the I-Rex in the event of an escape. The project succeeded, but because it was a juvenile, the Shadow Rex wasn't large enough to fight the I-Rex and left behind on Isla Nublar. The Shadow Rex is a genetically modified Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is slightly larger than the average Tyrannosaur, more intelligent, and a different colour. Instead of brown or green, a Shadow Rex is jet black with a crimson red stripe running along both sides the full body length, and glowing red eyes. Shadow Rex is extremely similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex, capable of breeding with T-Rex successfully. Shadow Rex is most active at night, extremely dangerous and care should be taken when dealing with one.'

'Specimens created: 2'
'Specimens on Sorna: 1'
'Specimens on Nublar: 1'
'Specimens alive on Sorna: 1 as of July 29, 2019'
'Specimens alive on Nublar: presumed 0 as of June 12, 2015'

Pardon the cheesiness/stupidity of the hybrids, I'm not creative when it comes to names or ideas that actually make sense.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

7 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 11


Sep-15-2015 4:50 PM

Good chapter, I noticed how you referenced Terrance and Thorne.


And for the hybrids they sounded interesting, if you ever want advice on how to create names, you can ask what I do when it comes to naming an animal if you're interested.



Sep-15-2015 7:41 PM

This is my first time reading this, I haven't read any other chapters and let me just say I LOVE THIS! This is an awesome story! Please keep making more. Now I'll have to go back and read all the chapters in order :P.

Something Real

Sep-15-2015 8:45 PM

LORD VADER - That was a fantastic chapter! I am so very pleased that you returned to continue this wonderful story! Thank you so very much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

Lord Vader

Sep-16-2015 4:41 AM

401, we see TNT a few times in this story. They've already been run into a few times. We also see another Tyrannosaur of my creation and he dukes it out with Terrance in chapter 16.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Sep-16-2015 12:41 PM

Now that I think about I think I remember them in the past chapters.


Sci-Fi King25

Sep-16-2015 1:20 PM

I forgot this existed until now. I even had to skim through the last chapter to know what was happening. XD


Anyway, great chapter! I thought the hybrids were pretty creative. Also, I've seen a S. rex before. There's some drawings/photoshops all over the internet.



“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Lord Vader

Sep-17-2015 3:17 PM

That's why I provided a link. 


Lol, I haven't, it was just something along the lines of "I need something to piss off the main character, I'll combine the internet's most argued about dinosaurs."

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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