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Future of my Series, Tips, and Riders

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2KMember3687 XPSep-13-2014 9:58 PM

Okay, this time I am going to break it up:



Still going on, just give me time on that, just want to make people sure I have not forgotten about it. The Prologue will be here by next Saturday. There, by saying that that means I am going to have to force myself to finish it sooner or later...

Don't know why, the prlogue is really boring to type, reading it is fun and exciting, but doing is just so ***bersome.

What do you do?

Reboot for this series to hopefully come by end of the month, because I really do think it's one of my most interesting series, and I hate for it to just be left behind...


Was a spoof fight me and Mr. Happy worked on together, do plan to one day have a sequel. That's why I put "#1", because one day I will make a sequel.

If You Could

Only certain regulars will remember. It was this series that got me known for being creative by other regulars. I just need an idea...

Spoof Requests

A while ago Allotitan PM'ed me a spoof request, still considering it (Will not reveal it) and I thought it was cool that someone requested me to make a discussion.

Allotitan also gave me a compliment in the PM that really did brighten my day, he called me the mastermind of spoof posts...

Well, if you guys are interested in me making a spoof post you wish for me to make, you can PM me about it, who knows? I may have fun doing whatever you guys recommend.

So yes, new thing from me, will take request for Spoof post. And if it's your birthday I could also do a special spoof post for you, as I did for Gojira2K, If you want and if I can come up with something.

New Fight Series...

Well today I came up with a new fight series, this time with real dinosaurs... Only this time they're gonna be a bit...


Expect the first match before Riders, do hope you guys will enjoy it!

Adventures of Tom... -_-

Seriously trying to see how I am going to end this series... Maybe I should have waited to finish it before starting First Series...

3000th Post

Expect it when I reach 3000 posts, this will be (sort of) the first time I am going to post a spoof without reviewing/proofreading...




Some helpful little tips!


I am doing this due to light of recent and quite unfortuante events that has occurred.

Here we go:


-When posting a discussion, make cure to copy the words every 3-6 sentences and paste it into a Word do***ent, so when if it's accidentally lost you didn't lose your whole discussion. To copy, highlight text and press Control+C.

-Have a series? Always save each fight/chapter to Google Docs or a Word Do***ent so if it's ever deleted or someone wants to look at it and you can't find it, you have it handy!

Well that's it, I know, only two, but they will definately help a lot.


Please leave a comment, peace everyone!!!


10 Responses to Future of my Series, Tips, and Riders


NoobMember0 XPSep-13-2014 10:44 PM

Can't wait for Riders, but take your time with it. Can't for the What Would You Do, series as well as If You Could series. When do you think you will post your fight series? Hope you can finish your Adventures of Tom and can't wait to see your 3000th post, I am very close to 2000 my self, also congrats on your 3000th post. and one final thing, new forum signature.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.


2KMember3687 XPSep-13-2014 10:47 PM

Thanks for all those compliments Gojira2K. So far the plan for my new fight is tomorrow, as for now those are all the details I will give.


Also, your forum signature or mine?



NoobMember0 XPSep-13-2014 10:58 PM

Great can't wait to read it. And I have a new forum sig.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPSep-14-2014 4:30 AM

Looking forward to seeing what you've got in store 401. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPSep-14-2014 6:32 AM

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to see what you're gonna post.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPSep-14-2014 11:48 AM

Oohh, especially looking forward to this new fight series and of course Riders. I'd like to see how Tom ends up and I'm very much looking forward to all the spoof posts.

Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-


2KMember3687 XPSep-14-2014 1:53 PM

Thanks everyone for your support. Reall do appreciate your guys' liking of my posts.



NoobMember0 XPSep-14-2014 4:24 PM

Looking forward for well... everything :)


You're welcome for the compliments

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Tell life I don't want you're damn lemons, and then squeeze them into life's eyes!


2KMember3687 XPSep-14-2014 4:28 PM

Thanks again Allo!!! It really was appreciated.


Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPSep-14-2014 7:02 PM

RAPTOR-401 - I'm greatly looking forward to seeing what you've in store for us with your new projects! Keep up the hard work! :)

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