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Animal searching that appears in BR

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Feb-26-2013 11:18 PM

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [i]Abdul Hassan has a snake wrapped around his neck, is a Boa, but the snake was always applied to the rack of Zhora was a Python. On Roy Batty capture, It should be noted that the double eagle grade 33 in the fireplace. In Tyrell dressing gown appears the emblem of owl. Other animals, next to market are horse, ostrich and the mapache caged, and dont forget Sebastian s plush ostrich.[/i] [i][/i] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

13 Responses to Animal searching that appears in BR


Feb-27-2013 2:29 PM

Cool post. Gaffs chicken makes a brief yet strong appearance :) [IMG][/IMG]


Feb-27-2013 1:51 AM

That's awesome. There was whole paper online on the animal themes in Blade Runner. I linked it on this forum. I will have to find it. Here is what I remember from it: Leon = Turtle Rachel= Owl Deckard= Unicorn Zhora= Snake Priss= Rat/Mouse Roy = Dove


Feb-27-2013 7:02 PM

Svanya, thouse are personal symbols but a little hard to find some of them for example the turtle. You re right Djrees!, good one!, I did know that unaware symbol, of course also I added your chicken and the seller s eagle (second appears) that grazed Deckar s head at the animoid row.


Feb-27-2013 8:36 PM

@Montesco; Ah, ok yeah I understand what you are attempting to do now. *(The turtle/tortoise was one of the questions that started to upset Leon when he was being questioned at the beginning of the movie.) Don't forget the cat. (catskin wallet question in the Voight-Kamph test) and there is a deleted scene with mice/rats walking all over Priss.


Feb-28-2013 12:48 AM

Svanya, I added the hanging monkey from Sebastian's apartment and the shot of fish from "Dangerous Days", mice/rat, already appears in the image of Sebastian sat, if you watch carefully achieved, small one white colour. (mouse) I believe the chinese man is eating a cooked turtle, I've got from the "Dangerous Days" footage. Does he?


Feb-28-2013 1:52 PM

[center][/center]I believe a Doberman Pinscher, with the replicant eye-effect was in one the BR documentaries (being screen-tested). I cannot remember which, but maybe it's in "Dangerous Days" (2007), someplace. Ridley should've had Tyrell have them. And instead of the synthetic-dogs attacking Roy ...they just watched, as their master was crushed (I'm kidding). [center] =P :O =P [/center] [center][img][/img] [i]Patrick Nagel: Woman with Doberman (1983)[/i][/center] I would've liked to see the Dob, & because a pair guarded the building I lived in, at the time. I won them over by bribing them with treats, & they let me walk on the grass. As for anyone else, even if they stepped-outside of the allowed area ...they were promptly eaten, LOL. [center] [img][/img] [i]A retro-poster by Tim Doyle & Godmachine [/center][/i] One-thing that was funny, was my Dad trying to cover my eyes. And quickly after the announcement, "Watch her take the pleasure from the serpent [url=]that once corrupted man[/url]." :P I had to plead with him for us to stay (after the nudity), & while the Zhora chase sequence was in-progress. Thanks Montesco. ^_^ S:)


Feb-28-2013 4:31 PM

@Montesco; I'm not sure what it is that is in the bowl they are eating. I can watch the movie again and check. Don't forget the eggs (Chicken again) that Sebastian is boiling to serve to Roy and Priss. Also the shrimp Deckard is eating with his noodle bowl.


Feb-28-2013 9:38 PM

LOL Sawa. the date on the poster reminds me of Zhora nightclub, but it only can found in the documentary "Dangerous Days", have you seen it?, a gorgeous poster I'll see if I can upload it here. Svanya, I have improved the quality of the captures, but that material comes from the documentary "Dangerous Days" not from the film. Let me time to finding them. Eggs or something else.


Mar-01-2013 5:03 PM

[center][/center]Do you mean the photo of the woman with the dog, Montesco? Is that what reminds you the nightclub, or it's the 4Mintue MV? Either-way, they are both likely meant to trigger BR-like blush response, LOL. I hear it's good for the heart. And no, I don't know what DD poster you are referring to. So yes ...if you can post it, I can see what one. ;) [center] [img],800x800,070,f.jpg[/img] [i][url=]Dangerous Days II[/url] by Robert O'Neill[/i][/center] ...sorta-neat bit of artwork, inspired by the never-ending love-affair, with the film. [center][img][/img] [i]A [url=]Ridleyville newsstand[/url] magazine cover.[/i][/center] And once the synthetic-dogs knew their master was indeed dead; they turned towards J.F, & attacked. They ripped-him apart in the elevator, as Roy watched. [center]:P :I :P[/center] [center]:O[/center] Thanks Montesco. ^_^ S:)


Mar-01-2013 8:06 PM

I did not know that poster by Robert O'Neill, very interesting artist!, that one is more current and futuristic than the original one I'm referring to, I upload it in another thread attached. Thank you Sawa.


Mar-04-2013 10:09 AM

[center][img][/img][i] [url=]Alain Voss[/url] "Métal Hurlant" cover (September 1978).[/i] [b]+[/b] [url=]Patrick Nagel 1970s Gallery[/url] ...find the dog. :P [/center] You're welcome, Montesco. ^_^ S:)


Mar-06-2013 11:48 PM

About Heavy Metal Comics, R. Scott never had any idea about it. It is ironic but true, here I let to you this this paragraph from the biography book written by Brian Robb, [i]The Pockett Essential Ridley Scott[/i], p. 34 [img][/img]


Mar-07-2013 1:32 PM

[center][/center]LOL, yes ...we all have our time of discovery. Ridley also talks about how he was led to the publication (also Mœbius), in the "ALIEN Quadrilogy" ...someplace. The magazine (US version) certainly rode on the coattails (or success) of "ALIEN" (1979). They benefited highly from the [url=] illustrated version[/url] of it. This all eventually led to a [url=]motion-picture[/url] of their own, shortly afterwards. I believe Ridley was a key-ingredient (though not officially involved); into the success of magazine, throughout America. Also, art that appeared on the covers of these magazines, usually weren't exclusive to them. Many would appear, sometimes long before, in other publications. Thanks Montesco. ^_^ S:)

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