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Alien 5... Your expectations?

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Aug-21-2015 5:42 PM

(well never posted and forgot what i wrote so i will attempt to remember)

Hi what are everyone’s expectations for the Alien 5 movie... not only what you expect that it could show but also do you have high expectations that it will deliver?

Myself i am not so sure.... Seems a Popcorn flick to me, a re-hash of the Franchise where it seems EVERY Blomkamp movie follows a similar theme... I have not seen Chappie so i cant say for sure... but based on District 9 and Elysium we have some greedy Global Company or a Faction of beings who live a luxurious life, where other faction who live in a less favourable conditions. We see a Hero of the movie take sides with the less fortunate faction and use Alien/Advanced Tech to help the 2nd class faction, gain the upper hand over the elite faction.... and win the day.

What i am saying is the movie reads to me like..

The company finds the Sulaco with Ripley and Hicks onboard, the Company recover a Derelict either from LV 426 or LV 223 and they manage to either Gain the Xeno or then experiment on it, or they manage to experiment on what they find on the Engineers ship to create a Xeno...   Things go pear shaped and Ripley comes to the rescue to put a stop to the Evil Corporations Plans by using the Technology of the Xenos/Engineers against the Xenos/Company.

Thats basically what i expect to happen...

I don’t know why we needed to resurrect Ripley, or indeed how this would leave Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection as far as Canon, maybe have them as dreams? But then they also have to address the Age difference..

The movie could be set years after Alien in which Ripley is kept in Stasis, who knows...

The movie does have some interesting ideas however, such as their appears to be variations of the Xeno i.e new kinds of Eggs and Face Huger and we do also see a different Xeno that has no Tail and kind of looks like the Deacon in Prometheus. But we also have a traditional Queen..

We also see Ripley becomes attached to some kind of suit that is very Xeno/Space Jockey looking and this could be interesting, and we also see a Scene where it appears someone is either mutating into something or being Egg Morphed etc so maybe the Egg Morph could be explored?

Looking at the movie from what we know and images the movie comes across as a more Alien Resurrection kind of movie, i.e its more a Action movie than a Horror and while it may give us some new ideas, i think it may also rely a lot on the Xeno and indeed would be a movie that is like a cross between Aliens and Alien Resurrection, i don’t see it as a thought provoking movie like Prometheus.

But the Xeno sells, and many fans was disappointed with Alien 3 and especially Resurrection but to me i don’t think it was disappointing because of the over use of the done to death Xeno, because well how can Alien 5 fix that unless it brings something Original?

My bad thing about Alien R was how they obtained the Ripley 8 clones from her DNA and that it was able to create a Chest Buster Carrying Clone.. nope that made no sense, i felt Ripley should have not been brought back, because she died in Alien 3

This is a way to undo that death, but i am concerned we would see a Alien 5, Alien 6 etc and the movie would be about RIPLEY... sorry the Franchise should be about the XENO and the ENGINEERS and i would be interested to see if any connection between the Xeno and Engineers Ships and Engineers is made within this movie?

Maybe there was, but all or at least some of this had to be changed so that it does not contradict what Ridley wishes to show us by the time he finishes his Prometheus Franchise. 

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Aug-21-2015 5:44 PM

Finally posted...... may not be the same as i first tried but in general it hits the same points.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-21-2015 7:32 PM

I have zero expectations. Ever since Prometheus, I promised myself that I would never get carried away with a movie like that ever again. It has so far been a good thing. Now, if the movie is bad, I don't care and if it's good I am pleasantly surprised. 


Aug-22-2015 8:16 AM

I don't have high expectations. That's not meant as a slur against Neil Blomkamp. I wish him well, but he is used to writing and directing his own niche movies, I think he will come up against serious interference from Fox/Brandywine, which won't sit well with him!

I love Sigourney, but I really don't want to see Ellen Ripley again. Nor some ALIENS action rehash, with that bloody Queen! :)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Aug-22-2015 8:32 AM

I would like to see something new in terms of creature design. How about Giger's Winged Alien? Mind you I'd quite like to see that in the Prometheus sequel!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Aug-22-2015 8:49 AM

....and floating rocks...always wanted to see floating rocks....I LOVE floating rocks! LOL


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Aug-23-2015 5:13 PM

Well Lone... you want something Fresh and like that Giger Image and Floating Rocks...

My work in progress ideas for Alien Ascention and Alien Unearthed may be up your street both working titles mind...

One is set on a floating rock.... well Saturns Moon Epimetheus and is about experiments on creating the ultimate Human Soldier....   The other is based on a burried by volcanic activity Engineer  Storage Facility for a new kind of Xeno or old?  or is it the place they found these things?  Anyway this movie has a Xeno that when fully grown has traits of that Giger Creature you posted ;)

The Final Stage is based off that.... the Face Huger Stage based off his image

The idea does seem a lot like the Warhammer Tyranids.. but dont forget they was based of the Aliens anyway....

