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Alternate Deacon Fan Art

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Mar-21-2014 4:51 PM

 So what do you all think?

 *image assistance by Freeze

Big things have small beginnings.
8 Responses to Alternate Deacon Fan Art


Mar-22-2014 1:43 AM

I love this, it's a tad "out there" but, i do like the embrace (Shaw) and the morph aspects. Well done. I am inspired to make one of my own ;) Why does the Deacon have tech highlighted markings in it's cranium area? Weyland project perhaps? David 8 knew it all along

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Mar-22-2014 2:09 AM

Thank you :), i was thinking more like a religious cult marking by The Engineers wich glows only in certian light like the slime David touches opening the chamber in the pyramid. Maybe because the Engineers them selves believes they have become gods. 

Big things have small beginnings.

Necronom 4

Mar-22-2014 3:25 AM

Fantastic! Very well done!

The poster was good though!



Mar-22-2014 4:05 AM

Very impressive! :-) Those tentacles reminds me of the Giant Facehugger. It could be very possible that the adult deacon has gigantic tentacles because there is still the DNA of the Facehugger and the Enginner. Powerful and tall like an Engineer and gigantic like the Giant Facehugger... If those characteristic are dominant, then it will be... 


Mar-22-2014 4:47 AM

Nice Work like the tentcles.... it pretty much looks like what someone told me the Alien in Prometheus looked like at the time when faked screenings was around before the movie release.

This person told me a few things about the movie and described the Alien as same as what you have drawn.... however we now know near all them reports was fake...

Who remembers when most of them claimed it was Weyland in the Space Jockey Suit/Pilot Chair lol

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Mar-22-2014 12:15 PM

Thanx :) i was inspired by the Old script Alien Engineers , cant remember The writers name ,If you like My art check Out my deviant art page on The Link :)

Big things have small beginnings.


Mar-25-2014 1:45 PM

Wow, really amazing work, thanks for sharing it with us!


Mar-26-2014 6:06 PM

Please make a fan comic or a graphic novel!

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