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Prometheus 2 Pitch

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Apr-09-2013 8:59 PM

Prometheus 2 Pitch After the disappearance of Weyland's Prometheus ship and mission. Yutani Corporation makes a hostile take over of the Weyland Corp. and sends a new ship to LV 223 The Akagi Maru The ship has company scientists, government officials and military personnel. Once arrived on LV 223 They find still alive in a an emergency cryo tube "Meredith Vickers" Meredith recovers and shows the location of the Derelicts to the new team from the Akagi. She wants to go back and explains the horrors of what this place was but has no choice but to go with the Weyland-Yutani's crew to the closest Derelict A second more advanced military android named Kato, was sent with the Akagi crew. After arriving at the destroyed crashed Derelict, Kato turns on one of the ships navigation systems. The Kato finds a way to connect to the ships mainframe and by accident Kato is linked to it and receives data and learns the truth to the Space Jokeyes and Human connection. Kato starts talking in a deep voice " The Space Jockeys were an advanced biological robots system created by superior beings from an old dying civilization. Humans were an improved version of the Space Jokey. Humans were created for food. The Humans were designed to destroy each other. To control over population an evil "envy gene" was implanted. The Space Jockeys wanted to destroy humans and the Creator. Kato says that the Creator beings were beleived to be destroyed in a war by the Space Jokeys. The Creator beings released their ultimate weapon the Xenomorph. The crashed Derelict space display hologram shows a flashing light in an orbit next to an apparent dead planet called LV 426. The crew of Akagi with Meredith decide to go. Once in orbit close to LV 426 the Akagi crew and Meredith finds a Derelict ship to their surprise. Lights around the Derelict ship are flashing. A small door opens as an invitation. The Akagi crew goes in. Once inside the ship and at its cockpit conteol center the crew finds David!! The Akagi crew looks worried as teenagers that made a mistake. David was dysfunctional with severe bite marks on his face. Kato tries to connect to David with no avail. David is totally disfigured but finally he turns on and with the remaining eye watches them. David asks Kato to download his memories and turn him off. Meredith asked David if another Engineer was on the ship? David says No. Meredith then asks him " Who brought you here? Davis answers Shaw. After a few seconds later Kato turns around, drops David's head and faces the crew to say "Are you willing to die to find your answers" Meredith shouts out at Kato "What are you trying to say you stupid machine! Where is Shaw? Is there another Engineer? Who piloted this ship? Kato says I did with Shaw who brought me here. Where is Shaw? Where is she??? Says Meredith. Kato says "It is in the ship" Shaw is no more! What's in the Ship??? Says Meredith. Kato says with a frozen and dead look "The Creator" The Creator was waiting for us to be reborn! To be continued.... What do you think so far???

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Apr-11-2013 12:21 PM

Prometheus 1 ... can't help but to say this ... had a lousy script. the actors were flattened by the lack of an interesting text, no humor, no personalities built into the words. the love-interest of Dr. Shaw was concocted or neither one of them should do a bed scene. Dr. Shaw was on the defensive, and behind the action in all respects. Vickens was far too obvious. Janek, captain of the P, was just awful, a sex fiend, no intuition, no leadership. all in all, the acting and the script were mediocre. admittedly, while P1's cinematography was superb, there was nevertheless no clarity for the viewer. e.g., the total screw-up in the alien ship was so infantile. who would take their helmet off in an unknown atmosphere? no guns to defend themselves makes real sense to whom & then ... here kitty-kitty to a cobra-like snake... just insanely naive all of this. and these are science people from 2092/93..... all of the misery in the text and acting (which depends on a script) added to spoil the chance for P1 to shine and explain (if only partially) the alien story.


Apr-11-2013 6:03 PM

Yes, the characters in Prometheus(especially Shaw & Holloway) were badly written, but i found the religious themes more intriguing than the characters. The writers said they wanted to link the religious rituals & beliefs of the Engineers with the evolving religious beliefs of humans, possibly relating the mutative organic mixture the Engineers were mass producing with stories of Dark Angels & other Jewish/Christian/Islamic mythology. Shaw's passion to find our Creator(s) only took her to another species. But the outpost on LV223 had been in suspension for at least 2000 yrs. We should assume the Engineers have at least expanded their knowledge as much as humans have since 1bce (Earth time). I would be more interested in Shaw's encounter with the modern Engineers than just another "bug hunt/escape the Alien" movie as a storyline for Prometheus2.


