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Prometheus 2 Plot Theories + Blade Runner 2 & Alien 5

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Aug-05-2014 4:17 PM

Prometheus 2 Plot Theories (Paradise)


Hello everyone, my name is Robert & I am a huge fan of the Alien Franchise + Blade Runner. I am in the camp of people that enjoyed Prometheus and am really excited to see where Prometheus 2 brings us in the Alien Franchise’s next chapter. I feel I was one of the only few people that went into Prometheus knowing it was a Alien Franchise film that was focusing on the Space-Jockey rather than the Xenomorph and was ok with it. Anyway, since 2012 there have been various updates & rumors regarding Prometheus 2 and it’s plot. During this time I have been heavily thinking about what would or could happen in Prometheus 2, as well as what could happen down the line for the Alien franchise. Here are some of my ideas & I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on what could be in Prometheus 2!


What we know so far about the Prometheus Sequel:


-It will follow Shaw & David’s story as they search for the Engineer Homeworld.

-The Deacon Alien is still on LV-223 waiting for prey.

-The 2nd question holographic Weyland asks in Prometheus “What is our purpose?” will be answered. The 1st question “Where do we come from?” was answered in Prometheus on (LV-223), and the 3rd question “What happens when we die?” could be answered in Prometheus 3 or Alien 5 w/ (Xeno-birth Symbolism). 

-David will be repaired by Shaw, and they will leave for Paradise. The ending scene in Prometheus shows the Juggernaut taking off into space. Only David knows how to pilot the Alien Vessel.

-The original draft was re-written by Micheal Green in 2014 and was made more “Alien-y”.


Heavily speculated rumors about the Prometheus Sequel:


-There will be multiple David units. This implies that there’s a chance Yutani will send a military team to LV-223 before a Weyland recon ship can arrive at Zeta II Reticuli. According to the Weyland Corp website time line, Yutani sued Weyland Corp over the rights tot the David model paten which they lost in the 2020s. 

-There will be a Blade Runner sent to track down & take out David and possibly Shaw as they approach the Engineer Homeworld or track them down to their last known location, LV-223. This makes sense because Prometheus uses many of the same symbolism’s from Blade Runner even going as far as to have Peter Weyland mentioned in the Weyland Corp website, his old competitor live in a Pyramid in a City of Angels, and how his creations (Replicants were outdated yet amusing in Weylands opinion). That foreshadowed his own demise as he being the created (like the Replicant Batty) went inside of a pyramid to meet their creator. The twist in Prometheus is that Weyland got terminated like his old friend Tyrell. Personally I would love to see Michael Fassbender & Guy Pearce reprise their roles as Weyland & David in Blade Runner 2 as Tyrell Corp is crumbling with their Replicants as Weyland Corp with their Synthetic Androids are up-rising.

-That Earth will either be in the beginning or almost entire Prometheus 2. Personally, I have a big itch to scratch with this theory. There’s no way Ridley Scott wants to invest most of the time in Prometheus 2 located on Earth if he is Directing or Producing. That’s Blade Runner territory. I would not mind a short glimpse in Act I showing either Yutani Marines or The Blade Runner being hired by Weyland Corp on Earth or even Mars. The article(s) that contain this rumor also state that Elizabeth will be killed off halfway through the plot of Prometheus 2, as a new female heroine from the Yutani military force will take Elizabeth’s place as the lead female heroine. I don’t think that’s logical at all. If Elizabeth were to die at all in Prometheus 2 it would be in a self sacrifice manner akin to Ripley in Alien 3 towards the films conclusion. I do think there will be a new female heroine eventually; perhaps she will be introduced in Prometheus 2. But the spotlight is on Elizabeth for now! Anyway, now onto my plot speculation.


I have tried picking apart the rumors trying to see which ones sounded the most true or intreeging, so my plot theory is based around them.


My Prometheus 2 plot outline speculation:



-Epic visuals just like Prometheus. Perhaps another Engineer flashback into the ancient past. Either of what happened on Earth 2,000 years ago or what happened on LV-223 2,000 years ago. I personally think it will be a battle flashback scene on LV-223, learning what Humanities “True purpose is” as Engineers fall victim to their weapon-ised Aliens. If the intro takes place on ancient Earth again perhaps Ridley Scott is bold enough to go through with the Space-Jesus Engineer theory. This may be too controversial, anyway on with the show!


