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Star wars the clone wars, And SW Rebels Ranting/ideas

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NoobMember0 XPApr-25-2014 11:01 AM


*Potential spoilers, read at own risk*


Who watched the last 13 episodes Dubbed "The lost missions" on netflix? (I'm currently on seven)


Now, When i found out, that The clone wars, was being cancelled to make way for "Star wars: Rebels" I was ticked.


I had grown up with the release of the actual movie (Back in 02), And revenege of the sith in... 05, 04? Something like that... Then the tv series, from its initial movie release, all the way to season Six. (Or shall i say, Season, Sixty six?) I enjoyed it, it went more in depth to something more over looked and less understood then Prior to Palpatines rise to power. 


I've seen the trailers for SW Rebels, AND IN MY OPIONON, they aren't too good... Sure, They have some nice characters, Potential for an interesting story arc there but... They're standing on the shoulders of the clone wars... 


The new series, is about a crew on a ship, Known as "Ghost" They certainly are a misfit bunch... We've got a Mandelorion, A Twi'lek, A jedi, An astromech, A human, And... I forget what the last blokes name is... 


I've seen the concept art, I can't tell if they're joking or not about the Storm Troopers helemts... They're like water melons... XD. 


Another reason why I don't think Rebels will be a hit is... Well, The clone wars, Is supposed to lead into the beggining of the third episode... That didn't happen. Many loose ties were left. (Cough Cough, Ashoka, Fives,) 


I feel that Rebels, Is disney trying to show that Lucas Films, is theres... Cancelling the current on going project, Is a way to do that.



Enough Ranting for one day... Now, lets Look at the good side to the new series.... (I guess...) 


I will admit, Rebels has potential, Everyone, Secretly Likes the empire... It will be good to see them re-appear before a "Expected" Return in Episode 7... 


The madelorion, Sabine, I believe there is a connection inbetween her, And Satine. (Like Satines sister who came to rescue her, But Satine died...) 


So little is actually known, I feel my Sckeptisism May just be my mind mad because The clone wars was cancelled, and this won't live up to that...


Now, Back to season 6...


Ended too soon man.


Anyways, I came up with a theory about the clones...  Somehow, Fives (Who removed his chip) Is absent during the Change of power, Between the republic, and Empire... He obviously Could not execute Order 66... I believe, He and Shaak Ti, Escaped the destruction of the Jedi Temple... Presumably, Together... Its stated in the Extend universe that She went to felucia to live out her life... Maybe Fives went with her?


(More needs to be explained on that... I Wish, That The Rebels series, Uses, Everything, That was left behind For them...)



In lack of anything else I have to talk about... 


I look foreward to the continuation of explanations inbetween the episodes... But I wish, For ties to be kept.

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

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