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Should BR2 toy with audience?

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NoobMember0 XPMay-16-2014 5:06 PMAfter the recent news about Harrison Ford being offered the role for Blade runner 2, I thought about something that would make for a good discussion. Now just in case, if you haven't caught up with the latest BR2 news then I suggest you go here really quick: [url=]Harrison Ford in Talks to Return for "Blade Runner 2"[/url] One line from the link/url above had me thinking, copy/pasted here: [b]"Story details are being kept a secret, but it's been revealed that it will take place several decades after the 1982 original"[/b] Now if the rumors are true about the story being set several decades AFTER the original BR 1982 movie, do you think the writer/director should toy with the audience by letting them decide if Rick Deckard is a replicant or not? Since there is quite a few cuts of the original blade runner movie, several viewers may not even know if Rick Deckard is even a replicant or not depending on which cut of the film they watched, right? So if those same viewers end up seeing Blade Runner 2, should the movie indicate clues or possibly suggest that Rick Deckard is a replicant or should they just keep all that hush hush? Another thing, I also wonder how the writer or director will present Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2 as he plays his Rick Deckard character. Since if he is truly human they will obviously just show him as his old age/self unless they put tons of make up on him and try to make him look the same as in blade runner 1 since replicants don't age, correct? Anyways, if there is anything that i am forgetting or mixed something up, let me know and I will correct it. I just thought this would be an interesting debate /discussion depending on the viewers since some viewers that have seen Blade Runner never even thought or suggested that Rick Deckard was a replicant/robot but that's probably due to whatever cut of Blade Runner they saw I supposed? So should blade Runner 2 embrace that? Should they go more into details about the mystery of Rick Deckard character or should they just focus on whomever is the bad guys/enemies in the sequel?
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2KAdmin4317 XPMay-16-2014 6:34 PMIt would be a really bad idea to toy with the audience. I doubt they will do it. Also, trying to get that news up but with Chris updating the sites it's been impossible. O:


NoobMember0 XPMay-17-2014 2:34 AMi'd be interested to see where this goes, there is the fact that new situations could not imitate old ones. you would no longer have the bradbury building, because sebastion was killed. roy batty couldn't come back, because his death was so enigmatic an maybe replicants start out looking shiny an new but they can put on weight or age because they are biological,genetic. even your toaster gets, grubby,battered and worn out philip dicks book was a masterpiece of understatement. a story you wouldn't even know was happening if it weren;t for the fact you were reading it. the film was like that, a very private story set in a lonely world please ridley, don't turn it into a space opera. keep all the subtlety and nuance that roy batty,ridley,vangelis,syd mead. provided i want to see the small insular world that ridley showed us the first time i always think of the first film as the worlds most private, lonely, expensive and action packed arthouse movie fishkettlebanana :)


NoobMember4 XPMay-17-2014 7:39 AM

I prefer not to speculate; although, anything is possible. I would just like to think I will be very pleasantly surprised, at this point.

Thanks Tetris.




NoobMember10 XPMay-17-2014 12:43 PMThat's a good point Tetris911. Ridley has sort of been a bit wishy washy about Deckard being a replicant. He did say once that Deckard was a replicant.Harrison denied the claim,then it got really quiet. Now he's gotta put his cards on the table over that matter :)


NoobMember0 XPMay-17-2014 11:47 PMExactly djrees56! Sooner or later Ridley is going to have to figure out something since he can't just ignore it. Another thing we need to ask ourselves is this, do we want to see Rick Deckard as his young self while not aging or do we want to see an older Rick Deckard as his body ages in the sequel?
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