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Katy Perry Channels Blade Runner in InStyle October 2011

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Feb-21-2013 3:31 PM

[i]The pop star covers the October issue of InStyle magazine and channels Rachael from Blade Runner for her shoot. Plus, behind-the-scenes video![/i] [img][/img] [url=]Video[/url]

13 Responses to Katy Perry Channels Blade Runner in InStyle October 2011


Feb-21-2013 9:58 PM

Super-find are the related scans from the magazine: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Thanks Montesco! ^_^ S:)

NCC 1701

Feb-22-2013 3:13 PM

LOL ,,DJ56 I KISSED A ALIEN ,,,,,,,,AND LIKED IT [img][/img]

NCC 1701

Feb-22-2013 3:21 PM

Just pulling your chain there Montesco


Feb-22-2013 8:40 PM

Thank you very much for your exotic material, Sawa! I can read in your scans that the costumes were made by the designers Christine A. Moore and Salvatore Farragano, but I can imagine from where they has been taken that idea, from the famous Zhora's chase scene!, I called her the [i]"taxi girl"[/i]. Of course [email protected], she is not Lady Gaga, but would be a good choice for the role, and to assert my opinion, I did long time ago this composition about the [i]"taxi girl"[/i]. Hope you like. What do you think? [img][/img] [url=]Taxi Girl[/url]


Feb-22-2013 10:53 AM

I dunno...Kate's sorta going for shock value here. Not like the more fashion sensible Lady GaGa :) Lady GaGa: "Do you like my meat dress Mr.Deckard?" Deckard: "I smell steak sauce!" Lady GaGa: "That's my new perfume." [IMG][/IMG]


Feb-23-2013 10:31 AM

[center][/center]Yes Montesco, I believe you're right-on the money, as to where it came from in BR. The 1930-40s retro-style was something that hi-fashion (in NYC) tried to push, during the 1970s. This fashion-phase (which I don't believe really caught-on), peaked about 1974-75. I wouldn't be surprised if the exact-outfit (the film's), was featured in a 70s fashion magazine. Also, I see GaGa continuously attempts to glamorize things that likely, shouldn't ever be. Just as Ridley glamorized both the fresh-corpses of Zhora, & Pris. Maybe one could say he even sexualized Pris' dead-body to some degree ...with her tongue sticking-out etc. & Roy kissing it back-in. And in defense of Ridley ...nobody has done it better. I guess GaGa is straight-up about her intent; as she has stated over n' over that she likes to combine trash, with hi-fashion. Whether someone likes it or not, :P is their own prerogative. Beauty is in the i-Phone of the Beholder, LOL. :O [img][/img] Thanks all posters. ^_^ S:)


Feb-23-2013 3:53 PM

Shocking poster! Where did you get it? ): I totally agree, Sawa, Yes, If we take a look to Taffey Lewis' nightclub, all the bar girls are dresses very retro and classic, and all street is a great hodgepodge between retro and the punk-gothic vision from Blade Runner. You can read Michael Kaplan s explanation about this: [url=]Michael Kaplan on Blade Runner's Iconic Costumes[/url]


Feb-26-2013 9:59 PM

[img][/img] from this deleted sequence, it is clear to see the same (?) woman inside the Taxi Cab, or at least, I think she is.


Feb-25-2013 1:16 PM

[center][/center]I just covered one-eye, & did a Google search ...takes one to find one, LOL. ;) [center] [img][/img] [i]Michael Kaplan (jeans above), 1981.[/i] [/center] I believe what you're referring to as "punk" & "gothic" has a better definition. I find they're more directly related to [url=]New Romanticism[/url]. This style became more popularly known as simply [url=]New Wave[/url], in the US (would take sometime to explain properly here). The film's New Wave street-styles, vary from slight to heavy "Flash Gordon-like" futurism applied. Of which are the costumes aside from the 1940s bunch, Soviet-like officers, leather-clad cops, & Asians (some ready for a typhoon), etc. [url=]Article: New Romantics 1980s (UK) Fashion History[/url] Plus, I found one from a 1973 fashion magazine, that is somewhat similar to the Metrokab outfit (left-page #5): [center][img][/img][/center] [url=]Oscar de la Renta[/url] (2002): Today, there is no fashion, really. There are just... choices. Women dress today to reveal their personalities. They used to reveal the designer's personality. Until the 70s, women listened to designers. Now women want to do it their own way. There are no boundaries. And without boundaries, there is no fashion. :O Thanks Montesco! ^_^ S:)


Feb-25-2013 5:24 PM

Give me time to digest your material, Sawa!, thanks a lot, Meanwhile, here I let you the taxi woman, her second appears on the film. I think she is. Am I wrong? The director shows us in different perspective. Very good point, certainly "Punk & Ghotic" style, of course. [img][/img]


Feb-25-2013 5:25 PM



Feb-28-2013 1:21 AM

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Sawa, I bring these snapshots of some models of Taffey Lewis nightclub, I agree with the retro style that you told me.


Mar-08-2013 2:07 PM

[center][/center] [url=]Antonio Lopez's[/url] drawings (early-mid 70s) ...might be the earliest examples of what would morph into the New Romantic fashion-style: [center] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img] [/img] [img] [/img] [img] [/img] [img][/img] [/center] I believe Antonio's style with his 70s-era illustrations, may have been a big influence on Patrick Nagel. And of which is usually thought of, as an artistic embodiment of New Romantic/New Wave fashions (& was at the time). Possibly indirectly, they were both quite influential, on the film. Another-thing is that some of the street-style, was in-fact a contemporary-fad. Also, that fit into the retro-concept of the film. As this fad did also at the same-time, incorporate 1930/40-style (also pushed slightly earlier by hi-fashion in major Western centers). If one observed a line-up outside a popular NYC disco; they would have found many of the patrons looking, very "Blade Runner" about 1980. It's conglomeration of retro-contemporary fashion-styles, with a dash of futurism. The designers simply went for a plug n' play approach, tweaked under Ridley's direct-supervision. What they did come-up with, especially as to what made the film ...most of it already existed, in some form in the then present real-world. Maybe another reason the film was heavily criticized for not being futuristic enough (in the US). Thanks Montesco ^_^ S:)

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