A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur- Sicarius the Velociraptor

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2KMember3687 XPJun-07-2015 2:39 PM


I have decided to make this new series, and no it is not a spoof. I have decided it is a good idea to spread an accurate while still imaginative aspect of dinosaurs with this series. What is it?

Well this is going to be a mini-series. Each new "chapter" will be a different day of a different dinosaur. I will attempt to combine my imagination and scientific accuracy in these stories. I want to do this to show a possibility of how these creatures were actually like.

Basically, I think it is healthy to have something like this out there when we are in times where the movies spread unrealistic depictions of dinosaurs.

I just want to provide an accurate view while still imaginative.

I present to you the first part of my "A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur"!


Today's story:

Species: Velociraptor mongoliensis

Name: Sicarius, Latin for "killer"

Age: Old juvenile almost ready to become independent

Other Info: Small time Predator, partly scavenger, single predator


-With my research this will be based on Velociraptor being just like any bird of prey from today, only with less intelligence

-With FEW evidence of this specific spieces being pack hunters, this story will show these raptors as independent. (Except when it comes to being raised)

-Just like MOST birds today, I have made the males more "superior" as you could say

-His behavior is modeled after birds of prey

Please enjoy!!!


Sicarius woke up from the nest. He blinked a couple of times, and got up. His feet stood, much like a falcon, sharp claws, hollow, and ready to kill. He stretched his wings, which had long brown feathers extending all out. The rest of his feathers were a light brown.

It was nighttime when he woke up, after all, he was nocturnal.

Twitching his head like a falcon, and walking out like any bird would do, he got up and looked around. As he got up, he saw that his parents had left to go hunt to bring food for the younger fledglings.

So far Sicarius was a juvenile, already showing the signs of a true killer, even in his first weeks he was quickly able to catch the mice, lizards, and small bugs that surrounded the tough Mongolia desert.

Sicarius walked to the nearby river, hydrating himself prior to breakfast. But he didn’t need his parents to bring him food, he was after all one of the 4 raptors that Mother Nature had not taken its toll on. He saw the tree where the mice usually hid in. Sicarius spread out his claws, and jumped, holding his primitive wings out to gain a gliding advantage. He landed on the tree and used his sickle, razor-like claws to latch onto the tree.

He found the hole that the mammals he commonly saw hide. Using his snout he poked his mouth into the tree and caught a mouse by the tail. The mouse squeaked in mercy, but all Sicarius had to do to shut it up was lift his head up, sink in his sharp teeth just a little into the mouse, and just swallow it whole. He jumped off the tree, flapping his wings to lessen the fall. He went to drink water again, and the blood of the mouse flowed through the water, eventually dissolving completely.

He wondered if there would ever come a day where the mammalian creatures would ever even show defensive traits. And if they would ever be a threat to his kind and dinosaurs in general. Would they ever become just as intelligent as he was?


Yeah, that would be a day.


Yeah, not even in a million years.


He snorted and went back to the nest. He saw his siblings had just woken up. They all had a cautious and stupefied look. After all, Pullumius had just died yesterday due to an oviraptor scouting for easy prey.

Sicarius squawked at the others, snapping at them to rid them of their cowardice. They screeched back angrily, though they listened to him.

Sicarius was getting ready, for he soon knew he would be ready to leave the nest and go start a family of his own. His feathers were almost fully grown, and he always took the time to observe other male raptors dance for the females. They would go tap their claws, and lightly screech at the female. The male would then spread his wings and start flapping his feathers, while also having his head quills fully up, to show himself dominant.

Of course, the male would first have to build a nice little area to show the female he was a worthy partners, after all, raising raptors was a tough job that mainly the male took care of, so the female had to make sure she felt comfortable with him.

Of course, there were other male raptors, and many times, even if a male was about to get the female, other male raptors would hiss and fight for the female’s attention.

And then there were the sad, but comedic times where the female raptor would just simply walk away.

Sicarius had already halfway prepared a nice area for himself when the time was ready to attract a female. Sicarius had prettier feathers, larger claws, and his overall largeness would be a huge advantage in displaying dominance and worthiness.

His parents came home, with mutilated meat in their mouths. He couldn’t even discern if it was a herbivore. Sicarius waited for his younger siblings to finish their meals. His father called for him, and Sicarius followed him. Sicarius hopped and chirped in excitement. He could sense this was possibly the final hunting lesson his father would give him.

The father soon crouched, and walked silently. He knew Sicarius did not needed to be told to stay low. His father twitched his head and motioned for Sicarius to walk forward. Sicarius walked forward and looked ahead of himself. A lone Protoceratops was there, sleeping. It looked like the herd had kicked him out due to his rather pitiful, useless appearance. This was possibly one of the biggest kills for a single Velociraptor to act upon.

