Fall of the rebellion: rise of the insurgents

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Tyrant king

NoobMember0 XPApr-13-2015 2:51 AM

The rebellion has fallen. BUT there is still hope( not for the DAF) the group is called....... The insurgents! We shall avenge the rebellion and bring about the demise of the DFA and everyone in that whimps group shall face death! evrn you jpcerato, unless, of course you join me. As for gojira, I never trusted you antways! I knew there was something up! this is why I wanted to take power from you. we don't trust traitirs or let them live. INSURGENTS!!!


gojira/ raptor don't lock this thread..... What a weak and sly tactic of you.

16 Responses to Fall of the rebellion: rise of the insurgents


2KModerator3811 XPApr-13-2015 6:35 AM

DAF forever! How dare you try to overthrow us, it wont work my friend. It wont work!! I suggest you disband this Insurgents as soon as possible!!

Good grief.


InitiateMember349 XPApr-13-2015 7:36 AM

i dont get it can someone get me up to speed


"i dont know what weapons will be used in world war 3 but i know what wil be in world war 4...sticks and stones"Albert Eienstien


NoobMember0 XPApr-13-2015 10:53 AM

Again, Planetside 2, anyone? Or is it just me?


NoobMember0 XPApr-13-2015 12:59 PM

Do you know what I think of when I hear insurgents? ISIS. Might want to choose a different name... Also the UF doesn't allow insurgency, plus we already took most of your dinosaurs and left them to run free in national wildlife parks so... :P

@HEISEIKING-Nah, more like some country does something the citizens don't like so they rebel, and then the UN steps in and tells them to cut it out.

Although yes, I do get what you mean about Planetside.

Here, have a waffle (-'.')-#

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPApr-13-2015 1:14 PM

^So the United Forums is like the United Nations? If so, does this make the DAF like the National Guard?


@GorillaGodzilla, you really switched sides again?


Bring the demise of the Dinosaur Fight Arena? XD


DAF= Dinosaur Armed Forces

DFA= Dinosaur Fight Arena, an old battle series i used to do.


Dude. The war is OVER. The Rebellion dismantled, and the DAF/UF took over.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Tyrant king

NoobMember0 XPApr-13-2015 1:48 PM

Sorry sci fikingXD

the DAF is the axis powers, not the national guard.

and sci fi, as always, you are dillusional.

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPApr-13-2015 2:39 PM

^I presume the war is getting to you. With the now quite large DAF, and the UF with us, you can back down or face total annihilation.


“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


NoobMember67 XPApr-13-2015 3:06 PM


Tyrant king

NoobMember0 XPApr-13-2015 3:19 PM

Scifi you will see. I will fight till the death! And anky you are one of us...... You are an insurgent.


and scifi, it does not matter how many members you have, but how strong they are.


2KModerator3811 XPApr-14-2015 6:21 AM

Indeed, i have switched sides :).

(The question is, have i really?)

Good grief.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPApr-21-2015 4:36 PM


Tyrant, we are the Rebellion. Everyone associates 'insurgents' with terrorists. We are not, nor have we ever been, terrorists.

We, the Rebellion, seek a better life for everyone. A world where money is not important. You get sick, a doctor helps you free of charge. You need food, go to the grocery store and get what you need.

I know what you're thinking. That's communism. No, not quite. Communism doesn't work. This is communism 2.0. What's that you ask. Here's what it is.

It's communism, but better. In commie countries, you get what you need, regardless of how much or how little you do. However, this isn't communism, this is communism 2.0, C2 for short.

You see, it works similar to communism, but with some changes. Your I.D. card becomes your credit card. You make 'purchases' depending on how many hours you work and in what time frame. If you work 20 hours a work, that goes on your record. If you choose to get a burger from McDonalds, you don't lose 'points', but you can't purchase any fast food for the rest of the week.

Need a car? Depending on how much you work, you get a selection of vehicles. The less you work, the lower your selection. If you only work 20 hours a week, your choices are small sedans. You work 40 a week, you can get a pickup truck. 60 a week, you can get a muscle car if you so choose. There are restrictions of course. You personally can have two vehicles. If you're married, your spouse has or can get two vehicles. That's four vehicles for a family. You can fill each vehicle on a set time period depending on vehicle size. Small cars, once a week. Larger vehicles, once a month give or take a week.

Everything you do (in terms of obtaining goods, you can have a private life still) is tracked through your I.D. card.

That is what the Rebellion is shooting for, though the DAF is fighting to keep the world in its current, miserable state.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


2KModerator3811 XPApr-25-2015 2:22 PM

^ Such a damn good post their is no point in hiding.

Im still Rebellion, this whole Insurgents thing was a scam by me and Tyrant King to fool the DAF.

With a great Ally like Lord Vader to the Rebellion, we stand strong.

Good grief.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPApr-25-2015 3:45 PM

I see. 


The term is leader. I am your leader. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPApr-25-2015 3:45 PM

Double post 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Tyrant king

NoobMember0 XPApr-30-2015 2:41 AM

Yes sir. I know better then to challenge you.......


or do I.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPApr-30-2015 4:02 PM

Yes, you do know better. Challenge me, and it's your head in a jar on my desk.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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