Act I:

-A Yutani Vessel reaches Zeta II Reticuli.

-David will be shown repaired, flying the vessel towards the Engineer Homeworld. David will no doubt be proudly sitting in the Pilot’s chair as Elizabeth dreams in cryosleep.

-Back on Earth, a Blade Runner is hired by Weyland Corp. to deactivate David-8 & to capture Elizabeth. But let’s the Blade Runner know she’s expendable to.

-The Yutani team wakes up from cryosleep & gets ready for the descent down to LV-223. (A breakfast scene is usually in an Alien film.) 


Act II:

-Elizabeth & David arrive in the Paradise star system. Elisabeth will be woken from sleep & the duo will prepare for their trek. Weather or not they arrive to a thriving civilization or ruins of what once were is hard to speculate. Either way there will be some very interesting character development between Elizabeth & David given the circumstances of their bitter relationship.

-On LV-223, the Yutani team begins their descent down to the surface. The crashed Juggernaut, Vickers Lifeboat, & The Pyramids will all be explored by military & science teams. The Engineer & Trilobite remains will be an important find for them. The Deacon will be waiting for it’s first victim in the shadows….

-Back on Paradise, Elizabeth and David run into living Engineers. It’s hard to predict, but I think they will be the Elder Engineers from the intro of Prometheus. If there are more Bio-Suit Engineers I think they are perhaps still in cryo-sleep on LV-223 or another instillation. Perhaps LV-426 has another instillation?

-An unknown vessel (the Blade Runner) arrives near the Engineer Homeworld. (Or near LV-223) Depending which signal the Blade Runner is following. Either David’s Head or the transmission Shaw left at the end of Prometheus.

-By this point on LV-223, the Yutani teams will have encountered the Deacon, Xeno-worms, & Black goo. This far in the story we will know which characters from the Yutani team are good people from the corporate assholes. 

-While David translates for Elizabeth, she learns her answers. I have no idea if whatever Engineers they encounter will be malevolent or benevolent with their motives. After they hear her story, I’d imagine the Engineers would want to see for themselves what happened on LV-223 bringing Elizabeth and David along to investigate. I’d imagine this news would be like a intergalactic police investigation for the living Engineers.

-The Blade Runner will attack David perhaps on Paradise or track them down on LV-223 in staid of even following them to the Engineer Homeworld. (Bare with me here, it’s hard trying to figure any of the plot out based on Rumors. At this point, things become hard to predict and many things are left open ended as well.)


Act III:

-Elizabeth/David + Elder Engineers, The Yutani Teams, The Blade Runner, The Potential Bio-Suited Engineer(s), and The Deacon will all confront each other. Utter chaos!

-Some groups potentially could team together like good people from the Yutani Marines joining with Elizabeth & David. I could see the Elder Engineers betraying Elizabeth for whatever motive or even Bio-Suited Engineers doing the same if they “aligned” themselves with Humans temporarily. 

-Depending at what point the Deacon is at in it’s evolution, we will learn if it evolves into a queen or not. If it is a queen and is laying Eggs, I’d imagine Elizabeth would want the Planet destroyed. Perhaps a Weaponized-Dropship from the Yutani Protagonist(s) could assist with a mission or perhaps a bomb detonator. Whatever method is available for Elizabeth to kill the Deacon/Xenomorphs and or Bad Engineers, it’s in her character to go to the extremes with every scenario. Elizabeth has evolved from a frail Archeologist into a fierce warrior ready to fight.

-Elizabeth will confront her “Engineers” as the new Military Protagonists will fight off waves of Xeno’s or just the singular Deacon (Depending if the Deacon becomes a queen or not)

-Both fights could lead to the same location.


(Every Alien film has a short “Act: VI” where a final grand finale confrontation occurs before the end like the Alien Shuttle scene, Aliens Sulaco Hangar scene, Alien 3 Ripley Death scene, Alien Resurrection Newborn scene, and the Prometheus Engineer pursues Shaw scene.) Here are multiple thoughts that I thought were interesting.


Act VI: 

-The Blade Runner tries one last time….

