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Spinosaurus: The Internet's Most Overrated Dinosaur

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Lord Vader

Aug-06-2014 9:27 AM

Spinosaurus: The Internet's Most Overrated Dinosaur

Yes, I do know this could piss some people off. No, I don't care how this is viewed.


Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, perhaps the longest and tallest theropod to walk the Earth. At around sixty feet in length, almost twenty two feet in height, upwards of twenty tons in weight, wielding seven foot long arms with claws over a foot long, Spinosaurus seems like an unstoppable monstrosity. Not the case. We don't actually know how big the creature got.

Could it be over sixty feet long? Yes. Could it be over twenty tons in weight? Yes. Could it have seven plus foot long arms with claws over a foot long? Yes. Is this likely? Hell no! It's more like 99.999999999% not a flippin' chance in hell.

First discovered in the Sahara desert in 1912, Spinosaurus's very existence was proven by fragmentary remains that were in poor condition. Just the same, the bones were brought to Germany and looked at before being bombed in World War 2.

Average size estimates for Spinosaurus range anywhere from five to nine tons (scientific), to twelve plus tons (Spinosaurus fanboys). Let's say, by some fanboy miracle, Spinosaurus was over twelve tons in weight, it would likely be unstoppable in its time, as Carcharodontosaurus, a large theropod that lived alongside it, has no fanboys putting it at freakishly (not to mention unreasonably) large.

I will say, quite a dinosaur Spinosaurus is. It's amazing what speculation will do.

From this:

We have this:

On the topic of Spinosaurus being oversized by fanboys, here are two comparisons.


I heard somewhere that the small dinosaur is Allosaurus. Must be a young one I guess.

I also heard that the small dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. That's a funny way of spelling "Gorgosaurus" if you ask me.


And now, here's a link to an event by national geographic, stating Spinosaurus's size. It says over fifty feet long, twenty feet tall, and six tons in weight. Don't believe me? Click here

Back to size, here is a comparison with Spinosaurus that is actually reasonable.

What else makes Spinosaurus overrated by internet fanboys? Since the extreme size is BS, here's more reasons it is overrated. Diet and behaviour.

Let's start with diet. Spinosaurus was mainly piscivorous, meaning it ate mostly fish. I know what you're thinking, the fish it ate were huge. That's why it's assumed Spinosaurus, much like it's relatives, had large arms. How large? No one knows, though it's often speculated at about six feet long. Using it's long, thin jaws and conical teeth, Spinosaurus would be able to grab its prey and hold it in place while the large arms and claws did the dirty work. After killing, or during the process of killing, Spinosaurus would likely walk to shore, drop the fish, and begin eating.

Why the big arms if it would just carry it's victims in its mouth? It needed the arms to be able to reach far enough to actually do anything to said victim. There is no doubt that Spinosaurus would be able to carry its victims in its mouth as it likely didn't catch anything over a ton in weight. For an idea on strength to support Spinosaurus being able to easily carry heavy fish, the Jurassic Fight Club version of Tyrannosaurus Rex (about seven tons in weight) was capable of carrying a five ton Edmontosaurus carcass. It carried something that was over half it's weight, so Spinosaurus should have no trouble lifting and carrying something a mere sixth of its weight.

What does behaviour have anything to do with this? Well, being mainly piscivorous, it would be put into less competition with other predators such as Carcharodontosaurus. Less competition means less fighting, which means not as good at fighting as similar sized, or even smaller predators such as Carcharodontosaurus.

Spinosaurus also had a large sail on its back. It would likely be useful for temperature control, but beyond that, it's only other useful purpose would be making Spinosaurus look larger, a great intimidation tactic. The sail however, was attached to its spine. If Spinosaurus got past the intimidation part of a fight, the sail would be nothing but trouble during the actual fight. If the sail was hit hard enough, or Spinosaurus was knocked onto its back, the fight would be over, as the Spinosaurus would be dead or paralyzed.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

68 Responses to Spinosaurus: The Internet's Most Overrated Dinosaur

Lord Vader

Aug-06-2014 6:13 PM

Carno, please, just stay out of this now. You've said enough, if you have a problem, send me a PM, I'll respond tonight, or tomorrow morning. If I don't respond by then, don't expect a response anytime soon. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Spinosaurus Rex

Aug-06-2014 6:14 PM

Wait, what? You guys dont get absolutely ragey when we say something negative about T-Rex? Please, dont make me laugh, and people can back me up on this. You've already made the mistake of making this discussion. And Catzilla, i have changed and i dont go on rage sprees anymore, Carnosaur can get even worse than i used to.


Aug-06-2014 6:15 PM

Okay, Carnosaur has changed and so have you S-Rex, just try not to call out on others who have been really doing nothing so far in this discussion.



Aug-06-2014 6:16 PM

Even though I am a Spino Fan, I completely understand where you are coming from Mr. Happy. Sometimes I think the same thing. Sometimes I even wonder if the all these bones belong together. Like the spines could be from a Ouranosaurus, and the rest is from a Suchomimus. The bones are probably from a Spinosaurus, but who knows. Since I just read Jurassic Park for the first time (It was an amazing book), that just because we have the bones doesn't mean we know everything about it. We don't know it's behavior, it's if it was in a group or just stayed solo, if it mated for life just during reproduction season. We will probably never know. Although we do know alot, doesn't we know enough.


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

Lord Vader

Aug-06-2014 6:16 PM

Alright, f*ck it. Topic closed. If you have a problem with that send me a PM. Don't expect a response anytime soon though. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Aug-06-2014 6:16 PM

Nobody has said anything negative about it to give us a chance for one.

For two, i haven't raged on anybody in a fairly long time, and i had my personal reasons. Was it ok? nope. But that's in the past, no use in beating the dead horse.

Nature doesn't deceive us; it is we who deceive ourselves.


Aug-06-2014 6:17 PM

calling me out instead of sending any response to my request on you talking about spino? figured as much. 

Nature doesn't deceive us; it is we who deceive ourselves.


Aug-07-2014 7:40 AM

It is not what I would do, but till you guys get along as a comunity I've resolved the items in the following list:

-)Till further notice Spino vs Rex threads, any kind of them will be closed and taken as an attempt of exalt the spirit of the other members.

-)Do not start threads if they are not related with JW. (Yes it is a warning)
Avoid the comments in the SB made with the intention to start conforntations about this subject.

-)Any disagreement you guys have between each other, I will happily help as referee, but it must be handled by PM system, so do not hesitate in PM me if you need solve any trouble.

-)Wich make me think in a reminder: Do not spam and do not take far the things with other memebrs by PM , it is against the rules. (traslation: don't use the Pms to insult others, I will find out).

I dont expect less from you guys than respect of the items I've consigned here.

Guys, I hope you have a good time and fun in the forums; I was thinking to start a new line of threads in JW forums, but now I'm not sure if is a good idea or not, I will think about it in the next days.

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you

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