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What was the first piece of Palaeontology you read/watched?

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NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2014 8:57 PM

As the Title Suggest. 


What was the First book or Movie You ever recall about Dinosaurs?




Was a 1998-ish Jurassic Park Institute Book.


About The Tyranasaurus Rex. 


I actually Probably still have it somewhere.


It was a nice little book. I read it a few months ago. It's designed for Six year olds, but Is still chocked full of Information and such.


My one memory of that book, Will always be the end-- In which, The ghost of a T-rex Roams across the Plains of Alberta and Walks slowly towards the City of Calgary.


The book mentioned Rex scavenged, but also said it hunt. 

*I think this was it...*


If I'm correct, JPI actually hasn't released a book in... Forever... 



Anyways-- What was you first memory of Dinosaurs. A book. A show. A game. 


Earliest one you can think of. 



Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

13 Responses to What was the first piece of Palaeontology you read/watched?


NoobMember30 XPAug-27-2014 11:17 PM



Since I was born in 2001...

I think the first thing I saw, or that I can remember, was JP///...

Brother and parents tell me it was JP the Lost World...but thats what I remember...

Then I think it was When Dinosaurs Roamed America


Tyrant king

NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 3:12 AM

I saw walking ith the dinosaurs by BBC when I was 2.

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPAug-28-2014 6:34 AM

When I was 3, my mom read me a 1980-ish dinosaur book. Then, I started reading a few dinosaur books, and I started playing with dinosaur toys. Soon, I got Jurassic Park 3 on DVD. My interest in dinosaurs really grew...


Now I'm a total dinosaur nut with WWD, Dinosaur, the entire JP trilogy, and Planet Dinosaur on DVD.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 6:49 AM

So pretty much when i got into dinosaurs?


Land Before Time, the first one...quite the childhood memory...


Then it lead up to Discovery Channel's Walking with Dinosaurs episodes (Later to be replaced by Boys vs. Girls, oh gosh the horror...) That was part of it...


Jurassic Park 3 sparked my interest although I saw Jurassic Park Lost world first, so jp3 played a big role for my interest in dinosaurs...(Jurassic Park Og is my favorite btw)


And lastly, the biggest reason as a chld to this day I still love dinosaurs is because of the PaleoArt in Encyclopedia. Favorite artists: Steve White and Julius Csotonyi...Dinosaurs to me were real life dragons! ;) 

 Childhood Nightmare

 “Absence of proof is not proof of absence.” 
― M. Crichton, The Lost World

JP Carnotaur

NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 6:49 AM

First book was when I took an interest in dinosaurs when I was in second grade and it was about the life if a brachiosaurus. My first movie was JP.

The giant gate that read Jurassic Park was ruined. The gates where torn off and their where pieces of them all over the ground. Muldoon saw herbivore foot prints maybe Parasaurs or the Trike herd W


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 7:18 AM

Man, that's a hard one. I have read so many dinosaur books in my life. Including do***entary books, and dinosaur storybooks and novels.

But I think my first book was How Do Dinosaus Sleep. Man I love those books. I don't care how old I am, I still love them. They were what spiked my interest in dinosaurs. I think the first movie I watched was Land Before Time.


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPAug-28-2014 7:28 AM

I forget. Some book I got from the school library when I was four. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 7:43 AM

For me it was WWD.  I was 4 at the time.

"Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived. Second greatest predator must take him down."Roland Tembo"

"Jurassic park: The Lost World"


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 11:35 AM

I forgot about Land before time.



That was one of my Other first experiences.


I was a really good kid when I was little.


I'd wake up at Six AM. Go to the VCR. Sometimes I'd put ina  work out video, Sometimes I'd watch the land before time. (We had a weird VCR Collection) And my parents would stroll out of there rooms at 7-ish...



They were always suprised to see me... 

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

Ultra Predator

NoobMember3 XPAug-28-2014 11:46 AM

I went to dinosuar park and loved them ever since 

( '_')=mm=('_' ) brofist


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 1:10 PM

I got mine from the land before time, for some reason, instead of littlefoot and the gang, I always rooted for the sharptooths. The book I first read was the Magazine, Dinosaurs! We got a whole collection of them at a garage sale. I still read it even though it's outdated. It's awesome.

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Tell life I don't want you're damn lemons, and then squeeze them into life's eyes!

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPAug-28-2014 1:22 PM

Allo, same here. I never root for the good guys. Always the villains. I like villains better, they tend to be cooler. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none


NoobMember0 XPAug-28-2014 1:37 PM

Villains are the best! Another reason I like the sharp toothed better is that they are theropods. My favorite animals are always carnivorous.

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Tell life I don't want you're damn lemons, and then squeeze them into life's eyes!

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