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Two Year Anniversary Post

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Lord Vader

Mar-15-2015 5:51 AM


Name: Crestado

Weight: 3.5 tons

Crestado is a huge male Allosaurus. He's the dominant Allosaurus on the island. Most predators around his size fear him for his resiliency in combat. He is fiercely protective of his territory, especially the centre. A Tyrannosaurus Rex found its way to the heart of Crestado's territory once, but it left before a fight took place because of Crestado's obvious rage. He has a strong hatred of Ceratosaurus.


Name: Diablo

Weight: 1 ton

Diablo is a male Ceratosaurus. He's rather large for his species, always having his pick of the females during mating season when he was younger. These days, he sticks with the same female, and they make an effective pair, easily downing prey four times their size. He dislikes Allosaurus and will kill them if he gets a chance, usually by ambush with his mate's assistance.


Diablo is walking through a new territory. His mate, Chrystal, is with him, and she's hanging back. The way they're walking, it's difficult to tell if their alone or not. A young Allosaurus had challenged Diablo a few miles back, Diablo got it to turn its back to Chrystal, and Chrystal took it out.

Crestado was standing at the top of a ridge about five hundred metres out. He saw Diablo walk past some trees, through a clearing, and when he left the clearing, Chrystal  entered it. He blinked, shook his head, and looked back. He only saw Chrystal making her way through the clearing. He figured he was seeing things.

Diablo sensed something was off. He was well into the new territory now. He was on high alert. The area wreaked of Allosaurus. He paused, reared up and looked around. His alertness was quickly noticed by Chrystal, who also began to start looking for danger. After a thirty second pause, they continued.

Crestado saw Diablo was coming closer, and he was quickly ready to attack. Diablo was heading right for him. Diablo continued walking as the area changed. It went from a forested plain to a rocky hill. Diablo knew he was in the heart now. Crestado could feel Diablo was close, and he was poised to strike. He was hidden so that Diablo couldn't see him. Chrystal saw something strange, and she roared at Diablo. Diablo turned and looked at her, and she had picked up the pace. He turned and waited for his mate to join him before continuing. Crestado heard the roar, and he knew his cover was blown. He charged like a bat out of hell towards Diablo.

Diablo saw what was coming, and he easily sidestepped. Crestado stopped and faced Diablo, and Diablo ran deeper into the area. Crestado chased Diablo in anger, and when Diablo stopped, Crestado slowed down. Diablo was scary confident. That's when Chrystal arrived. She bit Crestado's neck and shook her head around. Crestado managed to force her off, knocking her back. Chrystal tripped on a large rock, and she tumbled into a cave.

Diablo watched her tumble, and he wanted to make sure was alright, but Crestado was in the way, and he was pissed right off. Diablo backed off, and Crestado stepped towards him. Diablo knew his time might be up, but he was going to fight as long as he could. For Chrystal. Diablo roared, and Crestado roared back.

Diablo mock charged, and Crestado took the bait. He lunged and bit the air where Diablo had been. He flashed his teeth and snarled, wanting nothing more than to tear Diablo limb from limb. Diablo lunged forward and bit Crestado's head, just missing his eyes. Crestado roared in pain and stepped back, taking his smaller opponent with him. Diablo held on as long as he could, but Crestado slammed him into a rock. Diablo dropped, and Crestado took advantage.

Crestado lunged for Diablo's exposed belly, but a quick kick to the face put an end to that plan. Crestado stopped and lifted his head. Diablo looked at him, and he was staring at him, growing angrier by the second. Diablo knew he had to do something, so he rolled to the side. Crestado went to stomp on Diablo, but Diablo, being small and agile, twisted his body, avoiding the impact. After that, he bit Crestado's ankle and started to stand. Crestado lost balance and started stumbling back, taking Diablo with him.

