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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 9

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Lord Vader

May-27-2015 1:32 PM

Miss chapter 8? Follow the link provided.


I've been walking along the cliff for almost two days. Still no sign of a way up the cliff. I might be farther, but I've had other things to do. Eat, sleep, make a shelter, and so on. I may have covered three miles if I'm lucky. Not to mention the hilly terrain and hiding from predators. Right now, I'm in a tree. I had seen a Carnotaurus about an hour ago, but it disappeared. I made sure it was gone before I jumped out of the tree and kept going.

I was walking for an hour since I jumped out of the tree, and still no sign. The cliff was bloody high, and I had all kinds of crap to worry about. As I walked, I had an odd grin. It was that grin I had whenever I was going a bit crazy, was about to get trigger happy, or I was in a dangerous situation. I was grinning for all three reasons. The 870 in my hands was tempting just to fire off. I knew that would be a bad idea, but walking around with guns in my hands and not pulling the trigger was bugging me. When I was in my teens, or if I wasn't in a life or death situation, I probably would have blown through a hundred rounds if I got the chance.

I was low on ammo though. I had the nine rounds left in my shotgun, I had half a mag in my AX50, I had a mag left for both my Desert Eagles, and I had two rockets left. It was nice knowing I still had the necessary firepower to take out anything I wanted to. I saw something up ahead of interest, and I sped up to check it out. I got there, and I saw a spot where the ledges were a good distance apart, but I could reach them and pull myself up. I started climbing, and when I was about ten feet up, I heard something.
Small rocks tumbled down the cliff face, and the same steady booming was heard from the day Bryce was shot. I started thinking about what to do.

"Maybe I can get out of their reach before they get here. No, they're coming quick, and they're twenty feet tall. It'll take me at least five minutes to get the next ten feet. Maybe I can jump down and make a run for it. No, that's stupid. Looks like I have one choice."

I grabbed the RPG, and I grabbed a rocket. I loaded the RPG and took aim. The first Tyrannosaur stepped through the brush and into sight. I felt my finger tense on the trigger, but I couldn't pull the trigger.

"C'mon, pull the damn trigger. You've done it before plenty of times. You didn't think when you took out the Spinosaurus. You didn't think when pulled the trigger on those terrorists. You didn't think all those times you pulled the trigger on birds, deer, moose, bear, other people. You did what you had to do to survive, or for food, or to feed the cats. Hell, you pulled the trigger just for the hell of it. Small animals, big animals, scrap cars, junk tires, trees, old propane tanks, other shit that blows up. What's so different about this bastard?"

I continued watching through the sights. I didn't know what it was. Why I couldn't pull the trigger. I looked at the Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus had been a favourite of mine ever since I learned about dinosaurs. It was massive, but it's movements were graceful, almost delicate. It had a certain majesty to it as it looked at me. It was intimidating and an obvious killer, but at the same time, it looked peaceful. With each step the Earth shook. Not everything was capable of that. That's when it dawned on me. Never in my life have I been in this position. I was in the presence of a truly amazing life form, and I had the ability to end its life. I couldn't do it though. This was my all time favourite animal. It had an aura to it that was unlike anything else. It looked at me, and then the second one joined it. TNT was here, and they weren't attacking.

They walked closer to me, and I knew this was probably the end. They were ten feet away when they stopped. They didn't seem agitated. They seemed curious more than anything. They looked at me, and I looked back at them. Their nostrils flared with every breath. Yeah, if this is how I go, at least I witnessed something amazing before I went. The smaller one stepped closer to me and sniffed me. She pulled her head back. Probably didn't like what she smelled. I looked down for a minute. Didn't like what I saw. I had pissed myself. Can't say I'm surprised. The bigger one stepped closer and sniffed me. Same reaction.

They stared at me and then glanced at each other every so often. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I could feel sweat pouring down my face, and holy shit did I ever smell bad. The Tyrannosaurs looked at each other again, and the smaller one gave the bigger one a gentle push. He nodded, they rubbed necks, and then walked away.

I must have been sitting there for twenty minutes before I found the nerve to stand. I definitely needed a new pair of pants. A few hours later, I reached the top of the cliff. I had a good tan going, and I had disposed of my pants. I had tied my shirt around my waist. The slings and my backpack were chafing real bad, but it sure as hell beat the feeling of walking around with shit running down my legs.

I looked around. There weren't too many trees, and this area looked familiar. I grabbed the AX50 and scoped out the area. Nothing, nothing, nothing, more nothing, and a building. I examined the building, and I saw the glint of a rifle scope. I wasn't the only one scoping out the area. I started walking towards the building, and I reached it after walking for a half hour. I knew Bryce had seen me, and when I got to the roof, the guys were waiting.

"Shaggy, what the hell happened?"

"Well, I was hiding in a bush and a Spinosaurus charged at me. Ended up jumping off a cliff and shooting the Spinosaurus and it blew up. My fall was broken by some branches, my eye was gouged out by a branch, I walked for a few days, found a spot where I could climb up, and did just that."

"Cool story. I meant what happened to your pants?"

"You don't want to know."

"Actually, I do, right guys?"

Bobby and Zach both nodded.

"Fine. I was about ten feet up the ledge when TNT showed up. They stared at me for the longest time, and I was freaking the hell out."


"I shit myself."

All three started laughing. Bryce was the first to say anything.

"You were scared? Never seen that before. Back in high school, when it came to stupid and dangerous shit, you were the first one to say hell yeah. Hell, it was probably your idea."

"Sure, but there's a difference between riding a quad down the main drag in town past a police station and being face to face with two T-f*ckin'-Rex's with no where to go."

"True. You need some clothes. We found some extras down inside the building."

Jack of all trades. Master of none

6 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 9

Something Real

May-27-2015 2:28 PM

LORD VADER - Oh, that was extremely neat! I very much enjoyed the encounter with the pair of T-rexes! The way in which you described the animals - their movements and obvious affection for one another - was very well presented! I also greatly liked the way in which you had Shaggy beating himself up mentally over whether or not he should fire on the Tyrannosaurs. That part made me think of you; I have a feeling you would be unable to make a blatant attack on a T-rex if it was not charging you. The moment in which Shaggy, um, soiled his undergarments and receieved friendly cajolling was also fun! Thank you for sharing this segment! :)


May-28-2015 9:05 AM

Very good! I like how you describe the movements of the dinosaurs, rather than them being just monsters.


And yeah, if I was in a moment like that, I wouldn't blame anyone if they accidentally let it go...


Sci-Fi King25

May-28-2015 1:31 PM

As I was reading this, I remembered how when I was younger, I always felt bad shooting a Spinosaurus in the head in JP:OG. Now I blow darts through their heads without a second thought. >:D


Still, nice chapter.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Lord Vader

May-28-2015 2:06 PM

Thanks. This isn't the last encounter with those two Tyrannosaurs, and one more gets thrown in the mix.

Anyone have any guesses as to the identity of the those two Tyrannosaurs?

Jack of all trades. Master of none


May-28-2015 2:09 PM

The two from the Lost World? The two parents, I mean?


Lord Vader

May-28-2015 5:16 PM

No, not those two. 


If if you read all the encounters with these two, you may figure it out.


Their identity is revealed in chapter 11. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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