-A David-9 model from Yutani corners Shaw, David-8 somehow saves the day and shouts “Get away from her, YOU BASTARD!”

-The Deacon tries one last time….

-The Engineers try one last time….

-After whatever threat is dealt with, the survivors will escape & head towards Earth or another location.

-Elizabeth may sacrifice herself similar to the same way Ripley died in Alien 3. With Christian symbolisms being shown.

-If Elizabeth dies, the new female protagonist will most likely be a female Yutani Grunt.


Thank you for reading! Once again let me know what you think on my theories. I am uber excited for Prometheus 2!


BUT WAIT…. It’s not over yet! I did a little research and have an idea when we could start seeing major Prometheus 2 news spring up! 


-Prometheus 2 was green lit after the first Prometheus came out in 2012.

-Prometheus went into pre-production in April 2010 w/ graphic designs.

-Principle photography began in March 2011, lasted 82 days.

-1st major news of Prometheus in July 2011, Lindelof announces (use of mostly practical effects.)

-Filming started July 11th, 2011.

-September 2011, filming locations moved.

-December 10th 2011 filming ended.

-Post production ended March 2012.

-NA Prometheus came out June 8th, 2012.


Basing a Prometheus 2 Production deadline theory on Prometheus’s Production history


-Pre-production started in February 2014 w/ finished script & possible leaked graphic designs.

-Principle photography would have to take place around December 2014.

-Filming would have to start around April 2015.

-Filming would have to end around September 2015.

-Post Production would end around December 2015.

-Prometheus 2 comes out March 4th, 2016


If this is not the case and if we get pictures of The Martian’s (Ridley Scott’s next film) in staid of pics of Prometheus 2 in December 2014, then I fear one of 2 things: Prometheus 2 will be produced by Ridley Scott & directed by someone else, or Ridley Scott is post poning working on Prometheus 2. I really hope Prometheus comes out sooner than later in 2016 with Scott directing or producing.




Prometheus 3 could be the perfect cross over of Prometheus into the Alien franchise. Alien 5 should be Prometheus 3. The survivors of Prometheus 2 could link up with any of the survivors from Alien 3, Alien Ressurection, & the Alien video games. (Character with canon Alien stories.) 


Possible Characters that survived an Alien Franchise story film or videogame:


Prometheus 2

-Elizabeth & David: after Prometheus, we saw our duo heading towards the Engineer homeworld with the Deacon still on LV-223. We shall see if they survive their encounters after Prometheus 2!

-New Female Character: Rumors are going around that a new female soldier will be in Prometheus 2 apart of the Yutani or Weyland Military team that goes down to find out what happened to the Prometheus. Weather or not this character exists in the Prometheus 2 script or if it’s just false rumor is unknown. She could be a Vasques-esque character that would stand out from Ripley, Shaw, & Vickers.


Alien 3

-Morse: After Alien 3, Morse is the last survivor from Fiorina 161 prison colony. I could see him now running a religious monetary if he ever got out of Weyland/Yutani containment. Aspects from the “Wooden Planet” draft of Alien 3 could be used.


Alien Resurrection:

-Ripley 8 & the Pirates: Ripley’s clone leads a group of survivors through a military vessel. At the end of Resurrection, Ripley, Cal, Johnnor, & Vriess are the only survivors after they stop the starship from crashing into Earth. I could see the group hiding away from the company after those events, perhaps still in the sol system on Earth, The Moon, Mars, or a random colony in the cosmos! 


Aliens: Colonia Marines:

-Hicks: I know what you’re thinking, “why did this guy just bring up that let down of a game?” Here’s why, because 20th Century Fox declared it canon to the Alien Franchise. So after the events of ACM, the survivors head towards the Xenomorph Homeworld, how the company got the coordinates from the derelict Engineer beats me, but I wouldn’t mind if everyone except Hicks & the Bishop model to be killed cause the other characters are flat. But I do think that Prometheus 3/Alien 5 should perhaps have this story line intertwine to bring Hicks & Ripley back in a way. 


Alien Isolation:

-This game still hasn’t been released, but perhaps there will be survivor(s) after the game that could be candidates! We will find out.