My idea for the Grown Xeno in Alien Unearthed would be a cross between that Giger Image, the one above and O'Bannons Alien designs.....   well actually i wanted to merge O'Bannons Star Beast designs well two of them and give it the Giger treatment but have a creature like a Beatle, as the Face Huger stage was like a Face Hugger/Grub cross the 3rd design Giger did, i thought ok what would the Adult stage be like.... and thought it would have Wings that fold away..

Which then made me think of the Giger design posted in this thread and i went Bingo.. something like that and our Xeno Queen mixed....  where it would have Wings that could be folded away like a Fan.. so that when folded they become like Two Huge Sckle like apendages with the stance and lower half of a Xeno Queen but no Tail, instead they would have a ovipositor to lay more Eggs/Spores.  The head would be like the Giger Image too, it would basically have a  outer jaw a bit like the Predators which we see in that Giger Image posted in this thread...

anyway thats enough of going off topic, but yes i had ideas for a few variations on Xeno DNA that where fresh... would Blomkamp give us something fresh?  

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-24-2015 4:08 AM

BigDave you can take my money!

I love the sound of your story and where it goes. I really think that fusion of winged Alien you describe could be awesome. There are so many possibilities, that just need the right treatment.

Personally I wouldn't have Woodruff and Gillis doing creature design. It's partly their fault that the Alien organism has descended into being a weak insect, only suitable as cannon fodder! No doubt they will be working on ALIEN 5's designs. I just hope that Blomkamp can inspire them to new heights! 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Aug-24-2015 8:50 AM

Its a hard nut to crack as far as pulling something off that would go on to forefill peoples expectations and Blomkamp has a hard task, some fans never liked how the Xeno in Aliens was portrayed i myself cant see the faults as in Alien it did look invincibleas some put it, but then what they have to remember is the Nostramo Crew had no Weapons well none that it could not use for the risk of compremising the ships Hull.  Also the Xenos showed a purpose and intelligence.

Alien worked well because it was the very first time we ever saw such a Monster, it was kind of unique and we never got to see much of it as it hid within the Shadows. The execution of the Plot and Cast was done very well, it had that very amatuer look to its cast, just as a lot of Prometheus did, but that movie had to many CORNY moments and Dialect.. But in Alien it was near perfection.

Alien 3 tried to replicate this but in a way that gave the Alien more freedom and larger space to hide and we got to see it a bit more.

Aliens was a action movie that went to try and futher explore the Xeno and expand it and while some do not like it, it was a decent Action movie and one that i felt was well done.   Alien Resurection went that route but in a more toned down fashion... but it had its flaws, some never liked how they was trying to evolve the Alien by bringing in Hybrids and failing (New Born Anyone?)  Others felt the whole Ripley 8 idea was over the top, and even some felt that the way to bring her back from DNA was something they should not have done, but mainly also how did this create a impregnated clone?

Maybe people where just fed up of seeing the Xeno onscreen and needed to see something different.... but to me ALIEN 5 wont really bring anything that much different but we cant be to sure at the moment but it looks like it would feature a number of Xenos and a Queen and so would have a larger scale Cast of our Aliens than Alien Resurection but would we see as many as in Aliens?

I think for the movie to work they need to find the perfect ballance between a Alien and Aliens while introducing some new concepts like Alien Resurection did.

I am not sure that you can re-capture the Alien movies feeling, unless something new is unleashed and something that is not many in number... Alien 3 tried this but lacked the connection because no one cares about a bunch of Prisoners and the movie never had the same affect as the Fury 161 Prison Complex lacked the Claustrophobic feel that Alien had. another aspect of Alien 3 was the Xenomorph... it had been done before and seen before and thus lost its impact...

If they did a reboot of Alien or tried to make the Game Alien: Isolation into a movie while it may have more effect than Alien 3 because of the Claustrophobic feel and the feeling you would get for Amanda, we would not get the same WOW factor and Suprise from seeing our Alien!

If any movie is going to hit the Buttons of being a new Alien movie it has to be Prometheus 2 we are allready engaged with Shaw, and maybe that ship or a outpost they find on Paradise can give us that Claustrophobic feeling... and the chance to create a new fresher Monster that is different but similar is a way to give us back that WOW Factor from Alien.  But is this what Prometheus 2 will bring?

I feel that Alien 5 is looking to give us a movie that would in turn be a mixture of Aliens meets Alien Resurection it may have some Prometheus Elements too but in no way do i feel it would give us a Horror Feeling of Alien, i think it would most likely fit similar to a Alien Resurection kind of flick

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-24-2015 9:11 AM

Going off Topic.......   My Alien Unearthed (working title, as looking at different meanings for Unearthed, thinking Exhumed too?) 

The Organism is discovered hanging from the ceiling of a underground cave system, they are not quite Eggs but more like Spores and actually similar to the concept work for Spaights Alien Engineers movie, they are attached and hang from a Cocoon structure that is cemented to the ceiling of the caves..