Apr-11-2013 11:39 PM if Paradise/Prometheus 2 isn't going to be a story about Paradise I guess Ridley will have to call the movie something else? That's disappointing as a viewer and fan. I think we were all looking forward to seeing Shaw and David arrive in Paradise next movie and learn the missing pieces of the puzzle there. I'm not sure how much action or plot material you would have in a revisited story about what Shaw and Holloway found out via David viewing Shaw's mind. Shaw mentions there's nothing but death here. Weyland says before he dies, "There's nothing." This implies that none of them found out much on LV223. Perhaps there could be an explanation of the connection between LV223 and LV426 at some point? That's 5 words btw sir.


Apr-12-2013 2:01 PM

I like this idea about Yutani and the military taking steps to find out what happened to the Prometheus. It makes sense that the Prometheus would have transmitted all the data it had collected on LV 223 back to earth space. Now if i'm correct with the time line-they previously were aware of a transmission from makes sense that the next crew to go out will be a convoy of ships several battleships, cruisers, and science vessels. Adding to the urgency of this fleet would be if they know about Shaws intentions and direction of flight, the reason I say this is if the Engineers are a threat and discover Shaw, it would be anticipated that they would track where she came from to annilitate the human race. But what if there is something worse than engineers, to whom they are also created and enslaved? If other ships reach LV 223 what else will they find down there in those caverns, for certainly they go down quite a ways who knows maybe it's very huge down there deep in the planet core. All those creatures that popped out of the engineers would of have to have gone somewhere.


Apr-19-2013 3:14 AM

I don't know exactly why yet, but Alien shows some striking similarities to Prometheus. For example the (I'm sure you all Know already) the fossilized Alien found dead in the movie Alien is exactly the same as the humanoids in Prometheus all the way down to having the same bio/space suits. Also if anyone noticed the crashed ship the crew finds (in the movie Alien) also is the same, having the same exact structural form to it; that "C" or half circle looking shape, because if you notice at the end of the movie Prometheus that same looking ship crashes before it could leave the planet. So I believe the sequel should go like this. We all know that at the end of Prometheus the mother ship crashes back down to the surface of the planet, and Shaw decides so go to the home planet of the humanoids who created her and her race. Then that creature is born from with in the humanoids body (which looks almost like the one from the movie Aliens). Then the story goes on like this; Shaw arrives to her destination, and cant believe what she is seeing, she is look at a civilization that leaves her confused and her mind has trouble understanding their methods of building (perhaps because their civilization is millions of years ahead of Shaw’s), but luckily she has David with her to explain their ways and possibly decipher their world as she enters their airspace. She is quickly discovered and does not resist because she has questions for them, with the humanoids amazed with how she even got there and with a ship of their own, they demand her to explain what happened, while at the same time she demands to be shown their world. So she tells them of the mess she left behind, the fallen mother ship, all the wreckage from the accident. They quickly send a rescue team to retrieve the ship and clean the mess to cover their tracks and what happened there. Mean while that creature that looks like the one from the movie Alien makes its way to the fallen mother ship and starts to lay her egg within the ship. When the humanoids arrive with their rescue ship they go inside the fallen mother ship not knowing about the alien that lurks within it. But he finds it dead laying next to an egg. As he examines it, it opens up and out comes a creature that attaches itself to his face (we all know what this is, it’s the egg from the movie Alien, and out comes that slimy creature that attaches to its victims face) his crew members witnessing what happens, they know not to help but to just leave everything behind and get out of their, but before they leave they send out a radio signal that is not an S.O.S but a warning signal to tell all to stay away from this place (the message the mining ship receives in the movie Alien, which throws them off course, because they are bound by law to check it out this call for help). The humanoid wakes up and finds himself alone and confused, he climbs into the driver seat of the ship and attempts to take off, but before he could, this creature (which now has now evolved again into the Alien that we all know from the 1979 movie Alien) breaks through his ribcage and out it comes, killing him in the driver seat of the mother ship, in which he is not discovered for some time. So now this sets the stage for the movie Alien, in which we all know what happens next, Riply and her crew land on the planet only to find a ship (that looks exactly like the one from Prometheus) and a humanoid dead and fossilized with a whole in his chest (that looks exactly like the humanoids with their bio suits from Prometheus), and low and behold eggs. So this could be a sequel to Prometheus, but at the same time a prequel to Alien.


