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Whats with the hate on predator 2??????

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Nov-12-2012 12:30 AM

I watch all of the Alien and Predator movies all the time. i watch avp much less. avp reqieum has left the shelf once this year. this network for scifi movies has caused me to have more of a love for these movies and a better understanding for them. one thing i dont understand is why predator 2 is such a disliked movie. there are several things that i do critscize myself. the fact that arnold didnt get in the movie(him and danny glover would have been epic!!!!!!) it being in the city was not a problem for me, but it was a boring idea so i know how those against the setting feel, and there being no real expansion on the backstory. it was just a repeat of the first one in the city without arnold. it still turned out great though! danny glover's emotion in each and every scene was acted out so well, the action scenes were all intense, there was a better story than the original, and it was a gory. whch i thought fit a predator movie so well. please, everyone, feel free to share your thoughts with me

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4 Responses to Whats with the hate on predator 2??????

Albert West

Nov-12-2012 8:14 PM

I agree with you cuponator3000, Predator 2 was a good movie. I think there are two reasons why Predator 2 was so poorly received. First, Predator was such a great film. When I first saw the movie I just said to myself, "wow, I have never seen anything like this!" The whole feel to the movie is one of suspense and curiosity. What was this thing in the jungle? Then we get to see what the thing is and for me it was like, "awesome, this creature is f###ing amazing." So the problem is, if you are going to make a second movie that follows Predator, how do you recapture that "wow" factor. Predator 2 was unable to deliver and thus a lot of fans were disappointed with it. The second reason why Predator 2 was poorly received was because Arnie was not in the film. Danny Glover is a great actor but the star of the time was Arnie and fans wanting to see more of him. This is only my opinion of course; there may be other people out there who have a better theory....


Nov-13-2012 8:14 PM

I thought Predator 2 was a good film. Sure, it wasn't the same as Predator, but it was still a good movie.


Albert West

Nov-15-2012 7:29 PM

@ Subject 13... I like the idea of a Predator lose in a city. In a jungle some animal killing things is part and parcel... In a city there are no dangerous animals killing people. I would have like to have seen another movie involving Predators having a picnic in a large metropolis....


Dec-15-2012 6:35 PM

I liked Predator 2. However, I feel it showed 'to much' of the predator itself. Like with Alien the mystery surrounding the predator was great and Predator 2 seemed to ruin that a little for me. But still a good film none the less.

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