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Jurrasic World The Game only for IOS??

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Dj hale

Apr-08-2015 1:31 PM

Someone help me to understand why its only for the ios if it is...

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Apr-08-2015 2:46 PM

it is only ios 

I don't know what to put here 


Apr-08-2015 2:49 PM

For, it is only IOS. But it will probably come out for Android in the next few months after the official release in America.


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Apr-08-2015 4:05 PM

hope it comes out for facebook as well because i cant afford an ipad and i dont want to play it on a tiny phone


Apr-09-2015 9:47 AM



I don't really know if it will reach other OS besides the IOS, Simply due to apple making it an IOS exclusive. (I'd imagine) With the hype for the movie and such, It'd be a poor idea not to capitalize on that.


The app currently says IOS only, But that could be just because it hasn't been developed to an extent it's available on other platforms yet.


But, It's the same company who made Jurassic Park Builder... With that in mind, It will likely reach the platforms Jurassic Park Builder reached. *Which, Was mostly all of them*


Patience here is the key, But don't be too suprised if it only reaches IOS.



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Sci-Fi King25

Apr-19-2015 4:58 PM

Confirmation- It's coming out to iOS in the end of April, Android in the beginning of May.

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