Apr-21-2013 8:27 PM

To SEt up Alien one , we need the complex blown up as well. Also the new Queen needs to feed to become able to lay all those eggs, found later. That means , that more blue boys wake up , they set about destroying the compromised instalation, while being pick off by our alien. She finaly creates an egg, and instead of killing one she cocoons it. She hides in the damaged ship. Prehaps the captain chair is also a Auto Med, and Blue Boy wakens after being inpregnated, and tries to save his life there. Pop goes the weasel. She now has a soldier to bring her food and hosts. The remaining Blue boys now cornered by a soldier Alien come up with the Ripley solution, and commit suicide in the compound, destroying everything. That should leave everything correct. a fed queen that had layed all those eggs, the queen herself hiding somewhere on the ship in hibernation presumably, and the Blue boy in the Capt chair.


Apr-21-2013 8:39 PM

As for Plot 2 We must not forget about the Predator species. They have been incorporated into the Alien universe. Ham handedly in my opinion , but they did it anyways. Also, I conjecture that the Blue Boys are not engineers, but Biological Robots. WE are made in thier image. as the saying goes. These robots were sent everywhere there was a suitable planet to start the process of life. For not only is man related to the Blue Boys, so is everything else on the planet. Since we do share the same DNA as dragon flies and Bay scallops. The installation in Promethesus, and the xeno that was contained there was not intended to destroy mankind. Instead it was a prison of the remains of an entirely different species. NOt created by the Engineers, but evolved entirely on its own. This is what Shaw can discover,, to find the Engineers living in fear. HMMMMMmmmmm creepy


Apr-22-2013 5:28 PM

I do have one more plot twist for you . If anyone has ever read Azimovs Robots in the foundation series, they will know where im coming from. In all Alien movies the Robots have been suspect. Ash of course ,and even Mother in Alien One , in Aliens, bishop seemed to be benevolent and an aid to Ripley . However this... Charles Bishop Weyland was a billionaire industrialist and the chairman of Weyland Industries. In 2004 he organised and led an expedition to Bouvetøya, Antarctica to investigate an ancient Pyramid buried beneath thousands of years of ice there. The Pyramid was discovered to be a Yautja temple and hunting ground where the Predators would breed Xenomorphs for use in their hunts, and Weyland's expedition soon became caught up in the battle between the two species. Weyland Bishop was created by Weyland industries , to look like its president. Bishop again in Alien 3 Then Call in Alien 4 This should revovle around the Robots ,and their own agenda. Prehaps they are looking for a weopon against the Predator species. May be they are confronting the Engineers. Think about it.


Apr-24-2013 3:45 PM

1st thing great movie..great stars and another great movie directed by mr.scott im a 69 year old woman and I have been a fan of sci fi since I saw earth vs flying saucers In the 50s 2nd thing could be a good plot for no. 2 but has to have more suspense and or action. the scene when she took out the alien will become a classic as good as sig.weaver. I know you will have a great n o. 2


Dec-11-2013 10:40 PM

I say you merge Prometheus with aliens and predtor in a Starcraft concept so it would be the first big movie idea with a three race war. In my idea the creators are us but the are almost all dead and when she gets to their home world we find a few still alive that join us in fighting the aliens and predators... 

Pretty short idea plot, she gets there to find out they have been at war against the two races

the first race predators who think they should rule all or a for god we fight concept and 

the second race aliens who the creators made to fight the pradators but when wrong 

"they work with blizzard and turn it into a real Starcraft movie using this idea" 

yes you don't really get that answer to why we are here but eh it could be fit in there but I think by taking it that way you have a huge chance for the next starwars or startrek blockbuster!


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