ALIEN 5/PROMETHEUS 3 Plot Theory ideas:


I’d like to think of Alien 5 being akin to Aliens being an action roller coaster with horror elements! I can imagine Alien 5 being Aliens on Crack. Not so much relying on claustrophobic close quarters horror, rather using massive size & overwhelming forces to evoke psychological help-less horror. Prometheus was more like a expedition/adventure story in space with horror elements. Prometheus 2 has already been reported to have the script re-written to be more “Alieny” hinting more horror. So for Alien 5/Prometheus 3 I’d love to see all the surviving Veteran Actors reprise their roles one last time to kick ass!


Possible Titles:

-ALIEN 5, ALIEN: Revelations, ALIEN: Apocalypse, PROMETHEUS 3, PROMETHEUS: Hades. (I’m sure a better title than these will be used, I kinda like the basic ALIEN 5 or PROMETHEUS 3 personally!)


Possible Settings: 

-Earth, Mars, Random Mining Colony, Alpha Centauri Prison-Monetary Station, LV-223, & Xenomorph Prime.


Act I:

-Either Elizabeth Shaw (or New Female Soldier Protagonist) are awakened by a team of Mining vessels near Mars in 2392, hundreds of years past their time after the events of Prometheus 2. Ten years after the events of Alien Resurrection, Ripley 8, Cal, Johner & Vriess have been hiding as refugees from the United Systems Military & Weyland-Yutani on various planets such as Mars, Earth & the Moon. After being transferred to Earth for questioning by the USCM, The Protagonist(s) run into Ripley & The Pirates from Alien Resurrection and learn about some of the Xenomorph outbreaks that have occurred since the events of Prometheus 2.

-Vriess piloting the Betty near the Mars/Jupiter Asteroid field in space intercepts an escape pod from an unknown vessel. He lands the vessel on Earth in the outskirt wasteland where the group is hiding out. It is shown to be USCM Corporal Dwayne Hicks inside the cryo-tube. Hick’s explains what happened before and after all the events from Aliens: CM after his crew & the vessels black box are both destroyed by a Weyland/Yutani ship while on route to the Xenomorph Homeworld to destroy it. Hick’s explains his confusion since how he saw Ellen Ripley die on Fury 161 300 years prior, and was taken away with the inmate Morse then kept on LV-426. He shows disappointment after learning she’s a clone with Alien DNA. Cal hacks an identification database and finds Morse’s last known location in the Alpha Centauri Star System. 

-Before they leave they contact the remnant USCM HQ’s on Earth, Mars, and a near by Mining Colony. Every Admiral is surprised to hear that Hicks is still alive centuries after his time. They all have encountered the Xenomorph’s since his time & believe his story. They each are only able to send one dropship plus one cargo carrier for the three shuttles due to a recent civil war between the USCM remnant and the corrupt USM in the Sol System. Each drop-ship contains 10 highly trained Colonial Marine security forces for reinforcements. 

-When the drop-ships arrive they depart for the Monetary Station. They find a lone Station flotaing near a planet and dock in the hangar.

-The group goes into Morse’s “Wooden Planet Sanctuary” for information. The only things Morse is able to tell them is about his contact with an Alien on Fiorina 161, before his transfer to multiple prisons across space. He talks about how the company kept him in cryo-sleep for 200 years because he publically talked about his encounter with an Alien. He also talks about how he was re awakened to a Asteroid-mining Prison Colony. While inside, he actually met another prisoner who had an encounter with an Alien on a planetoid called LV-223 in the Zeta II Reticuli star system. He tells how he befriended the inmate and exchanged stories of their survival. He learned that LV-223 has a series of Ancient Pyramids from a long forgotten race of Sentient Aliens. Morse then explains how one day a prison riot allowed the inmates a chance to get to the escape pods, and how his befriended inmate didn’t make it out of the prison riot as he was shot down by security before making it in the pod. He assures them their answers are there.

-They head for LV-223 to get the location of the Xenomorph Homeworld. Elizabeth (Or the potential new female Protagonist from Prometheus 2) could express dis-interest about returning to this world, but could be comforted by Ripley 8 who had to do the same in the lab she was created (Alien Resurrection) or of her former life on LV-426. (Referencing Aliens)

-When they get there they see the wreckage of every event that occurred near the pyramid desert. Hicks, Johnor, and half of the marines wait near the entrance as a look out patrol. Inside the Pyramids, Only Ripley & Cal will be able to see the ultra-violet light of the Engineer technology. They find a vessel beneath the Pyramid. Cal is able to access the computer & finds the location of the Xenomorph Homeworld.