The Organisms Spores/Egg open to release a Face Huger like the Giger D3 one i.e the one that has a like Grub Head....  This is my telling of how this Face Huger works..   It works as a Face Huger but then the Chest Buster looks slightly different.... but as it grows to Adult it would have a Stance more of that of the Alien Queen and Aliens from Alien Resurection, it like the Queen has 6 limbs, two have hands, two feet and the other two are Wings that allow it to jump not fly more like a Grasshopper, the Wings fold away like a Fan and then they look like sickles that can be used to kill.. Pretty much like a Mantis only the Wings fold into the like Sickle Apendages like a Mantis Front legs...

The Head likewise would be like a Gigers Alien meets Mantis only its mandible jaws are more like a Predators.  Instead of a Tail it has a Ovipositor for laying more Spores.

It can infect its victimes with a Substance by injecting from a inner mouth (proboscis) that is like a Buterfly Tongue or Mosquitos that it uses to suck blood.    These victims DNA is infected and they are mutated into a Cocoon like Egg Morph, the Organism they attaches its Spores to this and they use the Cocoon to take in nutrients and DNA.

The Face Huger Stage is also able to secrete a substance from its Grub Head that can Cocoon a victim in a resin substance, and they can make like hives.  i was toying with the idea that can these also Egg Morph Victims? Or even after Face Hugging the Organism secretes substance on the host sometimes and then fuses its own body to it so that it becomes a Cocoon... maybe this method is what creates a Egg laying version, which if soo maybe there needs to be a Drone version, that has no Wings and no ovipositor but maybe a Scorpion like Tail that can stun a Victim and then drag it off to be Cocooned?

So far its the back ground story and ideas that i am playing about with so no final concept is done, but once it is i then start a draft on it.

So the idea would be vague... so we cant be sure what is being shown or not..

We would be shown that beneath the surface of a Planetoid under layers of Volcanic Material lay dormant a chamber of under ground corridors these had hanging from the ceilings Spores.  There would be at one end of these Chambers a Burried Engineer Juggernaught, we would see 2 dead crew.... one chest busted in the corridors near a Spore Cell, the other later found decapitated outside the entrance to the Engineer Ship... but inside their are 2 more Engineers in Cryo Sleep.... its when the Colonists on the Rifinery plant find these Engineers at first they dont know what they are, the see Alien looking dead Elephante Space Jockeys.... but latter when they discover the ship and enter they see Space Jockey Suits hanging up and then awaken 2 Sleeping Engineers who are Humanoid....  One of these goes off on a rampage but get killed by a Xeno related Organism but i was also toying with the idea the other being Face Hugged..

The Humans set off to blow the caves up and plant explosives on the Engineer Ship at the end of the movie, they blow the Facilty up that causes a Erruption of the Super Volcano... we see a Human ship escape but then also a Engineer Ship.... but we latter see this crash back down on a planetoids surface .. we are not shown if this is the same one it was burried on or if it is a new planet it crashes on.

The movie would be vague as in we cant tell if this place was a Storage Facility where they grew or stored a kind of Xeno Organism... or is it a place they found some Xeno related Organism?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-24-2015 6:41 PM

A visit to Xeno morphs planet that goes in HR Gigers world   ( I'm not sure that's visually possible) and to make a true horror film.


Aug-27-2015 1:39 AM

Start quote I have zero expectations. Ever since Prometheus, I promised myself that I would never get carried away with a movie like that ever again. It has so far been a good thing. Now, if the movie is bad, I don't care and if it's good I am pleasantly surprised. End quote What Svanya said. I am excited and very excited about Prometheus 2 but i feel the same thing might happen with Alien 5 as happened with Prometheus: a lot of misdirection to get people excited and into the cinema.


Aug-27-2015 5:46 AM

I want a massive Alien Swarm, a good story, and spoiler free trailer!!!



Newt dies at the end … *runs away laughing evil …


Sep-10-2015 2:02 PM

Other than awesome Aliens...aliens that regenerate


Sep-12-2015 2:34 PM

I hope hix n noot doesn't do the picnic thing . I really do ....I just don't understand how they will feature in this movie.


Sep-20-2015 7:51 AM

My expectations are that we get away from the "hive" mentality brought forth by Aliens and every other film to follow - minus Alien 3. We need a movie similar to that of the recent Alien: Isolation game - one that will scare the sh*t out of us. R rating, Weaver back as Ripley and a solid story that will open up the universe again to new possibilities. 


Sep-25-2015 6:14 PM

No expectations. I'm sure I'll like anything they put out.....but I would like them to ignore Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien:R if they want. Don't spend time explaining stuff. Just get on with it.

Just have Ripley still asleep on the Narcissus and go from there.....Have her wake up and complain about some nasty dreams(movie sequels).

...Oh and... Earth has long since been destroyed and as far as she knows she is the only human in the universe.


Dec-07-2015 8:48 PM

I also have no expectations, but a lot of wishes..

Anguish and dark.

Hicks, Ripley and Newt lost in a changed universe.

Dark Giger based Xeno's.

Great acting and Script.

Rated R.

Scary as possible.

Beautiful, Art and effects.

Thats all really.

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