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Will we now see rebooted/advanced/evolved Xenomorphs to Megamorphs to Ultramorphs and so on?

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Mar-04-2015 3:36 PM

I'm intrigued, will we get a phasing out of the Xenomorph (original/continued) in favor of an advanced almost heirarchy of species/hives? Could we get ahint of genocidal war between Xeno species?

8 Responses to Will we now see rebooted/advanced/evolved Xenomorphs to Megamorphs to Ultramorphs and so on?


Mar-04-2015 5:30 PM

For alien 5 ? I think for prometheus 2 we will see something new but there will probably be something in the vein of alien species new in alien 5. Every alien movie since alien showed us something new about the aliens or a new type of alien etc

There probably will be some new type alien creature featuring. 

Will it be evolved or bigger ? More intelligent ? 

It will probably depend on what new "quality" they will add to the creature. As it was the case with prometheuas the engineers were dowmsized from 15 to 8 feet so that they could fit inside the ships etc.

I gueSs it will. Depend a lot on waht happens in the movie. The story - setting etc.


Mar-06-2015 6:00 AM

Hmmm...I dont see how there are Megamorphs and Ultramorphs, but i like the idea. To tell you the truth, i found a pic of a Velociraptor Xenomorph while i was looking for a profile pic.

(none of the ones i wanted were the right size)


Mar-07-2015 9:02 AM

What the new type of advanced/evolved Alien Xenos could possibly look like.

I would love to see the concept of something like this involved in some way with the new Alien 5 or Aliens 2.5

Necronom 4

Mar-07-2015 11:22 AM

I love that! ^^ Where did you get it?

I wouldn't personally have it in Alien 5, but in another sci-fi horror flick, it would be amazin!

I think it's about time another Sci-fi horror film like ALIEN and The Thing was made!

The poster was good though!



Mar-07-2015 12:29 PM

Hey Necrom! I just typed in the Google search: "Alien 5 concept art"

Part of the way down the page was this image... Isin't it COOL!!!! It also said it was called: File:Alien Concept Art Extinction CoDG.jpg

This is the website link that it featured on...

The being conjures-up visions of The Thing and has a Alien-The Thing cross-over feel to me with its two mouths and one head atop of another!







Mar-08-2015 1:24 AM

is there a place where you can watch alien 5 concept art ??


Mar-18-2015 11:47 AM

I meant officially !!


Jul-29-2015 8:27 AM

Alien 5 seems interesting in some respects because it would not only bring back the Aliens Alien ideas...

But we see a potential experimenting on the DNA to produce new kinds of Alien Organism.

It appears we see more of how the Engineer Space Jockey Bio Tech can work and even fuse with a lifeform...

We also see some designs of some of the Xenos that actually have a look more like the Deacon style from Prometheus and i dont mean the one at the end but the DNA this Organism comes from which is part Xeno Related DNA and Human.

Here is the image i was refering to which could lead us to think do they recover this DNA from LV 223 and not the Derelict?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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