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Prehistoric Kingdom

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Hardrisour Hero

Mar-03-2014 9:20 PM

This is the official disscusion on anything related to Prehistoric Kingdom. To celebrate the seperation and making of this new game the topic will begin with snapshots from the official page.









New Forest




11 Responses to Prehistoric Kingdom

Great Leonopteryx

Mar-04-2014 3:00 AM

pardon me for asking this but

what kind of game is this?

looks cool

UCMP 118742

Mar-04-2014 3:47 AM

It's basically JPOGII.

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Hardrisour Hero

Mar-04-2014 7:02 AM

It's basiccly JPOG but with marine and flying reptiles, has more dinosaurs, night time mode, bigger maps, and more types o f rides like the river adventure.

Hardrisour Hero

Mar-04-2014 1:20 PM

Hey Dinosteve, can you add ice age nimals? That is prehistoric and would add more to do in the game.

Great Leonopteryx

Mar-04-2014 11:50 PM

oh i see

another fanmade eh?

hope there'll be no more problem this time

Hardrisour Hero

Mar-17-2014 12:16 PM

Hey sorry for this being late but this is the teaser for the pk Rex

Mecha Rodan

Aug-22-2014 1:52 PM

Here are some updates; some old, one new. Spread the word of Prehistoric Kingdom!

New Updated T-Rex Sculpt

Tech Demo Promo Pic

Male Triceratops

Female Triceratops


Mech Rodan

Oct-03-2014 5:14 PM

Fences of all security



Nov-02-2014 9:43 AM

This may or may not be late but, Do we have a general idea of how many dinosaurus are going to be in this game? or how large this game is going to be? Because it is my birthday and I am getting a computer, so I was wondering this so if I buy this I can run it.

Sci-Fi King25

Nov-02-2014 10:26 AM

^There's gonna be 160 species in the final game (202 if you count DLC). If you need more information, PM @DinoSteve93. He's a developer for the game.

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Mech Rodan

Nov-05-2014 6:19 AM

Behold! The magnificent pteranadons!


PK Pteranadon test Video

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