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BRs Chess Game (The Lifted Brow) & Custom Sets (Rick L. Ross)

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NoobMember4 XPJan-20-2014 10:48 AM
The Lifted Brow #20 Nov-2013 (article)
Blade Runner's Chess Game by Jacob Edwards


5098464246_ddb0d54518.jpg Custom-made J.F. Sebastian Chess Sets by Rick L. Ross (galleries)

Bonus links:

BR Billboard Rejected

Europacrafts Birds Set


5 Responses to BRs Chess Game (The Lifted Brow) & Custom Sets (Rick L. Ross)


2KAdmin4298 XPJan-20-2014 8:13 PMIs that the original we see in the movie?? It looks so cool, almost like a lamp.


NoobMember4 XPJan-21-2014 8:46 AM
BR_Nice_Toys_by_Masui_Hidemitsu.jpg You've Really Got Some Nice Toys Here by Masui Hidemitsu

I believe the chess set (initial post photo), is his first attempt, and the description states that it's based on his own interpretive concept. And so by no means an exact replica, nor meant to be one. 

Certainly, he took some creative liberties in regards to the stand itself; however, it's still very BR-themed. For example, Rick incorporates miniatures of the huge pillars that were used as set-dressing, and seen several-times/places throughout the film.

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them, Svanya. 



NoobMember10 XPJan-22-2014 10:59 AMNice find Sawa:) After looking at your links I wouldn't be surprised if Europacrafts pieces were actually used in the film.They look very close to the films chess pieces. Europacraft chess pieces [IMG][/IMG] Sebastian's chess set [IMG][/IMG] Rick Gloss chess pieces,which I read in an article were made by hand. [IMG][/IMG] Deleted scene.Elmo was in the room too ;) [IMG][/IMG]


NoobMember4 XPJan-23-2014 1:17 PM

In regards to the Europacrafts "Birds" set, that particular mould-kit is not an exact match; although, it's very close. There were two vintage Supercraft Ltd. sets that are believed to make-up a match (however disputed), but are no longer available (also guessed to had been used for the film). And nor are the original studio moulds anywhere to be found.

Maybe Europacrafts' is the best one can get without a lot of eyeballing the scene, and hand-crafting them yourself (based on your own visual interpretation), as in Rick's specialized case. I understand he has carved-out custom bird sets for a few others, before. Anyway, all I was able to find-out for the time-spent (from various sites).

 Portrait of a Replicant by Alex Ledante

According to Alex, a portrait based on a scene I certainly don't recall (possibly deleted, too):

(Excerpt)The full title of this piece is "Portrait of a Replicant and Other Dolls" because I filled the background with things that relate to the condition of these fine Nexxus products. One of the best parts in Blade Runner was Pris attempting to hide the physical evidence of her accelerated decrepitude with make up: Trying to pass as human by, ironically enough, looking like a doll.

You're welcome, Dale (+thanks). 




NoobMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 12:13 PMwhat a pretty chess set.
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