Act II:

-A Weyland-Yutani starship hovers down from the sky. Hicks, Johnnor, & the Marines run into the pyramid asking for their map coordinates, as well as warning them of the large vessel that arrived.

-Hundreds of security forces exit the large vessel and search each of the Pyramids. A single platoon surrounding a well dressed Man enter the Pyramid the group entered. One of the three squads of Marines waits near the corridor. As company forces enter a firefight ensues. Eventually the security forces overwhelm them as Hicks & Johnnor try to retreat to the Juggernauts control room. Johnner stays behind so Hicks can get to the control room. Johnners is shot down in front of Hicks. A squad consisting of fifty Company Security troops enter the room and they are forced to surrender. 

-The Man in the coat enters. He introduces himself as Mr. Weyland, CEO of Weyland/Yutani. He expresses how surprised he was that a ship got to LV-223 before his did. He tells the group about the Company’s economic downfall after their encounter with the Xenomorph, first starting with the events on LV-223 in 2093. He also expresses being surprised there is still a pyramid on the moon that hadn’t been cleaned out for Engineer Urns to “study”. He sends his Androids to the Engineer Vessel computer to retrieve the home-world. The group are given the choice to join them on their quest to the Alien home-world, or to all be imprisoned far away on a prison colony in the outer rim.

-They are put into cryo-sleep aboard Weyland/Yutani starship. The Betty, and the 3 USCM drop-ship’s are put in the cargo bay.

-A unknown amount of time later, Ripley 8, Elizabeth Shaw (or the new Female Protagonist from Prometheus 2), Cal, Vriess, and the 24 surviving Marines are awakened from cryo-sleep. They are all treated as crew by the company, not prisoners. Weyland steps in the cryo-bay and gives them their gear & weapons back, stating they know they are out gunned to disrespect his hospitality. At breakfast, they are offered back their ships if they offer themselves as his personal security force when they arrive. They reluctantly agree. 

-Cal is taken to the tech room to have her memory chip uploaded. In private Ripley 8, Elisabeth (or new Female Protagonist from P2), Vriess, and any other protagonists come up with a plan.

-Weyland has everyone meet up for mission briefing in the Hangar Bay. He introduces Commander Bana, a former USCM Admiral gone rouge. Vriess requests permission to stay on the starship due to his disability. Weyland surprisingly agrees.

-Once they enter the Planet’s atmosphere, they see what appears to be large Alien plant life moving chaotically consuming everything constantly. A large structure with arches is seen in a valley. The Alien plant life evacuates the area that the drop-ship’s land. Half of the Weyland-Yutani security force is ordered to wait outside if anything goes wrong. 

-The massive structure shows off artistic architecture with an eerie yet alluring design. The art becomes more graphic inside the pyramid. The group passes a massive chamber with a single Head monolith in the center. Weyland stays in this chamber with his androids & the crew. He sends security parties to keep exploring inside and outside  the pyramid. 

-Inside the main chamber, neon green lights start glowing through the eerie fog. A sarcophagus-like device arises from the center chamber and opens apart like a flower. A 14 foot tall bio-suited Engineer with female features awakens from cryo-sleep as a mechanical throne forms beneath her feet. Mechanical arms place what appears to be a crown on her head. The Alien goddess towers above the Humans & Androids. Cal begins talking to her in different languages until she responds to one, Ancient Sumerian. The Engineer asks how they found this place. Cal responds and asks if this is the Xenomorph Homeworld. The Engineer responds saying it’s home to many forms of life she’s created, as well as the former home of another race. Ripley 8 begins to cringe, the Engineer being able to enter her mind telepathically due to them both having Alien-DNA. The Engineer says she knows what she’s thinking, and that this place can’t be destroyed and that Weyland can’t harvest any Life or Technology. She referees to herself as the balance between chaos and serenity, and declares if the balance is upset they will suffer the wrath of the Empress Xenomorph Queen Mother, the pinnacle of evolution for the Xenomorph Species. Immediately She activates another device giving her hand projectile anti-matter weapons. A blast is shot at Mr. Weyland’s head exposing white Android blood. The dozens of troops start firing at the Engineer who already has her armor-suit on. Thousands of Xenomorphs begin start pouring through the ceiling. A massive wall opens behind the head mural. A gargantuan 100 ft Xenomorph is reviled as well as multiple Xenomorph Queens producing various eggs. It’s shown to be the Xenomorph Empress. The female Engineer taunts the group, now telepathically amplifying her voice in English through the massive structure. She tells them the Xenomorph Empress is more intelligent than her yet she can control her with her “crown” device. And assures anyone who submits peacefully will painlessly “resurrected into the afterlife” (symbolism for the Xenomorph life cycle.)