His father stood there. This time his father was not going to help. This was going to have to be solo work. Sicarius walked around, eventually hiding behind a bush.

He spread his wings, not knowing how over time they would be crucial for the survival of his descendants. With that he jumped, his claws fully extended. His feet landed on the prey first.

He sunk his toe claws deep into the prey. The animal woke up and begin whelping. Sicarius moved around his toe claws, making the animal bleed and suffer even more. Sicarius then bent down and sunk his hand claws and being scratching the animal. The prey begin to start moving, and when Sicarius began to lose balance, he extended his wings and begin slight flapping, keeping his toe claws into the animal. Sicarius continued moving his wings and stayed in motion for five minutes, patiently waiting for the animal to lose energy and blood, until he was weak enough for a final kill.

The animal’s moans quieted down. Sicarius bent down and latched his teeth onto the animal’s neck, sinking his hand claws into new areas. Eventually, the animals was ready to eat.

Sicarius proceeded to eat. He looked up and saw his father hopping to Sicarius’s kill. The father seemed happy and proud of Sicarius. They began to feed on the animal.

But the animal was still alive enough to feel the pain for seven more minutes.

The father squawked loudly, and in minutes the mother along with the other fledglings came to the kill and began feeding on the remains of the animal.

Sicarius then walked off to laze around by the river, tired of the day’s work. From the other side emerged a female raptor, smaller than Sicarius with brown but more boring and smaller feathers, like all of the other female raptors.

Sicarius acted normal, as he was fed and did not feel the need to be aggressive towards his own species. Within two months, Sicarius would be fighting for his life, defending his nest and this female velociraptor in front of him, at all costs.

But he did not know that yet.

That was a different story to tell.


It had been a good morning.



It was going to be a good day.


 (Image credit to DinoSteve93.) He once made it for a story of mine about a year ago.)


PLEASE LEAVE A REPLY! This is my first chapter and I would love compliments, criticisms, or comments in general!


Thanks for reading.



9 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur- Sicarius the Velociraptor

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPJun-07-2015 5:35 PM

I love how bird-like the Velociraptors were portayed! I remember when I was younger I had a theory that dromaeosaurs had feathers on their arms and tail that they could spread like pea****s.


(Now I want to know what happens next! Still, you should continue this.)

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


2KMember3687 XPJun-07-2015 5:39 PM

Thank you for your words of appreciation! That was my intent, to tell what happens but want the reader to know more.


I defintely will continue this.



InitiateMember196 XPJun-07-2015 6:24 PM

I like this a lot so far.  I don't exactly recall when something like this was done, but it's a nice refresher from all the movie-related stuff.

Just to clarify, you modeled this raptor's breeding/parenting behaviour off of birds of prey where the male hunts most of (if not all) the time, or the male is almost exclusively involved with the young and the female isn't there much?  The part where you said the parenting is done mostly by the male confuses me a bit.



2KMember3687 XPJun-07-2015 6:29 PM

Thanks.That was also part of my intent, to sort of provide a story that diverges from the movies.


Yes that was part of it, I did model it off parenting from Bird of Prey such as owls.



2KMember3687 XPJun-07-2015 6:34 PM

Now that I noticed I should have left the female around the nest, though sometimes in owls the female eventually begins to help after she recovers.



InitiateMember196 XPJun-07-2015 8:17 PM

With hunting, certainly, but not because she recovered from egg-laying, she finished before the eggs hatched. It's because the young get larger, and thus hungrier, and in most modern raptors, Dad can't keep up with keeping his kids' mouths full if he's the only one hunting, so Mom has to join him. But during the hatchlings' infancy, one parent must stay with them to protect them from the weather and any predators that come across the nest.  Since the mother is larger, she is very well-suited for that duty.  Once the young have gotten bigger, they can be left on their own for extended periods of time while both parents hunt and patrol their territory. 


2KMember3687 XPJun-07-2015 8:39 PM

Thanks for the info. Looking a bit back, that's what I was going for, realizing once they are older, the mother can now join the hunt with the male.

I also tried to imply that Sicarius accompanied on some of the hunts with the father and mother.

I also remember how in owls the female is much larger, but even then the father does most of the hunting when the hatched raptors are still young and the female has to say and watch over them.

It really is cool how much we can learn from species such as Velociraptors by looking at thier descendants!


Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-08-2015 8:08 PM

RAPTOR-401 - That was an extremely neat story! I very much liked how you portrayed the animals you presented - especially Sicarius' desire to find a mate! Excellent work! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)


2KMember3687 XPJun-09-2015 9:06 PM

Thanks, I did model it after how birds of prey usually feel the desire to find a mate.


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