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Snatcher: A Visual Analysis

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Jul-29-2014 12:13 AM

[url=]Snatcher: A Visual Analysis (Sega CD)[/url] Just had to share this because Snatcher was influenced by Blade Runner and Terminator. Also, this game was created by the famous Hideo Kojima. 171 pictures just by clicking the link above! Here is one that I wanted to share and when you scroll down to the bottom in the link, click on "View the entire album" to see all 171 screenshots/photos [img][/img] [img][/img]

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Jul-29-2014 11:58 PM

Cool,thanks for posting this :) I had a Sega CD gaming unit. Lotsa fun. They had a few puzzle games that weren't too bad. This one is called Rise of the Dragon. If they didn't get into copyright trouble with the Blade Runner franchise they might have come pretty close to a law suit. [url=]Rise of the Dragon video[/url]


Aug-04-2014 3:51 AM

Enter_the_Red_Dragon.gif RED_DRAGON.jpg from Red Dragon


Click the thumbs
to enlarge.
by Tsuyoshi Watanabe


image.jpg NieR RepliCant from Square Enix

I am familiar with the SNATCHER game; however, not with RISE OF THE DRAGON (very amusing). Most of my favorite vintage games, were among the ATARI vector-graphic based ones (1980s arcade versions). I haven't been much of a gamer, since my late teens. Although, I don't mind watching someone (if it's interesting). I guess I am more so voyeuristic when it comes to that these days. And how I came to know of the PS3 title shown above.

Thanks Tetris + Dale!


Bonus links:
Snatcher Strip
Uncensored Rise
Mean Like a Dragon


Aug-06-2014 2:17 AM

god damnit sawa, just marry me already. Every single one of ur posts are filled with pics/links and just awesome stuff that makes me wonder how the HELL you find all these neat stuff! Also, is the rise of the red dragon only available on the japanese PSN store? I have a north american PS3 at the moment but I do have a japanese dreamcast (such an amazing system)


Aug-10-2014 10:53 AM


Plus an interesting observation to add, and in-relation to the BR logo/font. I noticed that Deckard's silhouette is similar to the one used in CHARLIE'S ANGELS (1976-81). And just as the BR font-style is to the STARSKY & HUTCH (1975-79) one. Both hit-series were produced by American Primetime TV mogul Aaron Spelling.

36648_TBRO.gif The Big Red One from


Thanks + you're welcome, Tetris.
Bonus links:
PC Rise
Hardcopy Rise
The Running Man

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