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Dont know the name of this movie

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Feb-10-2015 2:58 PM


I'm looking for a movie but dont know the name. This is an sci-fi with some mystic elements from about 2007-2010. Very interesting atmosphere and modern special effects.


Know only some scenes.


1. An old man in a forest surrounded by some black creatures that running maybe on all fourth like gepard. Looking a littlebit like Aliens from Ridley Scott movie but the head is more normal, not long. I think they have a tail. The man is for some reason the boss of this creatures. He have control over them (or is one of them?) They go trought the forest in a direction, they have an aim.

There was impessive scene. This man standing in the forest( the camera drives to him) and the creatures running toward some direction but under his guidance. (Mind controlled)


2.  Its deep night. Nothing to see.  Group of soldiers have build a defense to defend themthelves from this creatures from 1. Part of the defense are army crates.The soldiers have a hard fight but they disappear one by one. The creatures wins. The soldiers who still lives go back because of defeated.


3. Stil living soldiers, some scientists or just normal people go into an very old building from ancient civilization. They open a secret and come into a very special room. For some reason this creatures from 2 and 1 running on walls but dont attack the group of humans. The room is very mystic like in the movies of Tomb Raider.


4. Maybe? The old man from 1. is speaking with a woman from the group. They dont fight in this moment.


Have someone an idea? I have already asked on other forums, people say often this is Predators or Aliens vs Predators. This is not! I know AVP, A and P but this movie is non of them.

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Feb-10-2015 6:29 PM

Hi and welcome to the forums- any idea of what is the original language of the movie=?

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


Feb-11-2015 3:23 AM

I have seen this scenes in Germany in german on one of main tv channels, but I think the original language is english. The movie appears to me just like another action/scifi.


Feb-11-2015 2:35 PM

Hi Dedmoroz, *AL* and I will look for you and see if we can figure out what movie it is. Is it possible it's the ripoff of AVP called "Alien VS Hunter"? Can't seem to post the video properly so here is alink:



Feb-11-2015 3:00 PM

hahahaha,,, you found it!!! it must be that one- the description it was like be watching AvP, but yeah Svanya, must be that one- 

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


Feb-12-2015 4:46 PM

I'm sorry but this movie is some cheap &#[email protected] No, definetly not :)

But thanks anyway for your effort! On other forums people don't answer at least, nothing to say about guessing some crazy stuff! ;)

It make me crazy! Some guys on some forums give fragments of some soaps of 70tis all with the same plot about everyday life and unfornute love.. X) and people reply the right name of the movie!

And no one can say me what the name of this movie is... I'm in mourning.. I go.. I go.. Drink a cup of tea.. Maybe it helps.. Maybe not... Maybe I play guitar.. My doctor say it settle down the nerves... Played guitar... NO! IT NOT HELPING! I CAN'T FIND THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE!! ^^


hmm yes... :P


Maybe there is some databases on the web with scifi movies?


Feb-12-2015 4:48 PM

I'm looking for more scifi forums where I can try to ask.

Do you know some of this kind?

Thank you!! :)


Feb-12-2015 9:45 PM

@Dedmoroz; I was simply asking if it was the movie, because it's the one that matches what you asked most closely, I didn't say it to offend. No one can figure out what movie it is, you have an admin and staffmember of this site searching for you so we are taking this seriously. Just be patient and we will keep searching for you. :)


Feb-12-2015 10:10 PM

Ok is it this movie? It's called "The Ruins", from 2008, here is the IMDB

Here is the trailer.

I'll keep looking, just PM me or answer back here if it's this movie.


Feb-12-2015 10:37 PM

Try asking on this site too, in case no one can find it here:


Feb-13-2015 2:02 AM

Dear Svanya,

sorry if this above sounded don't polite. :) It wasn't meaning by me that I'm offended. It was just bad kind of expression :) sorry. I very appreciate your effort to help me!

The movie The Ruins is near to what I'm looking for, but unfortunately this is not the movie I'm looking for.

Ruins is near because of the serious atmosphere and topic old Pyramids, but here I'm missing the man who is looking like normal human but controlling some strage creatures and a group of soldiers.

Thank you anyway! I try to ask on site you have posted.


Feb-13-2015 2:03 AM

Sorry, the strange old man is not controlling the soldiers. Only the creatures :))


Feb-17-2015 7:39 AM

Hmm, ok i'll keep looking and yes please ask on that site, it's what they do. :D


Feb-21-2015 10:39 AM

From the description two films spring to mind...


Dog soldiers - starring Gothams Sean Pertwee...


Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - a prequel to the trilogy, this one does not str Kate Beckinsale...


Feb-21-2015 4:47 PM

I'm still looking, is it possible it's Pitch Black or Riddick Riddick Pitch Black


Mar-03-2015 12:39 PM

I know Riddick. No, it is not. irememberthismovie cant help also. :)

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