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Tron(1982) original transparency cell

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Jan-29-2014 7:58 PM

This is an original transparency cell used in the first encarnation of the film "Tron"(1982).I'm really happy with it.The production obviously used live actors being filmed and converted to animation.Here are a few photos of the transparency cel I aquired from The Prop Store of London. The blue hew behind one of the photos is my computer screen behind the cel for the picture...hope you enjoy :)


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Jan-30-2014 8:09 PM

TRON (1982) was definitley a film that went right-over people's heads when it debuted. I remember only three other people being in the huge 70mm theater with me, opening weekend. As you know, it took quite sometime for the world to wake-up to TRON's.
Good post-stuffing, Dale.


Jan-31-2014 1:04 AM

Artifice Clothing (Toronto)

What one gets when they cross a Love Motel with TRON

TRON MARS & VENUS (Sailor Moon CO) by yjayr

TRON would make for a neat cross-over universe. ^_^
Thanks Dale (T3 disc dbl-click).


Jan-31-2014 5:13 PM

OMG Sawa! That TRON corset is GORGEOUS!!! 


Bonus: Tron Legacy : Soundtrack - The Game Has Changed


Feb-02-2014 1:32 AM

I liked the below black n' blue the best, Svanya. And certainly when the film kicked-into 3D, Daft Punk provided the perfect-track for the TRON transition.
I also recall now that the 1982 original had some controversy surrounding it. And it was regarding the usage of cheap (women) labor for hand-painting the film-frames, in Taiwanese sweatshops. 100s of 1000s worth of hours, running around-the-clock and for months.

The ominous-tone & the devilish n' frightening robots of "The Black Hole" (1979), was also enough to keep many families away from Disney's 2nd attempt at then modern (post-STAR WARS) big-budget Sci-Fi, too. It's amusing to know that even "TRON Legacy" Director Joseph Kosinski, was one of those children that were spooked by a 64-bit, 3-billion-byte (3GB) Maximilian, along with the ship's faceless zombie friends. And of course, we all know he is the prime candidate to helm and direct that remake; however, not anytime soon, if at all. 

Suggested music for the animated gif above

Bonus links:

TRON Original Posters Scans

The Black Hole Program (JPN)

Thanks Svanya

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