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STARLOG Magazine (Issues: #52 to #184)

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NoobMember0 XPMay-04-2014 11:57 AMthank you Sawa this is a real treat. i used to have these and had collected them from the time of their publication. i cherished them for twenty years then ten years ago i found that a stupid ex girlfriend who had a dislike of Science fiction had put them in the bin and the bin had been emptied that day along with three boxes of books on syd mead, giger, and chris foss. her answer "it's just ****ography" i felt like taking a blowtorch to her wardrobe at the time good to have them back fishkettlebanana :)


2KAdmin4298 XPMay-07-2014 4:01 AMThis is amazing, thank you Sawa. <3


NoobMember4 XPMay-08-2014 11:56 PM
Screaming_for_Vengeance_Doug_Johnson_82.jpg Screaming for Vengeance (aka The Hellion, 1982) by Doug Johnson

I gave nearly all my old SCI-FI books and magazines away when my interests shifted gears, significantly. I kept a little bit though, of which I still have. It's fun to see these in-whole once again. And in hindsight, 1982 was one of the best overall for the genre.


Issues #66 + #68 don't have much for BR material, but a bit in the Mailbag. Several of these later issues listed, I've never read before now.

Zhora_BR.jpg You're reading a magazine. You come across a full-page 'almost' nude photo of a girl.

The interview with Joanna Cassidy in #135 was very good. As in-conjunction with another article, there's more indication that Ridley likely attempted to remove the nudity from the film. However, producer Alan Ladd Jr. complained at one of the screening meetings; in regards to the removal of Zhora's bare ****.

The script called for Zhora to be completely nude the entire time. And including while being chased by Deckard through Chinatown, under the transparent coat (Joanna asked Ridley for this to be changed). Maybe in the end, Joanna's brief nudity was mostly re-inserted at Alan's request, mostly. I think the nudity is very effective in Zhora's segment, myself.

by Kazuhisa Shiromi & Jiro Hasegawa

The above is a comic-book parody, published by MILK TANK; however, I haven't seen this one myself. So I have no idea of the exact contents, other than it's classified as 18+ material. And this would be somewhat censored according to Japanese law restrictions, and in Japanese language only (aside from the cover). I've read some debate before related to whether or not this was an actual product. And of which, they were unable to tell (yes, it's 100% true/real). Although, I believe not something recommended to BR-collectors living outside of Japan.

I once read a very interesting forum topic discussion elsewhere; attempting to determine the other magazines in BR. And not the ones featured in Cinefantastique Magazine. A few of them were flagged to be real, also possibly ****ographic in nature, too. And as well, another commonalty with A L I E N.

Hell_Bent_For_Leather_by_Toxic_Vision_Clothing.jpg Hell Bent for Leather by Toxic Vision Clothing

I'd translate the ex's statement into her not liking you looking at even untouchable space-babes. And she used that as an excuse to get rid of the whole-lot of your undesirables. I'm happy to be able to assist in the digital return of these, Mr. FKB.

And you're both very welcome!


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