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Neill Blomkamp Talks About Getting Alien 5

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Mar-04-2015 7:09 AM

“My apprehension with Alien was that I had never worked with someone else’s material. And not even someone else – at this point it was like… I’m going to count Fincher in with the third one, even though the third one I don’t like as much as the first two. But they’re all three awesome filmmakers. So it’s not about living up to it and being nervous about it, I just don’t want other people to tell me what to do. Which is a different thing.”

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6 Responses to Neill Blomkamp Talks About Getting Alien 5

Necronom 4

Mar-04-2015 11:28 AM

Hi Shambs, thanx for sharing this with us.

One thing that really interests me about what he say's in this interview, is when he talks about having the alien's life cycle on a glass and then he is asked whether or not the Prometheus sequel will run side by side with the new Alien film, to which he replies that he doesn't want to give too much away, but that Ridley is producing.

Does this mean that he and Ridley have worked out an alien life cycle which connects the Prometheus series to the Alien series? I hope so!

Blomkamp also has a lot more concept artwork than what he has shown in recent weeks, so hopefully he will release those soon!

The poster was good though!



Mar-04-2015 5:40 PM

So is all the directors in the alien franchise artists ?? Ridley is a painter ?? What about Cameron and fincher ?? And george lucas ?? Are all directors artists ??

Will be awesome if alien 5 and p2 are merging/canon but somehow keep the original sj or keep the sj and engineers as two destinct species.


Mar-05-2015 7:59 AM

@Necro, who knows, maybe Ridley Scott can be a creative consultant.

@oduodu, the connections between both films are not necessary. Both can survive as its own thing. In addition, Prometheus seems to go in another direction, as a spin-off, but since Ridley Scott's producer...who knows, maybe there will be some easter eggs over there :p


Mar-08-2015 1:01 AM


i agree but will it be like that ? if they go the engineer route and goes further from alien then thats ok. i just wonder if they will. ridley has already been discussing a new kind of alien . why ? i f they are going away from dragons then why tease us with a new kind of alien ?


Mar-08-2015 6:00 AM

Maybe for what ever reason things are discovered in the potential Alien 5 film that are relics left over from and st up BY either the Promethus film itself, things that may get set up in Prometheus 2/Paradise or in some way are merely linked in the wider context of he shared universe of Alien/Prometheus (i.e) a Juggernaught is discovered in Alien 5 as was discovered in Prometheus and could even be the crash-landed Juggernaught flown by Shaw and David decades before. Alien 5 could be dealing with the Alien: Legacy left over from past expidtions... Maybe the Derilict or just Juggernaughts being found in general scattered across many worlds...


Mar-17-2015 1:59 AM

I think the Derelict is related to the outbreak on LV225, an Engineer survived the attack of whatever destroyed the Engineers in the Engineer complex. One survived but had become impregnated, He escaped and crash landed on LV426 leading 2000years later to A1. I choose to believe the derelict either crash landed or coupled with a subterranean Engineer silo or complex and chest bursted a Xeno which made its way into the silo below the ship, killed any engineers and settled in and laid egg. A surviving engineer set up the mist laser layer to prevent the eggs opening. I think if any, there will be a loose connection with Paradise and in fact the beginning of this film will explain what actually happened on LV223 some 2000years before Prometheus.

Alien 5, I think will take place some 20years after Aliens. The Sulaco will drift off course, the cryotubes will simply keep the three survivors alive but let them age slowly. They will awaken and the goings on in A3will have been a Cryosleep nightmare. The company will have returned to LV426 and are studying the derelict inciting a new batch of problems which Hicks and Ripley will become part of.

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