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Dino Safari

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Apr-06-2014 12:42 AM

Hello...yep that's all the welcome you get.

So, I found this game for androids, iphones, etc. called Dino Safari. I got it, and I's fun, pteranodons come out of nowhere and kill you, and if you hear the sound of a spino or t rex, you're screwed. The game is deffinately thrills you, when a dino comes out of nowhere and eats you, it will scare the crap out of you.

In the game you start out in a jeep, you can get out of the jeep and roam around, shoot from the jeep, and even have a personal driver (don't shoot the drive, or you'll get 5 points deducted...and don't do it three times...). When you walk, you have a powerful sidearm, and that's it. The idea of the game is to shoot the dinosaurs and get money to but things like dinosaurs, vehicles (horse, motorcycle), weapons (gas canisters, proxi mines), and supply tents.

Here are all the animals in the game.

-Raptor (dangerous, can out run)

-Parasauralophus (will step on you, but generally runs away, can't ou run)

-Pteranodon (dangerous and hard to shoot, shooting wings doesn't work, can't out run)

-Dimetrodon (harmless, can out run)

-Triceratops (sometimes scared jeep and will run away but will most of the time charge you, can't out run)

-Velociraptor (dangerous, can't out run)

-Dilophosaurus (dangerous, can't out run)

-Dunkleosteus (mildly dangerous, can't out run)

-Insectorsaurus (mildly dangerous, can't out run)

-Euoplocephalus (will kill you sometimes, can't out run)

-Brontosaurus ( will step on you, can out run)

-Sarcosuchus (dangerous, can out run, but if you get in water he swims fast)

-T-rex (dangerous, only sees you if you move [that's a downside], unless you're in a vehicle, don't even try to run, faster than jeep)

-Spinosaurus (dangerous, don't even try to run, faster than jeep)

It's a really good game, check it out.




There is a sequel to this game, but I don't have it.

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

8 Responses to Dino Safari

Lord Vader

Apr-06-2014 4:01 AM

I've played that game. A tip for Rex and Spino; aim for the head.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Apr-06-2014 8:56 AM

wow! I am downloading it! thanks for the tips!

Sci-Fi King25

Apr-06-2014 9:33 AM

I just got Dino Safari 2. I haven't played the first, but I used to play Carnivores, which I reccomend.


“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Apr-06-2014 9:50 AM

I believe I had it... I got so tired of being killed by the simplest things (Shot my driver over 9 times)...



Try "Carnivores" Its a lot better...

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


Apr-07-2014 12:00 AM

I had Carnivores, great game, but I accidently deleted it from my android. Both games are good, I like the weapons of Carnivores and the graphics of Dino Safari. Plus it doesn't take as long to kill an animal, and the sizes are better (except for dunkleosteus). There are more maps that are bigger in Carnivores. I've found lots of secret caves in Carnivores, one is underwater and another has dino eggs.

There isn't really a special way to kill any dinos in the game, go can shoot its foot or ass a couple times and it'll die. But really, don't shoot the pteranondon's wings, it don't work.

I forgot to mention that they have bugs that live in holes in the ground, they'll try to kill you.

I recommend both Carnivores and Dino Safari, I didn't do a Carnivores thread because I figured that everyone has already heard of it before.


Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.


Apr-07-2014 12:17 AM

And you're welcome Tyrant963. ;)

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

Sci-Fi King25

Apr-09-2014 6:20 AM

Oooohhhh, so in Dino Safari 2 those were tiny Dunkleosteus that leaped out of the water and killed me.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


May-14-2014 9:38 AM

Yep, but the description they give is wrong. They said it was 11 meters and 4 tonnes, which the largest of the species is, but in the game they are about 2 ft. long and 10 lbs.

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

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