Diablo let go and fell on his belly. Crestado continued stumbling and regained his balance after a few steps. He saw Diablo starting to stand, and watched Diablo cough and shake before looking at him. Diablo was having mixed feelings about Crestado. Crestado seemed to know how to fight, but he also lets his rage get the best of him. Crestado could tell Diablo was thinking something, and he had developed a sense of respect for Diablo. Diablo was probably the most combat hardened Ceratosaurus he had ever met. Just the same, Diablo is a Ceratosaurus and must be destroyed.

Crestado realized his anger was getting the best of him, and he tried to slow that down. Diablo taunted Crestado, and Crestado knew what Diablo was doing. Well, trying. Crestado mock charged, and Diablo took the bait. He lunged, but completely missed. Crestado lunged for Diablo's neck, and he hit home. His jaws snapped shut on Diablo's neck, and Diablo screeched in pain before he blacked out. Crestado held on, and he dropped Diablo after a minute.

Meanwhile, Chrystal had just stepped out of the cave she had fell in, and she saw Crestado drop Diablo. She got wide eyed and didn't know what to do, so she backed off into the cave to regroup. She just saw the species she and her mate hated the most drop her mate's lifeless body. She was standing in the cave, having flashbacks, something there was no shortage of for her. Why would there be a shortage? She had been with Diablo for almost six years. In those six years, they had taken out dozens of Allosaurs. She opened her eyes and shook her head. She had to focus on the task at hand. She knew she had to fight to get out. She wanted to kill Crestado to avenge her mate. She looked back at Crestado. He was standing over Diablo, deciding what he should do with him. Chrystal shuddered and started pacing.

She was walking in circles, looking at her surroundings. She would have to use them to her advantage. She wasn't physically as strong as Diablo. She had the intelligence advantage over Diablo. She was more patient. When the cards are down and its no holds barred, Chrystal was the one to look out for. She was still looking at her surroundings when something caught her eye.

Chrystal walked through one of the caverns that branched off the main cave, and she saw a Ceratosaurus skeleton. She growled in anger, and then she looked around. There were several Allosaurus skeletons. One was full grown, the rest ranged from a few feet long to ten feet long. There were even the remains of a nest, complete with cracked eggs that even had some tiny skeletons in them. This Ceratosaurus had done something big, something Chrystal could only dream of doing. This Ceratosaurus had taken down almost an entire Allosaurus family. The only one it had failed to defeat was Crestado, but that didn't matter. Crestado never found another mate.

Chrystal turned around, and she was face to face with Crestado. She took a step back,  eyes wide with fear. Crestado growled in anger, wanting nothing more than to simply take Chrystal out. He sized Chrystal up, and Chrystal sized him up, despite her fear. Crestado saw that Chrystal was smaller than Diablo, and he got more confident. Chrystal saw that Crestado was underestimating her, and she gained some confidence, but she didn't dare show it.

Crestado mock charged, and Chrystal jumped back. Crestado took a step back, and Chrystal blinked. She wasn't sure why Crestado had done that. She stood still. Crestado and Chrystal stared at each other. Neither had any idea what the other was going to do, and they took the time to look over the other's scars. Crestado was covered. He had big scars, small scars, narrow scars, wide scars, zig zags and straight lines. Bite marks and claws marks, if it was a wound possible to obtain, he had it. He had fresh wounds too. Chrystal saw where she had bitten him, and she saw where Diablo had bitten and kicked him.

Chrystal was quite the opposite. There wasn't a scratch or scar on her. There wasn't even a bruise, or a bite mark. Nothing. Her skin was perfect. Crestado was looking forward to putting the first, and last, wound on her.

Crestado charged, throwing caution to the wind. Chrystal, being more agile than Diablo, easily avoided the charge. She quickly bit Crestado's neck, shoving him to the ground in the process. Crestado managed to kick Chrystal with enough force to send her into the air. The cavern was rather low, and Chrystal hit the roof with her back. Crestado didn't have time to capitalize, as he had barely rolled over. Chrystal landed on her feet, and quickly resumed the attack. She bit his neck and shoved him back to the ground.