-The ground team patrolling the outside reports massive Alien lifeorms approaching from all corners of the valley although none of the lifeforms show to be aggressive towards them.

-The protagonists, Colonial Marines, & the Company Guards rush out of the corridors like a stampede herd. Hundreds of Xenomorphs swarm the diverting groups rushing out of the corridors. 


-The remaining Weyland-Yutani survivors rush back to their shuttle closing it off before the Protagonists can enter.

-On the outskirts of the planet, the unknown Plant/Alien life begins closing in around the temple, conuming the massive Alien life that the Patrols saw outside the pyramid.


Act III:

-Inside the Weyland-Yutani starship, Vriess pulls out 2 hidden guns from his chair and kills the two security guards in the hangar. After hacking the hangar door terminal & control of the dropships he rolls his way into The Betty. Vries programs the drop-ship’s to autopilot behind The Betty into space.

-Outside of the Pyramid, the large Alien Plant life begins closing in surrounding the valley. The Protagonist’s fight off waves of Xenomorphs. 

-Unexpectedly, a USCM fleet arrives near the Alien Homeworld. Hick’s drop-ship is holding off enemy fire when they receive their transmission over the com-link.

-Admiral Bana sends all remaining troops to the gunships & turrets in a last minute defense against the on coming fleet.  

-Hick’s gunship & the survivors in The Betty swiftly dock in The USCM flagship, The Augusta. Admiral Nimit lets Hicks know they got the coordinates from beacons they secretly installed in each of the shuttles nav computers as well as their transport carrier.

- Ripley 8 tells Elizabeth (or the new female Protagonist from Prometheus 2) to make sure they blow up the planet. Ripley 8 decides to have the Betty drop her off back on the planets surface. After drop off She safely walks towards the structure as the Alien Plant life doesn’t harm her. She walks into the entrance. Various Xenomorphs observe Ripley 8 but do not attack her either. Ripley 8 walks into the main chamber and confront the Engineer Guardian. After a brief altercation Ripley shoots her in the head. The Xenomorphs begin chaotically screaming. The Empress disconnects herself from the mounted throne and stares face to face with Ripley. Ripley Immediately puts on the head-piece. All the Xenomorphs become silent as Ripley touches the bottom jaw of the Xenomorph Empress. 

-The USCM starships overwhelm the Weyland-Yutani forces.

-Hick’s detonates the bomb from orbit. The surface of the planet flashes with light explosions.


Act VI:

-Trailing behind the Augusta is the Xenomorph Empress, who is shown to be able to fly out of the Planet’s atmosphere and into space at great speed.

-A ferocious final battle takes place.

-The bitch is dealt with, at more great cost....



-Ripley 8

-Elizabeth Shaw (or new Female Protagonist from Prometheus 2)

-Corp. Hicks







-Mr. Weyland

-Commander Bana 

-Female Engineer Alien

-Xenomorph Empress




Blade Runner is one of my favorite scifi films of al time. I love how Ridley Scott crossed the franchises with Alien via easter eggs in Prometheus. I never read Philup K Dick’s sequel to “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?” so I am not sure how exactly Blade Runner 2 could pan out. All that I know is that I want a young Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) & a proto-David Android (Michael Fassbender) make their way into at least 1 scene of the film.



If you made it this far take a breather, and let me know after some of your thoughts!! Thank you everyone & may the force be with you all!!


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