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Quetzalcoatlus vs Hatzegopteryx

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2KStaff3811 XPAug-15-2015 8:07 AM

A new war in the timeline, let's begin. Also replies would be much appreciated.

Species: Quetzalcoatlus

Diet: Small animals, Fish.

Claws: Average

Flight: Impeccable

Chance: 50%

Species: Hatzegopteryx

Diet: Small animals

Claws: Average

Flight: Don't even ask that question.

Chance: 50%

*Quetzalcoatlus's Story*

A lone Quetzalcoatlus glides high above an open ocean; he anticipates nothing as he glides with pure bliss as he watches the morning sun rise.

This Quetzalcoatlus's is named, "Quazi." He is in need of a nice meal yet he still doesn't worry about such a thing, he loves himself, he loves the ocean, and he loves his placement on the food chain. As Quazi glides high and far he looks down at the ground to see a nest of egg's, now a meal has come to him.

He slowly makes his descent towards the nesting grounds not expecting any predators to be there at the time; when he lands he stares deeply at the hatchlings, they have just hatched from their egg.

With a grin of happiness, Quazi use's immense speed to grab two of the hatchlings and swallow them whole. As he savors his meal like a connoisseur, he becomes blissfully unaware that these egg's belonged to a Velociraptor.

He hear's strange brushes up against the forest where the egg's were; turning around he glances to see if anything is watching him, something was.

A lone Velociraptor leaps out of the branches and snarl's at the flying behemoth; Quazi takes a few step's back before leaping into the air, leaving the Velociraptor to stare at the egg shell's.

As Quazi glides it begins to rain heavy and the warm sunny day has turned dark, he looks around at the suspenseful cloud's that cover the sky; a storm is coming, and he has no idea.

Quazi decides to descent back to a sheltered section of the ground to avoid damage from the elements; while doing this he makes a perilous journey through thick Pine Tree's, he is successful in his descent and with this he walks to a nearby giant fern and sits under it, anticipating the end of this horrific storm.

Sadly for Quazi, the end of this storm was not even close, infact the half-way point is yet to happen. He sat for five hours waiting for this storm to end, by then he had enough. Quazi took flight again even though the event's had worsened; he had made up his mind, he was going to find better shelter under the thick covering of a Mesa, even though he had no idea how long the flight was.

Quazi stared using his incredible vision at the distance, he only saw forest. Realizing this decision was awful he decides he needs to turn back, but he can't as following him with haste was a Tornado. Quazi's blissful face had turned to extreme fear as the Tornado began to head in his direction, but he was not about to suc***b to the element's!

Quazi decided to get some form of shelter underneath a giant mountain, it could atleast protect him from most of the destructive power of the tornado. With great haste he glided around the cir***ference of the mountain landing in an area shielded from the Tornado's organic winds; he prayed for once that he could survive this elemental massacre.

*Hatzegopteryx* *Four hours prior to Tornando*

A lone Hatzegopteryx used the heavy wind's of the nearby storm to glide with extreme speed across the land, other's may see this horrific storm as a curse, he saw it as a blessing, a thrill ride.

This Hatzegopteryx's name is, "Basin." He had recently enjoyed a meal of Utahraptor hatchling's and had escaped like a thief in the night, he himself was happy.

With un-orthodox haste he glided through the land like a airforce jet, he finally found his destination; Rocky hill's, a land of giant Mountain's that could shield him from the elements, as useless as they were to him.

When he found an, "Okay" landing spot he made his descent and sat as the element's let out their wrath. Beginning to get bored and annoyed at the never-ending rain, he set off, daring nature once again; he was determined for a landing spot.

*Final Fight*

Basin see's a mountain, out of a thousand other's he chooses that one. Gliding across the Diameter of the mountain he landed in an area sheltered from the element's. As he landed he began to take a load off, he looked to his left to see another event for him to challenge; Quetzalcoatlus, his self made Arch-Nemesis.

Quazi think's nothing of the Hatzegopteryx who landed beside him, he is more focused on when he can get the hell out off this mountain; meanwhile, rage flows through Basin as he remembers the time a Quetzalcoatlus killed his mate, he could not let another one live.

Basin bellowed at Quazi signaling extreme anger; Quazi did not even turn his head to give him the time of day as he could not possibily think of fighting in a time like this.

Basin choose's a risking move, and attacks Quazi. Basin charges Quazi on all four's and bites his wing, Quazi yells in pain before biting Basin's neck forcing him to let go. The two stand at a still and stare with prepared faces, Quazi decides he should not do something as stupid as fight this creature, and flies away.

