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Would leaving the franchise the way it was and ending it just with Ripley dying just be the way it should be left ??

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Mar-10-2015 4:26 AM

Should  Ripley just have died ?? As in alien 3 and leave it there ??

I would like to see a remake but what if it justifies the route alien 3 took and basically tell the same story ??

So something will have to be added what will that be ?

The engineers?? Or original sj ??

Any thoughts ??

5 Responses to Would leaving the franchise the way it was and ending it just with Ripley dying just be the way it should be left ??


Mar-10-2015 4:29 AM

Sorry of this sounds sarcastic but would Ellen and Dwayne and NEWT being a happy family be enough for an alien 3 ?


Mar-13-2015 10:40 AM

Exactly oduodu.  Being a happy Swiss Family Robinson in space isn't enough.  Very bad things need to happen to our happy family unit if they get put back together.

Cameron came up with an idea for what would have been his Alien 3, and it involved sending Hicks, Newt, and Ripley to explore giant skeletons.  His idea was to base it partially on Swiss Family Robinson, which involved the family coming across strange Giant Skeletons/Space Jockey/Engineer remains.

So, essentially, Alien 5 could be partially based on Cameron & Ridley's previous ideas for Alien 3/Alien 5.  Both directors were interested in going back to explore the Space Jockey/Engineer; and so Ridley decided to do the prequels. We get ALIEN5 & Paradise.


Jul-23-2015 7:39 AM

I felt it should have been.... i did not like Alien Resurection for one main reason and that was how can they clone Ripley 8 from Blood Sample and the Clone be Pregnant with a Xeno Queen...?

Nope it should have gave us a Ripley or a Hybrid Ripley that then went and Morphed someone to then lead to something new and different.

And yes CarynDelacroix i do think Alien 5 will explore the Engineers Ships and Tech a bit more i dont think it would have been what Ridley and Cameron had planned, not entirely as they would have explored the Space Jockey more which is what Prometheus has done, but i think Alien 5 will show us the connection between the Space Jockey/Engineers their Ships and Tech and relation to the Xeno and applications that Tech and Xeno can have.

I think the movie in part would or could provide some interesting ideas, but in part it would also just give us Pop Corn Xeno fun like Alien R and AVP movies did and also give us Ripley back...

Which i think could work if done correct but i worry that we would see a Alien 6 then 7 and it be about Ripley which to me its not....  The Franchise should and always should be about the Xenomorphs their connection with the Engineers and Space Jockeys as opposed to Ripley movie...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-09-2015 9:48 AM

YES! Leave Ripley dead. Come up with some new characters to get brain - speared by the Xeno's, I felt Alien 3 should have left Ripley alone, her story was finished. She had faced the Xeno's twice, lost her crew and daughter and finally found some sort of peace and a surrogate family at the end of Aliens. Alien 3 should have featured all new characters but moronic Hollywood producers have no imagination, and they had to cram Ripley back in there so as not to alienate audiences and they end up ruining the franchise. A good writer could have come up with new characters that you could care about and Alien 3 could have been a fresh start.

I can't get even slightly interested in Alien 5, Ripley or Neil Blonkamp (Who I have heard described as the M. Night Shyalaman of Science Fiction! Spot on.).


Feb-18-2016 9:30 AM

oduodu: Yeah because then we would hopefully not have had Ressurection and also I think that it would have been a good way to end Ripley and the Alien movies. She sacrificed herself (she didn't have much time left anyways) and the company could not get the alien from her.


I don't think that we need a re-make of Alien 3, I think that it is good the way it is and also we have at least two different versions. Two versions are enough we don't need another one and also Hollywood is already making too many re-makes the way it is.


Leave the Engineers and the Space Jockey to the Prometheus movies.

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