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Did Xenomorphs eat people

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Mar-05-2015 5:47 AM

i was playing avp and i one part you see a shadow of a xeno eating a person and if they dont ehat do they eat


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16 Responses to Did Xenomorphs eat people


Mar-05-2015 6:36 AM

yes in avp there is a scene where an alien is eating someone.


Mar-05-2015 6:45 AM

In the novelisation of ALIEN, the Xeno gets into a storage locker and eats everything from junk food to batteries. They eat anything that gives energy basically, people included.


Mar-05-2015 7:49 AM

And the Runner from Alien 3? There is a scene where it seems that was eating one of his victims, though I could be wrong.


Mar-05-2015 8:39 AM

Oh dear not sure anymore. Must have been alien 3 then. But there definitely was a scene where an alien was eating someone




Mar-06-2015 5:56 AM

They probably have eaten people, I mean, they have teeth for a reason dont they?


Mar-06-2015 11:34 PM

Every living creature needs some sort of energy source, right?  My perspective is much like Svanya said: they'll eat a battery if they need to.  The thing is, the Alien appears to only eat at certain times.  It doesn't necessarily require the same types of energy as us, and may not require as much energy to grow as we do. There's relatively nothing in the desert, and "no man needs nothing".  Nothing needs absolutely nothing to survive.  There's something that makes David run, an energy source; but Miss Vickers didn't know which cord to cut.  In Prometheus, we see David consume a strange substance. By Bishop's time Androids don't normally eat.  Maybe there's something going on, where Androids and Aliens only need to eat once or twice -- when they're young.


Mar-07-2015 12:01 PM

Okay, not very knowledgeable on this franchise, can someone tell me what a Xenomorph is? I've heard about them various times.


Mar-08-2015 1:08 AM

that is the alien creature that you see in the movies . starting with alien in 1979. the term comes from the second alien movie when gorman while adressing his troops says that a xenomorph is suspected. the term rougly translates translates to unknown - weird - or strange shapes. it is from greek i think. thats why there is a blog called strange shapes that has many fine articles on the alien franchise written by valaquen.


you can read this article on the prometheus alien subsection on the matter.


Mar-08-2015 1:15 AM

i think there is a scene in requim where the alien is eating someone and you can here the inner moving jaws slash out and and inti someone. could be wrong


Mar-09-2015 5:06 AM


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Mar-10-2015 4:42 AM

does he have a pshychologist to talk to ??


Mar-10-2015 8:17 AM

All it needs is a cat, like Jonesy.  Cats just sense things y'know?

I do, however, worry that the cats will eventually take over :)

The parasite that cats carry (Toxoplasma gondii) subtly influences thinking, which makes us all mind slaves to their life-cycle, and places cats above us (causing everyone to post cat pictures lol). 

Males infected by Toxoplasma gondii suffer from lowered IQ's, they become less emotional.  Most parasites alter their hosts' behaviour; they affect the brain & modify behaviour in subtle ways.  However, IQ's dropped while Jonesy was away anyway.

@Dinozilla0439 - IMO the Xeno is somewhat parasitic in nature (more than insectoid).  Things could be going on under the surface; the Alien itself might modify the behaviour of the host - to make them hungry.  After Kane eats, the chestbursting occurs.

The Alien inherits traits from its hosts; Kane & the Canine were omnivores, so the creature picks up the genetic instinct to eat.

There's a parasitic wasp species that deposits spores in ants to alter thinking.  The infected ant walks around in a zombified state, gathering extra food, until the transformation is complete. Suddenly a number of baby wasps/wasp larvae burst from the Ant's head ;)  They emerge from the zombified, mind-controlled insect. 

Polysphincta gutfreundi attaches eggs to the bellies of spiders; a wormlike larva emerges, releasing chemicals that cause spiders to use their own silk to spin the cocoon in which the larva develops.  It's complicated... They might not need food.  We are the Ants now.

Top Hat Gyaos

Apr-27-2015 10:39 PM

I can't recall, but in the special features of Alien 3, they might've said something about the runner Xeno devouring its victims. Plus, I think its safe to say they would eat the host body they come out of if it's in a secluded area; the original drone might;ve taken the opportunity to eat Kane if they didn't launch his body into space.

Be yourself, for everyone else is taken.


Jul-29-2015 8:06 AM

The Alien Draft suggested the Alien Part eats some of the crew, scenes in other movies have shown us this is the case. And as other users have said it is a lifeform that would need some kind of Energy Source and also having teeth it would seem strange to have this trait and not use it for eating.... But then Teeth could be a trait the Organism obtains from its host.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-29-2015 8:29 AM

i would also add that maybe the Organism needs to consume some Genetic Material that it can process into material that it uses in order to create the Cocoons and Eggs?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-20-2016 12:41 AM

I think I remember seeing the dog alien in 3 snacking on a prostrated dude. Maybe in the DC? I must rewatch it now!

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