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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 1

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Lord Vader

Feb-18-2015 3:16 PM

I know I said this would be post 5500, but close enough, and I probably won't be on my desktop for 5500, so here we go.



I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm on the edge of a cliff. Charging at me is an angry Spinosaurus. Behind me is a waterfall with a three hundred foot drop. There's a group of trees about a hundred yards from where I am, but I won't make it. I'm not running fast enough, the Spinosaurus is closing the gap, and I have to act now. Bryce is wounded and back at camp, so he can't help me. Bobby had disappeared shortly after I said we were going to go hunting, and Zach, well, he's useless.

Maybe, before I tell you what I do, you should know how I got here, so here we go.

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 1

The Wreck

USS Maserani, 2 miles North of Isla Sorna, 2020

0200 hours

I woke up to a jolt. The whole ship had been shaken by an impact. I heard over the PA that it was nothing to worry about and for everyone to go back to bed. A couple seconds after the voice was gone, the ship jolted again. This wasn't normal. The voice came on the PA again, but this time, it sounded a bit more urgent. The voice said the ship was being evacuated.

I put on my uniform, laced up my boots, and grabbed three things. Those three things were my bag, my rifle, and my shotgun. The only reason I picked up my bag was because it had a picture of my fiancée. If it wasn't for the picture, I would have left the bag behind.

I reached the main deck, along with the rest of the crew, and everyone was waiting to get to a life boat. Some guys were waiting their turn, but most were fighting to get to the rubber life boats. I decided that since I like being alive, to fight my way to the front. Being a rather big guy, and got to the front easily.

I got into one of the last lifeboats, and when we were in the water, we started rowing. We were heading towards the island. We were still over a mile away, but we were making progress. One of the guys, Mark started talking.

"What the hell happened? Anyone know?"

"We hit something big, or something big hit us."

"What the hell is big enough to take out an aircraft carrier?"

That's when I spoke up.

"You know, when the I-Rex escaped Jurassic World, I hear everything went for shit. The Mosasaur even escaped. Could have been that."

"Ugh, shut up Sniper, no one's talking to you."

"He was talking to anyone with a damn answer. I had an answer."

"Yeah, a stupid one."

I didn't bother answering again. I just shut up and continued rowing. The boat was sinking fast, planes were rolling off into the water, and I saw people fighting the waves, trying to swim to safety.

"Alright, now who has an actual answer?"

"Maybe we hit a big freaking rock."

"Maybe we were torpedoed."

"Whatever happened, I don't like it. It's a freaking inconvenience, people are dying, and we're probably going to be stuck on Isla whatever the hell it's called."

I was looking out at the sea. It was dark, the carrier's lights were mostly underwater, the radio tower collapsed, and it was on its side. No chance that they're going to find a way to beach it. I felt the raft going up and down as we hit the waves. The rocking was rather gentle. I was tempted to try taking a nap. The bitching sounded the same to me, kinda like a lullaby. Yeah, I'll take a nap.

That's when it happened. One moment, I was rowing, listening to the rest of the guys complain about what just happened. The next, I was underwater, struggling to get to the surface. Swimming was hard with a hundred pounds of equipment on your back, but I did it. For a minute. Everything went black.


If I use your name (real name, not forum name), it was an accident.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

6 Responses to Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 1

Tyrant king

Feb-18-2015 4:05 PM

Why is Zach useless.

and this is very nicely written, I like this.

Lord Vader

Feb-18-2015 4:34 PM

You'll find out in chapter 8.


Thanks. I'm having a good time writing these chapters. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Tyrant king

Feb-18-2015 4:51 PM

I'm sure you are, they seme fun to write.

Sci-Fi King25

Feb-18-2015 5:58 PM

Nice cliffhanger at the end! This looks like it's going to be a great series. :)


“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Primal King

Feb-18-2015 7:19 PM

AWESOME JOB! Looking forward to the rest.

"If you can't see it... It's already too late."

-Jurassic Apocalypse (by Paden)

Lord Vader

Feb-19-2015 1:21 PM

Thanks guys.


Hopefully this isn't an indication of what the series as a whole gets in terms of responses. 


Chapter 2 will be up in the next few days.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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