Crestado struggled to get to his feet, and when he did, he lifted Chrystal off her feet. Chrystal let go and backed off, knowing something bad would happen if she held on. Crestado looked at her, rather angry that she decided to back off. He growled, showing his displeasure. Chrystal attempted to smirk, but only succeeded in flashing her teeth. Crestado roared at her, mad that she was visibly amused. Chrystal mock charged, and Crestado charged blindly.

Crestado nailed Chrystal and kept going. He pushed her until they collided with a wall. Chrystal slumped to the ground, having several broken ribs, being winded, and her head smashed against the wall. Crestado looked at her, deciding what to do. Chrystal looked up, catching her breath, and waiting to see what Crestado will do. Chrystal was having a hard time catching her breath, and she knew she was a Crestado's mercy. Crestado saw Chrystal having a hard time, and decided to drag it out. Chrystal saw what Crestado was doing, and she decided to keep gasping for breath, even after she caught her breath. Crestado saw that Chrystal was still struggling for breath longer than she should have been, and he couldn't figure out why.

Crestado decided it was time to end the battle, and he went to disembowel her. He was about to place a foot on her belly, and she rolled out of the way and lunged for his leg. Crestado was surprised as Chrystal bit his ankle and lifted his leg. Crestado lost balance and hit the ground. Chrystal wasted no time attacking Crestado while he was down. She bit his neck and shook her head, tearing at Crestado's neck. Crestado flailed around wildly, trying to stop the attack. One kick hit home, and he sent Chrystal into the roof again. This time, Chrystal hit hard, and awkward, face first, then her side,  breaking her arm and cracking her shoulder.

Chrystal landed with a dull thud, and Crestado got to his feet. He looked at Chrystal, and she was on the ground. Her breath was short and shallow, blood was pouring out of her. She was twitching, her eyes opened and closed slowly, her tail swayed slowly, and she looked at Crestado. Now, she truly was at Crestado's mercy.

Crestado leaned down to bite her neck and finish her off, but a roar got his attention. Crestado turned around, and Diablo was standing there. Crestado roared at him, and Diablo roared back. Crestado was about to charge when Chrystal found the strength to move a bit and bite his ankle. Crestado looked at Chrystal, and he was about lunge when Diablo bit his neck. Crestado roared in pain as Diablo bit harder, and Diablo shoved him to the ground. Crestado struggled, but his number was almost up now. Diablo was presented a perfect bite, and he took it. The more Crestado struggled, the deeper Diablo's teeth went, and the closer to his jugular they cut. Diablo felt a tooth hit bone, and a short time later, the struggling stopped. Diablo let go, and he quickly disembowelled Crestado, just to make sure he was finished.

Before he started eating or celebrating the victory, he tended to his mate. Chrystal looked at him and gave a reassuring growl. She had caught her breath, and she rolled onto her belly. She she stood up, pushing up with one arm, her broken shoulder causing her pain. Diablo nudged her, and she nuzzled him. They stepped towards the carcass, and they began to eat. Diablo gave Chrystal the choice cuts. The road to recovery was going to be long, but Chrystal was going to be fine.

Winner.......... Diablo and Chrystal

Sheer determination won it for the Ceratosaurus mates this time.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

5 Responses to Two Year Anniversary Post

Sci-Fi King25

Mar-15-2015 8:28 AM

This battle was outstanding! Happy 2-year anniversary BTW. I was rooting for the Ceratosaurus pair, but I had a feeling that the Allosaurus would win.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Mar-15-2015 8:12 PM

Congrats on Two years Friend!


May life lead you where you want to go.


-A song from my youth.


Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

Something Real

Mar-15-2015 8:49 PM

LORD VADER - Congratulations on your two year anniversary, sweetie! The battle you presented was extremely neat! I have said it before, but I believe it bears repeating: I greatly enjoy the way in which you name each animal and provide him or her with an individual personality! Thank you so much for your continued work and friendship! I hope to see you here for another two years! :)


Mar-16-2015 12:05 PM

good fight. It was very suspenseful and even. i guess this is the last post, and it was a good farewell gift. Good luck and don't forget us.


I Meme Everything

Jun-23-2016 6:16 PM

For once, Ceratosaurus didn't die :D

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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