As Quazi flies off, Basin feels relieved at his winning of the fight. As Quazi is gliding off, he thinks about his movement's and his pride; he can't let this creature get away.

Quazi turns around and glides at a downward descent directly towards Basin, their is no escaping this fight now. Quazi crashes right into Basin, sending the two plummeting down the moutain shaft.

Quazi then proceeds to stab his beak in Basin's foot, sending the tempermental beast into agony. Basin claws Quazi and then attempts to stab him with his beak, Quazi dodges this and bites Basin's neck multiple times forcing Basin to flee to the sky's.

Basin takes flight and attempts to use the sky to his advantage, but he know's nothing of the fact that Quazi is directly above him anticipating his every move.

Basin turns around and prepares to do a aerial dive at Quazi, but Quazi is not their. Quazi, right behind Basin goes at him full force and tackles him in the air; the two begin a crash land, interlocked mid crash they bite and claw each other with extreme force, and of course extreme pain.

The two crash full force into the nearby ocean; Quazi get's up on a nearby boulder as Basin climbs onto a mossy rock.

The two, staring at each other from a great distance anticipate the next move. In the blink of an eye, Quazi and Basin launch into flight going directly at each other, they connect, shattering the tips of their beak's into piece's.

The two land on seperate rock's, and prepare to charge again, but this time nature is stopping that. They both look to their right to see another Tornado appearing off the horizon; this Tornado, being on the water has created a water spout.

Basin and Quazi flee these grounds with immense haste but they can not escape, as the previous Tornado has caught up to them; they have one shot one chance. The two seperate and glide around the water spout using what's left of their strength.

The two successfully make it away from the Tornado's, and they seperate. Basin starving after a whole day of fighting begins to search for food to gain energy for another attack; he see's a Compsognathus battling a Velociraptor in the nearby forest, this was the prime target.

Basin swoops down with immense and speeds and grabs the Compsognathus as he was in mid-jump, and eats him.

While gaining a little bit of energy he begins to search for Quazi, but Quazi has found him. The two prepare for the final fight, Quazi charges and peck's Basin multiple times weakening him; Basin tank's these blows and delivers a head smack directly to Quazi knocking him sideways.

Quazi regains his glide and safely lands on dry land, but he was not safe, as Basin tackles him and sends him flying off the land and back into the ocean.

Basin and Quazi regain their flight, but they will have to delay the battle as another giant water spout has appeared. Quazi knocks Basin over delaying Basin's escape as Quazi glides off, Basin attempts to escape yet he can not.

The water spout branches off a giant swarm of water that tackles Basin knocking off his flight; Quazi seeing this makes his final attack, he makes a down-ward glide directly at Basin with his sharp beak pointed. Quazi now in the shape of an airforce fighter jet with his sharp pointed beak dives directly at Basin.

As Basin fall's with no ability to fly due to lack of energy, he looks up and see's Quazi coming at him with extreme speed. Basin opens his mouth wide with fear as his chest is pierced directly by Quazi.

Basin falls to his doom in the ocean; Quazi lands on a mountain, he briefs a sigh of relief but it was not well felt as another Tornado comes at him from the horizon.

Quazi launches off, finally able to escape this awful storm. He glides around the water spout before finally making it through the ocean. Realizing he has been fighting through the whole night he looks up and see's the morning sun rise, he can fight another day.

Hope you all enjoyed, replies are appreciated.

Good grief.

9 Responses to Quetzalcoatlus vs Hatzegopteryx


2KMember3687 XPAug-15-2015 12:54 PM

Very cool fight, it was interesting to think of two giant gliding reptiles fighting in the air. I was rooting for Quazi.



NoobMember0 XPAug-15-2015 1:07 PM

Great fight, I was hoping Quazi would win!


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.


2KStaff3811 XPAug-15-2015 1:30 PM

^Thanks for the kind reply's!

Good grief.


ConversationalistMember1067 XPAug-16-2015 2:06 AM


Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPAug-16-2015 5:35 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - That was an extremely fun conflict! I very much enjoyed the aerial aspect you placed within this particular battle - it made for a much more dynamic setting! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPAug-20-2015 6:05 PM

Nice job! I love how you added the force of nature into the fight.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Elite Raptor 007

NoobMember7 XPAug-22-2015 3:23 AM

nice fight, thought i root for Basin.


NoobMember35 XPJul-17-2017 6:29 AM

Another nice fight but I was looking forward to see Basin beat the heck out of quazi


NoobMember35 XPJul-17-2017 6:29 AM

Another nice fight but I was looking forward to see Basin beat the heck out of quazi

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