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Chapter 15 last chapter or is it?

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Nov-10-2013 4:32 PM

Sky and Patch watch as the murderous hybrid step in the clearing while memories flow back about their parent's death.Sky roar in anger and charge.Sailtooth bites Sky's snout.the tyrannosaur finally broke free but came out with a broken snout with blood.The spino/tyrannosaur hybrid try to headbutt Sky's flank but the tyrannosaur smash his 3 fingered arm on his enemy's eye half blinding him.But Sailtooth counter attacks and slam his tail on Sky knocking him over.Patch then join the battle while Linda and Carrie protect their young. Patch grabs Sailtooth's neck and twist it braking the monster's neck. The murderous monster's screech in pain but squal after a sickening crack Patch drops the limp creature and roar.Linda and her young ran over to Sky and make sure he is o.k . The tyrannosaur gets up and tell Linda to push his enemy's body to the fast current of the river. Linda and her offspring push the limp hybrid into the fast flowing river washing the body away. Carrie walk over to Patch and tell him to go home and she has a feeling they didn't see the last of Sailtooth. Epilogue Sky was sleep right next to Linda and his offspring but have a dream. {Sky's dream} {Dad's jaw was broken and died } {Mom's neck being crushed killing her} {Brother and sisters swallowed} all because of Sailtooth Sky remembered that he swore revenge The tyrannosaur woke up but this time he avenge his parents and go back to sleep. The fast moving currents of the river slow down.But something isn't right.A crack can be heard across the river it used to have a broken neck but now its neck is perfect and its out for revenge. Author Note-Sorry guys my sister is annoying me by tap dancing and I can't really concentrate sorry this chapter is bad guys

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Nov-10-2013 4:49 PM

No problem, I think it's nice :)

Proud founder of the site Theropods Wiki!

Lord Vader

Nov-10-2013 8:02 PM

Very good, sets up for a sequel, battle was a little short though. Man sail tooth is tough, maybe tougher than Terrance, maybe.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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