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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 8

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Lord Vader

May-24-2015 5:42 PM

Miss chapter 7? Follow the link provided.


The day after Bryce was injured, I decided to go hunting. I told the guys I was going to go hunting and that I needed one of them to come with me. I looked at Bobby and Zach. They started arguing. I stepped in shortly after.

"Alright ladies, I'm going to grab a stick from the woods for a minute. Whoever throws it farthest wins. Loser comes with me. Seem fair?"

They both nodded. I went into the woods and came back with a stick a minute or two later. When I got back, Bobby was gone.

"Where the hell is Bobby?"

"He went downstairs."

I walked to the door and tried to open it. The door was locked. I shook my head and muttered to myself.

"Pussy. Come on Zach, we'll leave the new nurse to look after Bryce while the men go hunting."

Zach started laughing as we walked across the bridge. I knew I was better off with Bobby as a partner. Zach was scrawny and a terrible shot. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun, let alone a human size target. Hell, I was better off on my own.

We walked for about a mile when we found a clearing. I looked at the tracks. It's a fairly worn down path. I knew herbivores come through here often. I told Zach to stay where he was, and I walked to the opposite side. When I got there, I noticed a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff was a river. I looked a bit farther down, and there was a waterfall. I walked towards it. There was some cover over there. I walked to towards the river and hid, ready to take a shot. My hiding spot was about ten yards away from the river. I saw a Spinosaurus on the opposite side, and I watched it for a minute.

The Spinosaurus didn't seem to notice me, but I still didn't want to turn my back to it. I watched it raise its head into the air and start sniffing. Just then, I noticed a gentle breeze. I was downwind. It could sense me. I slung the AX50 over my back and grabbed the RPG. I loaded one of the three rockets I had with me into the RPG, and took aim. The Spinosaurus was gone. I looked around for a minute. I was going to have to run. The closest cover was about a hundred fifty yards away from me, along the cliff. I bolted, not losing my grip on the RPG. When I had ran about twenty yards, the Spinosaurus burst from the water.

I was a hundred yards from the nearest cover. The Spinosaurus was closing the gap with each step. I wasn't going to make it. I wasn't running fast enough. I was right in the edge of the cliff, and I looked down. It was about a three hundred foot drop into a river. I looked at the Spinosaurus. It wasn't more than thirty yards away. I had to choose now. If I shot, the shrapnel could come back and kill me. If I jump, the landing could kill me. If I kept running, the Spinosaurus would kill me. Then I remembered Zach. If I go, he's screwed. I turned around and jumped. I aimed for the Spinosaurus while I was free falling, pulled the trigger, and then hoped for the best. I watched the rocket hit the Spinosaur's chest and explode. There were pieces of Spinosaurus everywhere. At least I saved Zach before I went. I looked down, and then closed my eyes.

I felt some branches whip against my face, something jabbed my left eye, and then suddenly, I stopped. I took a minute to catch my breath. The sudden stop winded me. I looked around. I was dangling by my back pack. I was probably twenty feet off the ground, and I freed myself after a brief struggle. I hit the ground, sat up, and looked around. I was trying to find a way to get back when a twig snapping got my attention. I stood up and grabbed my shotgun. I looked around and eventually, someone stepped out of the bush.

"Sniper, is that you?"

"Yeah, it is Calvin." I grinned, "How are you still alive?"

"Same way you are. Did what I had to to ensure my own survival. Mark started screaming, the others went to help him, I booked it the hell out of there. How's your buddy?"

"He's been better. Mark shot him. We got him back to our camp though."

"You know, I'm going to have to do something to you for getting my friends killed."

"You know, I'm going to defend myself," I said, topping up the shotgun.

"You have ammunition, your friends are alive, you've got the firepower to take down anything you want with one shot. Don't you just have a horseshoe up your ass?"

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm that lucky," I said, scratching my face. "Two weeks without a razor and your face gets really itchy. Not that you would know. You look like a naked mole rat."

Calvin didn't answer, but he did run at me. Not wanting to waste any ammunition, I stepped to the side and hit him in the gut with the stock. He hit the ground and doubled over. It was apparent that I had done some major damage. I looked at him, thinking about what to do when something stepped from the bushes. It was a Velociraptor, followed by three more. I backed away. They all looked at Calvin, but would glance back towards me every so often. I continued backing away, and they lunged for Calvin. They finished him off quick, and then looked at me.

My shotgun was shouldered, I had already taken aim, and I was backing off. They started to look at me. When the first one looked, I pulled the trigger, sending a volley of buckshot through its head and neck. I wasted no time taking out the other three, and I ran off, looking for somewhere to hide while I tend to my eye, the adrenaline rush being over and pain starting to surge through the left side of my head. When I did finally find a spot, I cleansed the wound and tied the bandana I had in my bag around my head, making sure it covered my eye.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

3 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 8

Sci-Fi King25

May-24-2015 6:30 PM

I don't remember the other people getting killed, but nice chapter. I especially enjoyed the Spinosaurus takedown.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Something Real

May-24-2015 11:14 PM

LORD VADER - Hahaha! That was very neat! The way in which you intorduced and conducted the encounter with the Spinosaurus had a very organic and natural feel to it! Well done! Thank you for continuing this excellent series! :)

Lord Vader

May-25-2015 5:51 PM


SFKing, I thought it was obvious when I said the Tyrannosaurs were upon them. But yeah, they dead. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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